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Gasmate Hot Ozi

Gasmate Hot Ozi

MPN: BQ2007
2.3 from 8 reviews

Perfect compact

Compact enough to pack in the car for a day trip. Easy to use. Very easy to clean. Love how you can just take off the plate and take it inside to wash it in the sink. I also love how quick you can set it up and pack ot away.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Not Hot At All

You can not detect any heat in pan after several minuets.I have taken it back to store but they are sending it back to Gasmate for repair assessment but i think it just a case of NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE. This product should recalled before Gasmate looses any more credibility

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Hopeless....nowhere near hot enough

As with the other reviews here my gasmate Hot Ozi mark ii didn't heat enough to cook meat. Even bacon and eggs was a struggle. Friends had the series and it was far hotter. Not recommended at all, very disapointing....was going to contact gasmate but judging by previous reviews I won't waste my time....

Will warm your bum if you sit on it.

This product must never had been tested with meat.
I have the series 2 and it is embarrassing taking it camping. It will cook an egg, but then again so will my bonnet in the summer sun. And it will take just as long.
To cut the lugs of as others have done may help. But I can't believe gasmate could release such a bad product.
I have a mate with the series 1 and it is perfect. Nice and hot.

Terrible product.

I purchased the series 2 thinking it would be perfect for camping and picnics. No where near enough heat, which is dissapointing as my dad had the first model and it cooked beautifully. I messaged Gasmate through Facebook who told me that they know its not as hot, but due to whatever reason they had to raise the hot plate. So I did what they told me not to do and cut the tabs down so the plate was lower and it still didnt cook. I dont recommend this product to anyone who likes their meat cooked.

Waste of Money

Don't waste your money. The new one does not heat the plate properly as their is to big a gap between the burner and the hot plate. And its even worse if it is windy. Looks like its out with the grinder to lower the hot plate closer to the burner. I emailed gasmate and they are aware its a dud but wouldn't give any help. Thanks for nothing gasmate

Good but!!!!!

I bought a hot ozi BBQ when they first appeared on the market about 20 years ago. Best little BBQ for camping. I recently misplaced the upright pole so had to get another BBQ, how excited was I to find that this BBQ was still available. Used it for the first time today and was a little disappointed. The new one doesn't seem as efficient with flame heat to hot plate, flame needs to be a lot higher to cook anything. in fact when I cracked an egg onto the plate it didn't start to cook until I turned the flame excessively high. This would result in using a lot more gas. I notice the plate sits a lot higher on this new model. Was happy with the non stick coating though. Also had to buy a new gas cylinder because fitting was different to original.
Non stick surface, portability. Easy to clean
Flame seems to be excessively high to heat up hot plate

Gasmate Hot Ozi series I & II

Top portable BBQ. We've taken this everywhere it's so simple and easy to setup. Lite, and the best thing is the plate is dead flat and easy to clean. The whole BBQ packs down into a small box and at only 4KG, perfect for the quick BBQ then pack and leave in the back of your 4WD / Car.
Lite, flat plate, easy & fast to setup, packs down to a small box

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Hot Ozi
Price (RRP)$99
Gas TypeLPG

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  • MPN: BQ2007

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