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Can someone tell me where the reset button is please or how to use it without a remote? Thank you
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Hi Contact Crazy Sales( web) for a replacement remote. Or try Ebay machine has controls the panel. Good Luck

i have lost my remote for my vibrating machine can i buy one?
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I'm not sure but you can use the controls on the machine itself without the remoteRing Crazy Sales to see if ou can buy another one or try EBayI would look on ebay in accessories section of this product. It doesn't hurt to give it a try. Also u don't really need a remote, i know it is more convenient but at least u can still use it.

I have a genii vibration machine ....it works fine for about two minutes then stops , I have pushed the reset button many times , can it be fixed?
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Im not sure what is causing it to do that. As long as l have the timer on (15 mins) & adjust the speed l haven't had any problems. Maybe contact the supplier or the manufacturer. Sorry but thats the best l can offer. Doesn't answer your question thoughHi i would have to agree with the previous comment and get it touch with the supplier. I don't think there would be any other way around it. Sorry i am not much helpHi Is the machine still under warrenty. Ring or contact Crazy Sales were you brought it they are very good. I dont have this problem so im not sure. GoodLuck

I am using that machine last 3 month but i didn't 1kg weight , why i don't know?
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It will take longer than 3 months. And you still need to eat properly and even a little extra exercise would be a big help. Personally I don't think you lose much weight just by using the machine on it's own but it does help.

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