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Genesis Fitness Club

Genesis Fitness Club

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Injured at Genesis Ringwood NO STAR Service!

I was injured at Genesis Ringwood. I contacted the Manager for the cancellation of my membership. He stopped replying to my email and phone calls. I contacted the head office, no reply from them and they are still charging my credit card! They cannot take responsibility of their members and when members are not satisfied with their service, they keep charging them. I will contact consumer affairs vic to get rid of them and get my money back.

Value for Money

Beware Genesis Box Hill

I signed up to genesis box hill, within 1 week of being there I hated it, tiny gym, machines all clumped together, always in other peoples space, it was always BUSY as someone that suffers from anxiety it was not great fit for me, I was looking to transfer gyms so I transferred to genesis Preston, such lovely people spacious gym and clean! After asking to transfer genesis box hill proceeded to take payments for a month which is there 1 month transfer fee apparently, I accepted it and was happy to be rid of that gym of rude pushy people, now I am at genesis Preston and box hill will not stop harassing me for not paying their gym ONE MONTH HAS PASSED so just let me be! I am beyond angry that they continue to take payments from my bank despite me going there ONE DAY! They will not honor their word by letting me transfer their staff are disgustingly rude and pushy I am continually arguing with these people as I just want a clean transfer and instead I am now being charged for two gyms at once, which one I do not ever attend! If I knew how much this would drag out by these money hungry people I would of never of joined in the first place, do NOT join box hill they will just take your money and not live up to their promises!

Value for Money

Very Poor Cusomer Service and Charge you as many times as they can

Be aware what you are signing for. They charge you for improvement levy and late payments. To freeze the membership you should use an app that doesn't work. One month cancelation notice and if you contact them they say look this is the contract and you have signed it.


After canceling membership also for 2 months charged from my credit card .when asked they were giving excuses and then said next month it will come back to your account. I didn't attend gym and money also didn't come in my account. very bad experience .trainers will help only if you pay them separately otherwise no one will be there to help you .

Value for Money

Toormina Genesis , DONT give them your credit card

Forced to join cause they told me my son has to have a adult join as well. So they charge for me $750 for me alone even though I dont use the gym at all. I told them I wanted their bank details but they refused and demanded I give them a credit card. Reluctantly did. In one week they took out 4 payments. I had to make multiple calls begging that they stop taking the money as they had taken my rent money. I eventually cancelled my credit card before the last payment and demanded they give me bank details so I can make the payments myself to stop them from taking more then what was owed. They sent debt collectors. They told me that I now owe $20 due to the cancel credit card. I made final payment except for the $20 they are trying to scam. Today I told them they can take me to court for it. I am tired of their attempts to rip people off

Value for Money


Very devious with contracts. Told the membership guy that i would have to cancel after a few months due to university, he told me that would be fine. He must of "forgot" to mention the 150$ cancelation fee they now want to charge me. Seems like lying to customers for financial gain is what these guys are about.

Don’t get sick during your genesis membership

I signed up and initially started using their services. A few months in the medical condition I have got a lot worse. I provided a letter from my specialist and doctor stating the diagnosis and that I could no longer continue using their facilities. The only way out was to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something that was out of my control!


Canceled my membership with Genisis Melton in person by filling in out a paper form they provided me after being a member for over a year and having to leave due to work..They continued to debit my account for the next 7 months and refuse to refund even though ive not been back as they took my scan tag and want proof of me handing the form in even tho they dont give you a copy!!!!.. Basically they accuse u of lying to get out of refunding for their error or the money they basically steal from you.....Staff very rude and unhelpful when it comes to customer service complaints and this business is clearly money driven to suck as much money out of you as possible...If canceling a membership make sure to ask for a copy of ur cancelation form as they will continue to take money from you and refuse to refund if u dont have it then tell you they cant help..They also lie as they claim they call you several times when your non present in the center to follow up on your status if ur paying for a non service and funny as my phone log shows 0 calls from them ever??? ...Worst gym ive ever dealt with and will never return or recommend to anyone ever again. Extremely poor on so many levels and very disgruntled...

