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Gem Visa
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don't deserve one star

they are so shifty to allocate your payments partially to your interest-free purchase and your other purchases. when your allocated payment not enough to cover the interest purchase the amount will grow significantly. Stay away from those people. They are so nasty!

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateJanuary 2017
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Very bad

Highly Disappointed!!!

I am not at all satisfied with the services of Gem vida as they are making their customers fool by not disclosing many things. One lay man will think in a different way after purchasing through them but they keep on imposing interest on people without making everything clear.


Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Very disappointed

2nd and last time I've dealt with them. No interest in listening to the customer needs or offering solutions where it is clear they can. Lacking in customer service and a human approach.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Application Process
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Worst experience ever!!!

Applied online for a quick 60 second response although this did not work and I got no email notification. 3 days later they call to confirm identity (absolutely ridiculous since all my details were provided) the customer service treated me like absolute crap and were very impolite like I was some criminal obtaining money. Even after that I get no response on the application told to wait for an email which never came. You apply for these for a quick and easy $2000 to buy something in store but your better off getting a normal credit card from a reputable bank who has some sense of customer service and can lend big amounts without issues. After all the hassle for $2000 or so to buy a tv what’s the point in interest free terms that don’t even really exist?
Do not ever try get a gem card no matter what the interest free is.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForSpecial Purchases

Don’t Bother

Impossible to get increases ask for the same documents over and over and to many stupid fees avoid this place

Don't get a GEM card

Wow such incompetent staff. After a stressful month of trying to sort out their major stuff up reallocating my funds (21 transactions by them trying to get it right and still nope). I'm lucky I had my wits that it didn't look right and were sick of being told the money went to retail purchases rather than paying off a interest free purchase expiring. Seriously GEM do you think that is customer service? Thanks heaps for unnecessary stress you caused and for wasting hours of my time. USELESS and INCOMPETENT = GEM VISA

60 secs approval! yeah right!

One of the worst experiences that I have had. I applied for a Gem Visa online which didn't get approved instantly. Instead I was advised that it might take 3-5 days. There were no complications whatsoever in my application and yet I didn't get an instant approval. I called up their customer care which is one of the worst. Definitely one of the bottom 3 in any league. I was told that it's with High Credit Lending team. The status didn't change even after my second call and that is when I had had enough. Yeah, you can argue patience. My question would be why. Why say 60 secs when you can't really live up to it. As they say, don't preach what you can't practice.

I withdrew my application and decided to head into one of the stores where I was planning on using it, to re-apply, in the hope that this time it would be faster. I was quite impressed though with how quickly I found out about the decision. 10 mins to fill in the form and even more impressively, in less than 60 secs (be careful what you wish for) the decision was right there. Declined.

The credit manager from the store was told by 'the bunch of goons or just one' from Latitude Financial that I didn't adhere with their 30 days wait policy. The funny bit is that no one during all 3 of my phone calls (yes, there was a 3rd phone call as well) to their customer service centre advised me to wait for 30 days before re-applying.

No one, in their right frame of mind, on purpose, would do something, that is going to impact their credit score negatively. And my mental health at that point and even at this point in time, as I type this, is as good as it can get. Why on earth would I shoot myself in the foot?

Whoever the store's credit manager dealt with from Latitude Financial during the whole process said, they would reconsider the application and were going to listen to the recorded conversations and make a decision on the application. I thought this person would be reasonable and have some sort of moral that would drive him/her to make the right call and yet this person 'Stooped so low (all the way down to the freaking core)' that he/she lied about the customer care attendants/executives advising me about the 30 days waiting period. It is just so astonishing that someone can so assuredly and conveniently lie about something in such an undignified manner.

I wouldn't have written this review if it was just about my application being declined, it's the manner in which the entire situation was handled, specially the lies. May be I should have done some research before re-applying (btw there is nothing on google or anywhere on this 30 days thingy). May be I should have been patient, instead of applying online. But at least I am accepting that there was an error in decision making instead of being a low life liar who probably seeks to indulge in abuse of power that impacts someone's credit history.

Now I can't apply for a Gem Visa for 3 months apparently.

Thanks for that. I wouldn't apply for a Gem Visa or any of the Latitude Financial products in the next 3 lifetimes.


If only negative stars were an option

Looks like it ticks all the boxes and provides a lovely stress free pay back service, until the day comes you decide to close it. Suddenly there are extra fees with no origin, some less than a dollar and some exuberant amounts that are “greyed out” for weeks effectively stalling you in closing. Customer service is absolutely deplorable and dismissive and the whole process seems to rely on entrapment and perseverance to get you to give up and just leave the card open. Do yourself a favour, dont buy into this.

Terrible, not worth your time

We have used GEM reluctantly twice now. The last time we paid off our account but GEM did not close the account and continued to charge us an annual fee and subsequent late fees. Also, I didn't realise but when you make a purchase you are charged the annual fee within a week or two which I think is disgusting. An annual fee should be just that, that initial fee should be termed an establishment fee because that is actually what it is! Be clear and don't intentionally deceive your customers.

Constant late fees and bank filing charges despite setting up as requested.

Supposedly for interest free purchase yet they tell you what they need for repayment, you set it up and you still get a monthly late fee and finance charge. Have cut up my card and will never ever use Gem visa again for anything and will ensure others know what to expect. The staff are friendly and helpful but their algorithms are terrible. Use Q Mastercard instead.

