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Russell Hobbs RHSP801

Russell Hobbs RHSP801

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Light and Flimsy

Just purchased 2 snadwich makers online via points redemption - one a brevile and this red Russell Hobbs one - one for our house and one for our AirBnb. This Russell Hobbs unit is so light and flimsy I would be surprised it lasts more than a dozen or so uses. In comparison to the breville unit which is heavy and solid I feel this one (that was more expensive by the way) is rubbish and built to not last long.

Purchased in March 2019 at The Good Guys for $72.00.

Good design bad quality

I bought the sandwich press few months back, was really impressed with color and design. It looks great in Kitchen but in few months the non stick layer is coming off and there is a rust like apperance. I am not sure if it happens with all press. Should have bought the normal toaster and now I cannot throw this as I recently purchased. I will use this for few months but will never again buy russel hobbs product.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


This unit was used very few times and after just over a year stopped working. Also when it was working it heated up way too much and too fast. I expected better than this from russell hobbs but after taking the unit apart and figuring out it must have been the thermostat and seeing how low quality the parts are I will never buy russell hobbs again.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

Worst Sandwich Press Ever!

I have resorted to toasting my sandwiches in a frypan. This sandwich press is so bad in every way. The heating element is not evenly positioned so half of the sandwich comes out burnt and the other half under done every time. The latch on the side that is supposed to hold the press together for storage may as well not be there as it is constantly coming loose and the press falls open. I think Russell Hobbs products are all quite low quality (my mum had an issue with one of there kettles) and I would never buy them again.

A good basic sandwich toaster, however mine stopped working within two months!

I started using my new Russell Hobbs sandwich toaster in mid-February and I was happy with its overall functioning. The toaster cooked well and quickly. The lack of a temperature control feature meant that on occasion things would cook too quickly on the outside, for example the outside bread of sandwiches would be well toasted while the cheese inside had not melted. As I did not purchase the product myself I was not aware of whether it had adjustable temperature settings. In early April, by which time I had used the sandwich toaster on less than te occasions, it stopped heating up for no apparent reason. I used it one morning and left it on the kitchen counter as I had planned to use it again soon after, however when I turned it back on it would not heat, and has not worked since. As the product was still in warranty a refund was able to be obtained. I never had any issues with the floating hinge design or any other features of the product.
Inexpensive, produced good quick
Broke within two months of use commencing, no temperature control

Locking design does not work

Thank goodness have moved out from home. My parents own one of these and they store it away vertically in a cupboard when not in use. When it comes to pulling it out by the handle for use the lock which keeps the two hot plates together fails and the bottom plate swings out and hits anything in its pat (knees and cupboard door). After examination I was able to determine that the two screws that act as a hinge losen over time and this means even when the lock is engaged it does not make contact with the bottom tray.

In summary if you plan on storing this unit away. Make sure you have an allan key handy to tighten the screws.

Other than that it provide an even cook.
provides an even cook
locking system does not work all the time

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