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GB Pockit Compact Stroller

GB Pockit Compact Stroller

4.1 from 20 reviews

Fabulous compact stroller

I bought this stroller to take on a plane as hand luggage, so that we could use it straight awAy without having to wait for it to be unloaded.
It takes abit of getting used to folding it, but once you get it, its great.
It folds up so small and flat and can be carried around in a large tote, or beach bag. I have one that can recline slightly and my 4 yr old grandbaby fits in it just fine. She loves the stroller and falls asleep quite easily. It is not stable enough though to put a lot of shopping on the handles, as it falls back. It is not weighted. But i love it for a compact stroller to fit into a small space or even for going out to dinner when you cant have a stroller without it being in the way at some restaurants.
Well worth the money

Purchased in January 2019 for $179.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Portable and lightweight

Amazing travel stroller as you can bring it as handcarry. It would be best suited for city use and not rough terrain. The sun shelter is not the widest so best to have additional protection. Brakes are decent, due to the lightweight of the pram would not suggest hanging your bag on the handles as it will cause the pram to tip over.

Purchased in March 2019 at The Nile for $211.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Very weak

I purchased the Goodbaby Pockit +. I was not impressed spending $300 plus on this. It’s very weak and it feels like it’s going to break when I push it. The rest back isn’t great, it makes the back stretch as it’s only secured by a zip and weak material. The sun and water still gets past the roof of the stroller.

Rubbish fold/unfold mechanism renders this stroller a massive failure. Buy the QBit+ instead.

We already own the QBIT+ which is a genuine one hand flick of the wrist open/close mechanism.
It’s smaller sibling, the 2018 Pockit+ is a disaster in this area. You pull out the stroller handles to prepare for opening it & you instantly realise the bottom half of the frame is still partially pointing inwards & therefore does not unlatch & open. You actually need a 2nd pair of hands to pull the bottom of it apart before it opens.
What a huge disappointment. Great idea but the implementation of the design is a complete & utter failure. I will return it & demand my money back.
Stay away & buy the QBit+ instead.

The atrocious fold/unfold mechanism is not worth the frustration & scraped fingers. Massive failure.

Easy to use

Very good sized product, especially convenient to use for overseas traveling. It can be folded into a pretty small size, which allows you to bring it with you on the plane. The only downside is it is not that stable, but consider it is a pretty small stroller, it is reasonable.

Perfect for travelling

Bought this for our trip to Hong Kong as we needed something a little more portable than our Bugaboo Bee. Served its purpose well - small, light and easy to carry / store away.

Built is OK however tilts over quite easily compared to the Bee. Don't expect to be able to store much in the bottom compartment also.

Compact, lightweight - now there's room in the car boot for other things!

Size: it's as small as they say it is. Moving from another branded full frame pram to this one has freed up heaps of boot space in the car.
Ease of use: Folding and unfolding is easy - and fun to watch it become so compact!
Maneuver: It moves fine in city / urban settings. It struggles off-road.
Build quality: It's definitely not as sturdy as the aluminium frame off-road prams - it's got lots of plastic and there's some wobble. But it doesn't seem like it'll fall apart either.

Overall, I love it.

Awesome travel pram.

This is a fantastic travel pram. It's very small, convenient, light & packs down to carry on luggage weight on an airplane. Our baby is very comfortable in this. It's doesn't have a lot of space for lots of bags but when you're travelling you are generally carrying other bags.

Functional and Compact Travel Pram

I was tossing between the GoodBaby Pockit and BabyZen Yoyo and both have their own merits. Babyzen's Yoyo is more comfortable for a toddler to sit in and has a much better shade cover. But I chose the GB Pockit as it fulfills my travel needs better being a much smaller pram when folded down (Think laptop bag) as well as being almost $200 cheaper. It is so small I can actually hang it on my Stokke Xplory or sit it on the sibling board(Read my review on the Stokke Xplory).

The pram is very light at around 4KG+ and it opens and folds down with a simple two action move. It can be folded down to two different compact sizes, I prefer to call them everyday fold and airplane fold.

Design is sturdy even though it looks like it is bordering on being an umbrella pram, I applied reasonable downward and twisting force on the pram and it held up. Some prams use cloth strings to hold parts together, this one uses a thick rubber. Stands on its on when folded down.

Has a small basket below to hold up to 5kg of random baby stuffs.

Manoeuvres fairly well although the front wheels may not always track evenly.

You may find it hard to unfold or fold beginning, takes a bit of getting used to in order to be able to transform it in one single swift motion. Buttons on both side of the handle facilitate the transforming of the pram can get a little sticky at times.

Seatbelt is cumbersome to use especially when you need to secure the child in quickly.

Front wheel track locking mechanism feels cheap.

Find your own way to disengage the brakes.

