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Gasmate Adventurer

Gasmate Adventurer

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Adventurer bbq inquiry

Could you tell me why there is a gap at the end of the regulator at the side of bbq? Im a bit worried about using the bbq. Can you tell me a reason for this.and what size canister should i buy insted of using lpg gas.thankyou for your help

Date PurchasedSep 2017

great compact bbq "now"

I love this little bbq it is very compact for travelling in camper. Was not hot enough initially so I fixed that up easily with my jet drills . Found a slight increase in size made a difference from max heat setting and boiling my steak, now set to medium setting and cooks with plenty in reserve . Sure I voided my warranty but I have had my Gasmate Adventurer for about 10 years now with no problems at all. Trying to buy another for my daughter for xmas but cant get one in Tassie. Annaconda put them in their catalogue but dont ship them down here. Very annoying.

Date PurchasedOct 2006

Best Portable BBQ Period

This BBQ is by far one of the better ones out there if you know how to use it properly. My first recommendation is to remove the flame diffuser that sits over the top of the flame and you will automatically see a great difference in heat output.
If it is still not hot enough do as i did and raise the burner closer to the hotplate by putting a few washers under burner. I know most of you think why go through all that, but i love the portability, size of hotplate and the fact that you can use both LPG and disposable canisters. With the mods ive done it gets nice and hot and you can easily burn your food if your not careful. I have tried many portable BBQs and like i said at the start its by far the best if you do a couple of mods.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

A great portable BBQ!

Can be used with the disposable Propane (not Butane) canisters. We purchased these canisters from our local Bunnings from the tradies section (were advised this would give a hotter heat). Screws directly into the bottom of the regulator (skip the hose). We did have to leave the setting on high, but it did cook our meats, eggs etc to perfection. Also love the fact that it has a good size, reversible hot plate & is a compact fold up design. We wanted a small, portable bbq that we could use disposable canisters with & not have to carry a larger gas bottle around with us & are happy with what we've purchased.

Disappointed. Save your money!

Bought this BBQ for camping on the belief the brand name to be reputable. This BBQ will not get hot enough to cook food in a reasonable time frame even in a wind free enclosure. Pity really as it has a good size reversible hot plate and compact fold up design. Just lack of decent heat to cook on is frustrating.

Not hot enough.

Really good in all aspects except it doesn't heat up! So.......it's not really a BBQ. Unless you're into steak tartare that is. I rang Gasmate and they were no help. It's not even heavy enough to be an anchor. Don't waste your money like I did.

Cheaply made and does not get hot enough to cook eggs.

At 1st glance the product looked good, small and compact and easy to travel with but on fire up it became a joke, i put it on high and tried to cook two eggs, it took 1/2 an hour till they where ready to turn and they where not even a little bit burnt, this product is not a BBQ it is a food wormer at best, I want a refund !

The pictures on the box and on line store show blackened and well cooked chops and chicken, this product is not possible of this !

Save your money. Spend it elsewhere

Great looking and portable. Piezo igniter is mounted too far from burner to spark it needs to be moved closer. Great cooking area although very slow even in sheltered conditions no quicker than our $20 propane canister stove. The levelling feet/lid lock very flimsy. Even though there is a huge cooking surface instructions say to cook smaller portions if it keeps losing heat.... Alarm bells should have gone off but was too excited about the new toy. The gas regulator/heat adjustment is very awkward being a separate piece to the stove it looks more like they forgot to put the knob on the stove and came up with a quick and dirty patch up ..... Even the $20 stove we use has this as part of the stove. Not impressed at all for the money it looks good but that's it.
Portable, excellent fat drainage,
Poor heat. Cheaply made some things look like after thoughts


My cousin has one of these and uses it constantly to cook barbecues for 2 - 3 people. No gas bottle to worry about as It uses propane cylinders which are very inexpensive. It is sturdy, easy to clean and takes up practically no storage space. It is ideal to take for camping
Uses very little fuel, storage efficient

We've had this for a couple of years now and its awesome. We camp a lot (almost every long wkend) and have a compact setup perfect for staying in a different campsite every night. This is the stove we chose and can't fault it. Add one of those BBQ grill sheets on top and you only ever have to wipe it with a paper towel after cooking, no scraping or other bs involved. It has very slight heat zones compared to other BBQs on the market and its a slow - burning low pressure cooker so we don't get everything burned within minutes, you can actually take your time if need be. What I really love about it is the oil catcher and the height adjustment so you can cook with it on unlevel surfaces. I drilled an extra few holes in it to further increase possible angle of adjustment so now we can cook nice and level when everything else literally slides off the table!Amazing Really love the product. Very inexpansive and easy to use.

Questions & Answers

Why is there a gap near the regulator on the side of bbq.?
1 answer
I'd say it's to let air flow in. That's my guess.

Haw to connecting gas cylinder...in sri lanka
No answers

Can this bbq be run off your typical gas bottle?
1 answer
Yes it can mate, it should of come with a hose connection to attach to your gas bottle.


Price (RRP)$134.95
Number of Burners1
Gas TypeLPG

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  • MPN: G2727

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