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Gasmate Deluxe Spit Roaster GSB300

Gasmate Deluxe Spit Roaster GSB300

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Inspect a demo and turn on the rotisary with the baskets in place before you consider purchasing.

During assembly of the unit you need an angle grinder on hand, to grind away the sides of the wheels. This will be required because the machined grooves for the retaining clips on the rear axle have been machined too close together, once the wheels have been "thinned out" the retaining clips will fit where they are intended to be.
When the unit is ready to turn on the motor for the first time, it becomes very clear how noisy it is.
The instructions say to periodically tighten the screws as they will loosen from the vibration.
When the screws are checked for tightness, about 5% of the screws will be found to be loose straight out of the box and will not tighten up.
The screws won't tighten because they are self tappers screwed into 0.6mm thick sheeting and the holes have pulled from initial tightening at the factory.
If you have spent $500 freight to get the spit you won't drop it back to the store and ask for a refund, you put up with the noise and use it.
You may find that after the first use there is dripping leaking all over the wheels and onto the concrete. If this happens, you may find like myself that the dripping holes in the double sheeted base are not aligned, so the dripping fills the inner sheet and starts leaking fat at different places around the base.
To save on $500 freight the spit was fully disassembled, the lower dripping hole was made bigger, the spit was then assembled using food grade silicon sheet as a gasket between the sheets to stop the vibration noises. The stripped holes had speed nuts fitted so they could be tightened up, and no the manufacturer didn't help with the costs-$150.
The last point to mention is if you are looking for a stainless spit so it will be relatively maintenance free, you need to know the stainless used is of low grade, as such fridge magnets stick to it better than on the fridge. After each use the spit has to be wiped over with a thin oil to prevent rusting as it states in the instructions, this will have to be done periodically if it is not used much, a cover would help but need to be custom made. My stainless Beef Eater BBQ I have owned for 12yrs, which gets exposed to the weather has not got a spot of rust on it, and no fridge magnets don't stick to it at all.
The design is great, carving a pig or lamb on the bar, with the trays under it works great. After carving, the bar can be placed back in the oven so it is out of the way. The trays can then be put in position with all the hot food, with one burner left on low it becomes a food servery warmer.
Everything in the review. Needs to be used with a continuous temp probe to monitor the cooking, lifting the lid to check loses all the heat. A Maverick wireless cooking thermometer works great, though a sleeve needs to be made up as the bar is 1 inch thick.

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I have one of these fantastic roasters, I found it extremely easy to assemble. Every piece fitted together easily. My very first attempt I cooked an 18kg suckling pig for friends and family. It was superb and made me look like a genius. Could not recommend more highly

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