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George Foreman Jumbo GR18891

George Foreman Jumbo GR18891

2.8 from 19 reviews

Cannot give zero stars or I would

This is my third GF grill - wore the other two out. This time we bought the smaller model - it didn't cook meat very well. Took it back and got the next (heavier) model - same issue. This one will be going back for a refund - no way am I trying the third option. WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Second purchase

Found this George Foreman Grill to not be hot enough - meat steamed rather than sizzled. The overall quality is not as good as the previous one I owned and is quite flimsy. The controls have broken and slipped inside the unit making it unusable, however this may have resulted by careless handling by a family member. The cooking surface was easy to clean and toasted sandwiches cooked very nicely. I would like to see the vertical grill return to the market.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Works very well once I read the Instructions properly.

Found it a little difficult to get the zucchini to stay attached to the food pusher, it didn't seem to have long enough stickers to hold properly. But once I worked it out it was beautiful, the spirals came out beautifully. Works very well once I read the instructions properly.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


very good product makes life easy Not only is this grill so easy to use , cook everything perfectly,easy to clean, We use this for everything Bread sandwich kebas vegetables can put any thing much more can do definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a small kitchen grill .

Date PurchasedJul 2017

So easy to use and clean

Not only is this grill so easy to use and clean, but it seems to cook everything perfectly, especially chicken breast! We use this for everything from chicken, to steak to toasted sandwiches. This really makes life so much easier and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a small kitchen grill.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

GR18891 So far good

I only used it two times to I won't really know if it will last.

I used previous models and they did not cook as fast.
Today cooked 6 chops in around 15-20 minutes. (the chops just fit actually.)
But you need to set the temperature to the far right for more heat.

I cooked bread in 1 minute and reheated a chop, was quite fast.

I like that it has a stand so you can cook at a very high angle without the food falling.
After it finished it the tray was 75% full. So it did a good job of removing the fat.

Cleaning was easier than the previous model. I would have liked the power cord to be longer.
second the label is jumbo but If it compare it to earlier model gr36s, its not really a jumbo.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Less than useless

I bought this after hearing good reports about earlier models. Obviously something has changed. The heat cycles between cool and lukewarm continuously and it never gets hot enough to cook anything. After twenty minutes thin steaks were still raw and vegetarian burgers had not even started to cook. Both had to be transferred to the cook top. This grill is so poor it will not even cook fish fingers they turn to sloppy mush.

I believe that this grill is not fit for purpose as described in consumer law so I am taking it back to the shop from which I bought it tomorrow. I hope I get a full refund

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Wouldn't buy again

We had a George Foreman a few years ago and loved it. Decided to replace it this year but are very disappointed. It doesn't heat enough to 'grill' meat, the cord is so short making it difficult to use in the kitchen and the tilt of the tray is no where near enough to allow any oil to drain away ... so unless you jack it up at the back your food sits in the oil, which is what we were trying to avoid! :(

Date PurchasedJan 2017

So many issues

I think this would be fine for toasted sandwiches, but really falls down when it comes to grilling meat for the following reasons:

-Non-stick surface doesn't last (we got about 8 months out of ours)
-Fat gets everwhere - on the bench, on the appliance
-Difficult to clean
-Very light and flimsy, not solid on the bench

We've gone back to buying Sunbeam even though it too has issues with the non-stick coating coming off after about a year.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Still happy with it

I purchased this as a replacement for our old heavy GF grill. We've used it for toasted sandwiches and all sorts of meat, poultry and seafood products except for bone-in meats, which other reviews have suggested take forever to cook. I've even cooked eggs and mushrooms on it! We have found it to cook beautifully, even better than our old one, and wiping down the grill plates has been easier as well, which could be due to conditioning the plates (as per the instructions) first. The only issue I found was the drip tray doesn't catch everything, which makes it awkward to clean, but I'd still buy it again.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Not happy with it

Grill Cooks ok, but fat always goes underneath onto bench & in between grooves underneath grill, with the tray in place. Seems quite Dangerous with fat dripping into grooves. It's so hard to clean & it slides around while trying to do so. The outside Coating is coming off too.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Excellent for grilling just about anything you want. But...

Near perfect for grilling once you get the hang of timing. But... The cleaning takes a lot longer than grilling. It is unwieldy to clean and makes a mess on the counter. Big enough for a family of four and CHEAP! Bought at the Good Guys ( One of my favoured shops). I'd give it a five star treatment if were not for cleaning the thing.

Good Size Good Performance

Cooks meat to the perfection. Works best with boneless meat. Cooks meat much faster than conventional cookers. Very efficient and economy to run. Good plate size and much bigger than the family grill size. Perfect for the hot days when you can't cook indoors. So can easy cook your food in yard. Overall I am very happy with this product and definitely recommend.

Useless, bring back the original model

We used our new one for the first time tonight. Took twice as long to cook 9 small chops as our old original. Seems too slopey as the food slides off. Seems to have less heat capacity.Very disappointing overall. Might have to find the old one and ditch this one

This stupid thing is useless

It's to small, you can't cook more than 4 chops at a time, it so slow it take 45 minutes to cook 4 chops. It's a total waste of money. Don't buy it. No where near as good as the first model. Clean is fairly easy with the removable grills but that's the one and only good thing about it. It's garbage.


Not as good as the original. Slides when trying to clean. Dangerous. Fat goes underneath as well. even though the drip tray is in place. Only had it for a few months and already the numbers 1 2 3 4 have come off and the George Foreman writing is starting to come off as well, also I have noticed a couple of bits of the coating has come off. My sister in law had the same complaint and she returned hers and got her money back, No questions asked why she was returning it. Will be taking mine back also.


I've been using the grill for a couple of years now and am quite happy with it, it beats cast iron grill in terms of cleaning and ease of use. I agree that the drip tray is a bit messy sometimes but a quick wipe after use solve the problem.


After our previous older model died, we purchased this model believing we would get a similar quality product.
Unfortunately the drip tray is inadequate for the job as the bottom lip is not long enough so the fat runs back along the underside of the grill even with the foot extended.
This means I need to clean both the inside and outside in order to keep it usable.
Not happy

Badly designed

Not impressed

I have always used a vertical grill, now no longer on the market. I expected the George foreman grill would give the same result, very disappointed as it is more a stew effect than crispness. On my laminated bench top this grill is so light when you lift the lid it slides so is very dangerous. This happens when on tilt to drain fat so you need to have a mat under to stop the sliding.

Can't stand on its side for storage as there is no lock on the lid.

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Jumbo GR18891
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