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GenF20 HGH Releaser

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I have not taken this product and thanks to your reviewers, I will not. I am 40 and am going through menopause(hysterectomy/oophorectomy), have hot flashes and am tired, moody and cranky all the time. looking for something to boost my energy without taking prescribed hormones. I thank you for this site. it saved me a bunch.


Age - 64

Condition prior to using this product - low stamina, regular muscle pain, difficulty getting in and out of cars and bending down generally, general lack of energy.

Condition after 3 months on GenF20 - more stamina, much more supple, few aches and pains, renewed interest in sex!!

I vote for this stuff. You wont be bouncing like a spring lamb but it does appear to alleviate a lot of the physical effects of ageing.
Pros - see text
Cons - none so far

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Does GenF20Plus work well with levothyroxine?
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Does your product help to lower blood pressure and help with hypothyroidism, which I have both. Sandy
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