Worst gym ever

Have not had a good experience with this gym at all. First we had to pay a membership fee of $80. If you're payment bounces once you immediately get costs incurred, and the debit system they use (debitsucces) has very uninformative emails without any payment links. Then if you want to cancel there is 4 weeks!!! notice. So another $100 down the drain. I'm sure this was in the contract but who reads the fine print. Hope you read it now!

Best gym in melton

With the gym being 24/7, steam room, salt water pool, over 50 group fitness classes, staff are friendly and premises are so clean...why would u go anywhere else?

Money oriented business

I asked them over the phone about membership prices.....I spoke with a man who wanted me to see the business first and after he will tell me about the prices...I asked him to tell me the prices without this information I do not go to anywhere 3 times I asked him still do not have information about the prices....don't like this attitude, very money oriented, unprofessional. Why they did not put the prices on the website, why should I spend my time to go down and ask for prices? This is not a honest attitude, not clear what they want, they are hiding their prices from the future customer.

Genesis careless

The Gym very dirty 80% Equipment broken aircon not working taps in bathroom broken for months not repaired some of staff very rude hopefully this improve there a otherwise there so many Gym around

Trained, friendly staff. Great prices.

Staff is very friendly and helpful. There are many classes to join and with your membership, you get 2 free personal trainer sessions to help you get started and know what workout plan you need. The pool is lovely for relaxing muscles after a workout. My only complaint would be the vain buff guys who stare at their reflection all day, but hey, that's not Genesis' fault haha

Worst shower facility

Try showering during winter after a workout, the water trickles out, takes a few minutes for any warm water to cone out. It's freezing cold. Then the water temperature fluctuates. One minute you're freezed and then you burn yourself

Not worth it ..Dodgy practises & hidden conditions

Cannot believe there are so many same reviews still I joined them. Make sure when you cancel you do it the day before a debit, not the day after, they claim to not be able to change or pro rata debit amounts, so their 30 day notice period is technically longer and you get stung an extra fortnight debit. Really not impressed, every time I suspended they charged extra suspension fees after the suspension had ended and then had to go through hassle of getting refunds.
Joined up with this gym and biggest mistake was doing direct debit (DD). Despite cancelling 6 times they just keep taking money from my account. I was not on a contract so could cancel anytime. Complaining does nothing they give you hollow assurance it won't happen again. And to make matters worse they additionally charge another $10 "admin" fee inconsistently with my already canceled DD payments. What is it with you people is this how you make money by pretending to cancel a DD payment. It's called stealing where I'm from, you take money from someone's account after they've said no repeatedly yeah that's called STEALING!

Melton - Great price, lovely staff, well maintained club

Melton Genesis is a great club, staff are friendly and helpful. Club is always clean and the equipment well maintained. The pool availability is good, and the class timetable is great. Body Balance in particularly is one of the best classes I've found and I've gone to the same Les Mills classes at 4 different gyms in my time and this is by far the best.

Prices are good especially comparing to other local clubs. I had no joining fee, no fee for the pass and no contract - for $11 or so a week. For the 24 hour access, pool and size of the gym, plus the separate ladies room well worth other gyms offering less for a costlier membership.

All round terrible service.

Joined this gym on a $5 four week special and had an unpleasant experience with a personal trainer. Emailed the company stating my case and telling them I felt uncomfortable going to this gym. I requested a cancellation of my membership which was accepted by the manager. I asked that no more money gets taken out of my account as I was not able to go to their gym under the circumstances. 1 week later not only did they take out the gym fees but charged me the full membership. No direct apology from the personal trainer either. Emailed and requested a refund no reply. This is so typical of what is in my opioion a dodgy gym.

Great website, products and more.

Love this brand and their products. Good quality items and cheap prices. Checkout expereince was fast and efficient, with email confirmation. Fast shipping that was FREE! definitely would recommend this brand and all of their products.