Why bother with even having a sun shade that doesn't even provide shade? Is it just for show? Bends out of shape too easily. Do the good old Muslin wrap over shade trick for better coverage.

Stay on paved surfaces, the tinny winny wheels are not going to cut it on any other surfaces.

Overall, if you are like me who travels with two kids under two or have issues with a primary pram (Stokke, I'm looking at you) that still takes up heaps of boot space when it is folded down, this pram IS FOR YOU!

Great lightweight on the go and perfect for travel stroller

Pro: It's easy to fold, unfold and carry, extremely happy with the lightweight quality. My son 2.5yo is 15kg, I rather carry GB Pockit only 4kg around then carry my son seriously :)). We have it with us to overseas travel a few times, the great thing is you can carry it on the plane. We can't live without GB Pockit. If you can afford $300, are looking for a lightweight, compact and durable (not umbrella) small stroller, and love travelling, this is a great buy item!
Con: So true that the useless shade on top can never use it to cover sun shade, but when my son wants a nap we would open it up and put a muslim cloth on top as a curtain, works like magic.

Great lightweight on the go stroller

Love the size of this compact stroller. Selling for 10 times as much as a basic umbrella lightweight this one is definitely an easy option for over 6 months old bubs while on holidays or if you are pregnant of have a bad back and cannot use the heavier ones. Would have been great if their was a hand brake because we tend to forget the foot brake. Only cons are the useless shade on top which would have been better as a curved shade and the fact that if you have a toddler who is heavy there is a possibility of them accidentally tipping the stroller as it isn't weighted.

Perfect for overseas travel

It folded small enough for us to take as carry on, it was a bit fiddly to fold at first but after a few goes it got easier, manouvering was a breeze, however don't go on grass or dirt paths, paved footpaths are better.
It was lightweight so easy to carry baby and stroller up stairs if lifts were not available.
Downside is small sun shade (had to use a light scarf to cover baby).
I didn't mind the small under stroller storage it was big enough for necessities.


Yes my god its so easy.
Its so easy to fold and carry my baby is more hard too cary than the stoller.. im happy with mine still using it she love it .
Yeh its so safe the belt is so safe even i leave her she safee .

Fantastic compact stroller

I have the plus model. It folds so compact which is excellent for airplane travel and great to have in the back of the car, takes up no room. A bit stiff to unfold and fold at first but loosens up over time. It does have limitations. Not great on uneven ground and bumps and feels a little flimsy but has held up well and steers fine.

Perfect for the travelling family.

The Nile had these on sale for just under $200 - and what a steal that is.
If you have any doubts on purchasing a GB Pockitt Stroller - check out the youtube videos and trust me, it is that easy. As other reviewers have said, we have placed this in the overhead locker on a domestic 737 flight with no problems. It also is so small it fits in a backpack.
Apart from travelling, it sits in the boot of our car and is basically instantly ready for ducking into the shops abnd is perfect for baby to sleep in at a restaurant etc.
We now reserve our city jogger elite for only 'major' pram work. Highly recommended.

TRANSFORMERS! Strollers in Disguise

I have a Bugaboo Chameleon3 where I used it for the long travel and off road, but when it comes to a quick in and out or shopping malls. The GB Pockit saves the day.

Extremely great for travelling. I brought it up the plane, no complaints from the cabin crew, brought to rides where they park all the other prams, the guy asked if that is a pram...

Definitely for you if you dont want to carry something bulky for travelling but entirely suitable for everyday use.

Compact and light weighted stroller

Love the compact design, it's light weight but also sturdy. It's quite pricey but it's so easy to unfold and carry, we are happy with this purchase.
Both my boys love it, one is 4 year old and the other is 6 month old. We also have a combi stroller but we like GB more. The only downside is you don't have much adjustment of the seat (cannot lay back), but it's what I expected when I purchased.

Compact Stroller!

It's easy to maneuver, very light, even I often put in my backpack as my kids often don't want to be strapped too long. I found the stroller is a bit wobbly, probably due to the way it constructed. I gave this product 4 stars due to the AU version straps - both left and right straps have to be joined before you can insert to lock it.

Good for cabin check in flight

Recommended by colleague.
Only use it while travel oversea. Super light pram while you can easily lift up with one hand. Easy to carry in and out from flight, easy to store in overhead compartment, once you fold it, its like a size of a 15" laptop backpack.

There is no recline function, bubba hardly fall asleep in it.
Not so suitable to use on uneven road, its weight making it seems not sturdy.

Worth every cent

Purchased the GB Pockit stroller as we are avid travellers and have a 4 month old, this travel stroller is pricey however it is worth every cent, it folds so compact that we were able to put it into our carry on bag which meant we could keep bubs in re stroller right up to our seats on the plane, highly recommend this product.

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GB Pockit Compact Stroller
Suitable Age6+ months
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight7.7 kg
Folded Dimensions18 x 30 x 36 cm

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