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George Foreman Slice & Go GFC150

George Foreman Slice & Go GFC150

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No guts n short term use only

Only suitable for soft foods. Cannot tolerate a high work load and over heats easily. Very disappointing. At first it was fantastic and grated/sliced most items but only lasted 3 uses. On the 4th it over heated. Waste of money.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Cute add-on to the kitchen but poor quality

Does the job of slicing and grating.
Can't do big quantities the engine heats really fast.
Some plastic part (non critical) broke after only a few runs.
Mostly used on cheese and carrots so far.
Chose this vs the colorful popular (Tefal) one due to larger entrance diameter, didn't want to pre-cut everything always. And also duo to better review scores even duo not many of them.

So quick and easy, it's great. Update: But didn't last.

Aug 15: I bought the Slice & Go to replace our Bellini that had packed it in. We've only had it about 4 months, but it's doing well and I believe it will last a while. It's used a few times a week, often for grating cheese, sometimes grating carrots or other veggies. The whole drum is metal, which is much better than our Bellini which had metal tubular plates capped by plastic ends (the first things to break). You can turn on the Slice & Go and use one hand to insert the food or apply pressure to the food pusher and still have a free hand to move the bowl etc which is better than our old Bellini which would only operate if you were pushing on the button. Actually, the first time I used it I didn't even have to push the cheese down, it went down all by itself! I have heard it strain a bit when I've pushed hard or overfilled the chute, but nothing has broken yet (fingers crossed). It wouldn't replace a proper food processor, but for light jobs it's great.
Jun 16 Update: It lasted barely 12 months. It started making loud scraping noises and just wouldn't keep turning with any pressure whatsoever, so as long as the price is fair for 12 months use, it's fine.

Best gadget ever

I bought this because the grater within my food processor broke. This little machine is ten times better and easier to use. It has 3 discs, a fine grater, a normal grater and a slicer. There is no wastage as it grates every last bit. Highly recommended.

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