Ripped off

Joined up with this gym and biggest mistake was doing direct debit (DD). Despite cancelling 6 times they just keep taking money from my account. I was not on a contract so could cancel anytime. Complaining does nothing they give you hollow assurance it won't happen again. And to make matters worse they additionally charge another $10 "admin" fee inconsistently with my already canceled DD payments. What is it with you people is this how you make money by pretending to cancel a DD payment. It's called stealing where I'm from, you take money from someone's account after they've said no repeatedly yeah that's called STEALING!

It's all about the money at Genesis.

I couldn't go to the gym because of a serious back problem and had only just signed a new contract that required hundreds of dollars to get out of. They showed no concern at all, even though I had been paying for months and had only gone a few times. Then my credit card was cancelled due to fraudulent charges and their debit company began harassing me on a daily basis and charging me even more fees that I had no way of paying because I didn't have a credit card and their web site was incompatible and inaccessible on four different computers and my phone. I explained the situation but it didn't make any difference. I haven't been able to work for several months due to my back and have been experiencing financial hardship but Genesis don't care about their customers, they only care about their money. The gym is a dump anyway and the people are arrogant. There are other better gyms in the area and I won't go back to Genesis. I was a loyal member for more than 3 years but feel as if I was treated like nothing more than a source of cash for them

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Hi I'm Lisa Nguyen- Gregory, I have sent a letter to [name removed] ask and complaining about cancelled a membership. Since Monday I still haven't heard back from anyone. Please, answer me as soon as possible. [details removed]
3 answers
They don't respond for weeks or at all at times to emails. SteveTo: The Manager Genesis Fitness, I wrote two letters of complaint (1 to Genesis and 1 to ACCC) and again now another letter of complaint sent to you because the Warners Bay club charged me 30 days for the cancelling of the membership which is very unreasonable. Before I joined Genesis (I also having earlier been a member of Genetics near there for 7 years),I had trouble a little group , so then I moved to Genesis club. I met Sean he was the previous manager at this club then told him what had happened over there. He listened my story then said "move to here we’re all friendly people here." So I moved on here after 2 weeks when I finished the contract with the club over there. I was initially happy with this place, but although I reported the fact that (some person blew up the story about me) I was being harassed by the rumours and the gossip to several members of the club and the manager (Michelle) and other staffs, the situation continued. This became so stressful is affected my health and my doctor put me on a course of treatment for stress and depression, and I didn’t attend the club. After 5 weeks absence I returned about 2 months later but the situation repeated again including some of the instructors as well. So I became quite upset and angry cancelled my membership. I met Michelle then told her I would finish the membership (I don’t think she’s manages as good as she could for this business). That wasn’t my fail. The failure is by the club in its duty of care to the patrons of this place. I find this situation unfair. So I write this later to you today (on advice from ACCC who suggested that I write one more to yourselves one more time to solve the problem), hoping you can assist in sorting for the monies that it’s charged from debit (30 days above). I also need an apology for my honour and suffering. Regards, Lisa Gregory 2/11/15.6 Simple ways to EXTERMINATE Genesis Fitness 1. Contact media Give them BAD exposure nationally. It’s EASY. Simply copy & paste your bad review to channel 7 and 9. Fill in your contact details and wait for response from them. The more people contact them with the same issue the bigger the story and quicker the response. Channel 7 and 9 contact us, letter to the edditor. Also herald sun and the age newspaper. 2. Send SMS to everyone on your phone and ask them to do the same. Warn friends and family not to join Genesis fitness and advice cancelation immediately if they have. 3. Copy & paste your bad review on every individual Genesis club, much more effective. E.g. Genesis fitness Wantirna-copy paste your bad review BOOM!!! People stop joining 4. Start Facebook page Boycott Genesis Fitness-Fook Genesis Fitness 5. Print flyers with all the bad reviews and put in the mail boxes of people in your neighbourhood 6. Take legal action

How much does it cost for just going that one time?? Please answer ASAP
1 answer
They charge an "Account Setup Fee" to the tune of $72+$55 and they charge a "Bye" fee of $100. Are you still interested? I would not be.

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