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George Foreman GFVS1000

George Foreman GFVS1000

4.4 from 5 reviews

Great product to make some fun food

I had brought one of those hand spirazliers, that turns your food into spirals, and got over cutting my fibers, and with the devices not being that efficient, and I thought that i would to see if their was something electrical that did the same job, but more efficient, at the same time I brought the $99 Vac from Kmart. I had seen that Big W was selling these products and brought one, as I love eating raw vegetables, that are not too hard on my mouth and or teeth, thuse products work without fail You pay around $4 a packet for spirals at Coles 2 carrots do not even cost that, plus this item would pay for itself quickly.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

This is great, safe and easy to use

After using a manual spiralizer and cutting my finger a few times. I wanted one that was safe and easy to use. I had researched a few for a couple of months and decided on this one. Well I must say I don't know why I didn't buy one earlier. it is fabulous. You will still get some of the core that doesn't go through the machine but it spiralize more of the vegetable than the manual one.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


Happy with the purchase of this Spiralizer. Works well and very easy to clean. Recipe book included which has given me lots of new ideas. There is a small amount of vegetable core that remains after processing but I think this is true of all spiralizers.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Perfect! No more wrist-breaking twisting with a manual spiraliser!

My manual spiraliser broke (and it wasn't cheap!) so I wanted something more durable that would also do really hard vegetables and soft ones. This is perfect. Stay away from the other brands that are only a fraction of the power - this one does the job. I spiralise everything - even beetroots - I do batches on a Sunday then can add them to salads, soups and stirfries all week. This product helps me eat better and it's easy to use, clean and store.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Spiralizer perfection.

The George Foreman Vege Spiralizer is THE best Spiralizer the market at present. Easy to assemble, use and clean. Different blade options allow great versatility in style of cut. Vegetables or fruits look amazing using this spiralzer. It comes with full instructions, and recipe book with awesome ideas and suggestions. It makes amazing thin or linguini style 'pasta' when using zuchinni. Tastes SO good. Spiral carrots in home-made Taco's is another fun option. It can shave apple into perfect pices for apple pie. Cucumber into long curly slices. Yummo endless possibilities.
At 130w it is streets ahead of the other two Spiralisers offered on the market.
Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Questions & Answers

Does this product make cauliflower rice?
No answers

Can you spiralise cheddar cheese?
1 answer
I haven't tried spiralising cheese and I suspect it wouldn't work as it would be too soft and may clog the blades.

Can it linguine potato? Want to make potato nests. Saw a spiralizer being used for that on a cooking show. Not sure What brand but probably kenwood. But the reviews for that one are not good.
4 answers
The power on the Kenwood is a lot less than this one which is why I went with this brand- I had a handheld spiraliser which couldn't spiralise anything hard and I was wary of brands with less powerful motors because I don't want to be limited to spiralising zucchinis! I haven't spiralised a potato but I have easily spiralised a sweet potato and made sweet potato noodles! I've also done raw beetroots which are even harder than potatoes so you shouldn't have any problems.Thank you.The George Foreman GFVS1000 sure can do that. There is a variety of styles you can make using different sized blades. 1. Thin Pasta. 2. Flat Spiral. 3. Patterned Spiral. 4. Short Curvy. You can make Spiral baked Potato. It can also make Ángel Hair potato pasta. Try any vegetable you fancy!


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