The worst customer experience ever

had worked out how to repay the loan with no interest paid. Turns out i was short about $100 - and surprise surprise no final statement ever was delivered to us. So interest penalties later - had to wrangle final statement telling us what the final balance was and paid it that day. Of course the usual crap about not being the account holder made the whole process diabolical. Now this month - there are more fees for paper statements! I cant believe this evil company. Dont do it - better off with the stuff you have than using these thieves.

Paid off account Dec 2017 - now they are charging me

This does not even deserve 1 star, but I had to push something. I have looked at other reviews and they have done this to others. I am contacting a lawyer..

I paid of my account with $630.38 Dec 2017, (it is now Jan 11th 2019) even rung them to get a final amount and close account.. And now receive and email that a payment is due of $159. They are now taking off amount and closing account.

Gem visa you have breached consumer quarantee's, you have not provided the service of due care and skill. If I don't receive this letter in the mail. I will be suing.

Horrible business system. Misleading business practise

I was a good gem Visa card customer paying my payments on time via BPay only when they me I can set up a direct debit from my account that’s when things went wrong. For nearly a year I assumed they were deducting money from my account as no other company had any problems. Fast forward I was told them I owe them $700 of interest!!!! And that my bank had trouble . Basically I had money in my account and it was told that it was my banks problem!! When clearly it’s their system. I shown them proof and evidence and they continued to pass me on to debt collector . It’s ridiculous and I truly regret becoming their customer . Do not sign up with them

Extra Fees

Quite a few extra fees added ontop, small but eventually adds up.
ex. when making a payment they charger a fee for that so to eventually cancel your card you will have to pay 2 handling fees one for the payment then another to cover the payment fee and the yearly $99 fee for the card aswell.
Also the only way to get something done is to phone the service centre which is just way more difficult than it should be.

Good, but be responsible with your card

- Be responsible, pay the card off when it's due! Don't let it get past your due date especially for interest free purchases.
- Be aware that payments are allocated to every purchase... so... (bear with me - this is long sorry) - Let's say you have two $1,000 purchases that are expiring in March and April. If you make a payment of $500 in Feb, and $500 in March, you won't actually pay off the March purchase first! It will allocate a portion of your repayments to each purchase. THIS MEANS that you will pay interest on your March purchase! At a huge interest rate! BUT - as long as you make at least the minimum payments, you can call GEM visa and ask them to re-allocate the payments, and all will be fine. But it's a hassle to have to do it.

It works

Surprised to read the reviews on difficulty in closing the accounts. I cancelled my previous cards twice without any problem. Ofcourse it is hard to get in touch with customer service on phone, otherwise I would have given 5 stars.

Trouble closing account

I was given a gem visa when I made a 50 months interest free purchase several years ago.
To be fair, they were great when I was using the card, and requested a credit limit increase.
2 months ago I called through to get a payout figure which was under $300, I promptly paid, and was informed the card would be closed, and they would send me 2 more statements but no letter confirming the closure.
A couple of weeks ago I got an email saying my latest statement was available. I was shocked to see almost $200 in fees and interest charges on my account that were billed 2 weeks after I had requested closure.
I called through to ask about this, and how I could be charged fees after paying the payout figure I was provided by them.
They said it was interest from a purchase I made in 2015!!
They then offered me a 50% “discount” if I paid the outstanding balance that day.
I declined and informed them that I had paid the payout figure they had provided me in full on the day they provided it, and I will not be responsible for any fees they charge on my account after I requested closure. I then mentioned the financial ombudsman.
They reluctantly agreed to reverse the fees, stated it was their error, and have now closed the account.

If you get the same thing happen after getting a payout figure, speak to the ombudsman.

Very poor customer service and the $99 fee is very deceptive

The impression is that it is a store card and you can get the 6 month interest fee purchase for purchase above $250 (or so) only if you use it at the listed stores or business per their website. This appears as if it is treated as a promotion purchase for which there is no annual fee as long as one is repaying the interest free period. But no, the annual fee of $99 gets charged in the first month itself and you have to pay it off in that month otherwise you get charged interest.

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Hi Johnny. I've just sent you a private message, so we can look into this further for you. Regards, Malinda

Terrible customer service and policies

Absolutely terrible customer service and policies.
I called in to request to update my debit card details, and to make an outstanding payment on my account. In turn, I was asked to verify my places of employment, credit limit, and the amount of previous payments made to Gem Visa - as if full name, residential address, DOB wasn't sufficient information?!
I did NOT remember my Gem Visa credit limit off hand, as I applied for this card some years ago. It is absolutely ridiculous of Gem Visa to expect their customers to remember such information, and poor service on their part not to offer a solution to an otherwise easy to rectify problem (i.e. providing a biller code would have done the trick). Absolute stupidity on their part, making it so difficult for their customers to pay off their accounts!
Oh, not to mention, my login keeps on failing, hence why I had to call up in the first place. How on earth are we to ascertain what the outstanding balance is when we do not get monthly statements sent to our mailboxes or emails (apparently we have to log to gain access to these)?

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Sorry to hear about your experience with the our customer service team Marilyn. Please refer to your Private Message. Regards, Malinda

customer service hell

Very bad experience with customer service!!!
Trying to get the solutions but didn’t get any !! Instead they just hung up on me every time i called!!! Not recommended to anyone! Planning to close my account soon! Terrible

Hi TSS. I've just sent you a private message, so we can look into this further for you. Regards, MalindaI haven’t received any message from you. Please send me again. Thanks.

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