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Gerni Classic 130.3

Gerni Classic 130.3

4.3 from 6 reviews

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Works exactly how I want

First bought the Rhobi 2000 psi pressure cleaner but had to return it after the hose split just the 3rd wash in. Got a refund and bought the Gerni classic 130.3. I can say I paid $30 dollars more for the Gerni, but at 1885 psi it has ample pressure to wash everything I need it to. It appears to be made solid enough, but time will tell. There is not a lot out there to pick from but at this stage I do recommend it for the price. In my opinion it works better then the Rhobi.

Purchased in June 2019 for $279.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Love it

Great pressure for the price and great gerni quailty. use weekly for washing cars and cant fault it! only downside is the reel that acts like a slingshot once wound up.

Purchased in January 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Noise Level

Good machine, terrible instructions

Fed up with products which arrive with a scrap of paper covered in largely indecipherable pictures purporting to be assembly and usage instructions. In the case of the Gerni, there isn't even anything better on the website. While a pressure washer is a simple machine, manufacturers should still provide a user guide which is intelligible and matches the functions of the machine if they want it to be used properly - this did not. The machine itself appears to be good quality with nice plug-in gun and ample high-pressure hose but i could not find the advertised pressure adjustment button from the "instructions" supplied. If this model doesn't have it, then don't put a picture of it in the instructions. Gerni/Fiskers did not respond to my email complaint - well done Gerni.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

High Quality for a Reasonable Price

The Gerni 130.3 has been ideal for our needs. The hose, nozzles, and main body are very solid for a household product. The sprayer gun operates comfortably and smoothly (other than a bit of a pressure kick when pressing the gun on and off). The system is much quieter than I would have thought possible. Yet it is powerful enough that I would hesitate to use anything stronger on some outside walls, windows or patio areas.

The best feature for us by far is the patio cleaner (we have the older version, haven't tried the new 2018 version yet), which cleans patio bricks and pavers 2x or even 3x faster than using only a spray nozzle. Definitely a time saver, not to mention less physical workout for the same or better results than in the past.

The other features are also effective. This model comes with two nozzles. One nozzle seems to have a hammer effect with targeted jet spray that does a great job of removing dirt from patio areas that the patio cleaner can't reach, such as walls or bricks under pool fences. The other nozzle has a wide spray for general cleaning (you can vary the spray width by twisting the nozzle head). I use the wide spray nozzle as the final clean-up of loose bits after the main cleaning with the patio cleaner and jet nozzle.

The foam sprayer does a good job of distributing foamy detergent to wash the car (I use diluted quality car wash detergent in the container). However, pressure washers take time to set up, so I mainly use the old two bucket car wash method. I haven't used the car brush cleaner because brushes generally should be avoided on car paint (I think).

Background: I purchased the Gerni 130.3 (PC Xtra) "Classic" pressure washer exactly one year ago (Oct 2017), so it has had plenty of workout on a large city property (plenty of patio and driveway bricks). I use it mainly for spring cleaning outdoor areas (bricks, pavers, walls, etc). This involves several days of work, and the machine is operated continuously for a few hours each day. Also used less intensively in late summer for sprucing things up again. It has also been borrowed over the past few months by two other family members for their smaller home areas. Previously used a basic Karcher (bought 5 years ago), which still works but is woefully limited.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Plenty of power, reasonably quiet, works well

Purchased a few weeks ago, appears to be well built and all of the listed fittings and fixtures were supplied and set up was easy.

The hose reel is for storage only (it doesn't work like a garden hose reel) which is the only small annoying negative (should have looked closer). It came with a soft cleaning car type brush and cleaning product foam sprayer, I have to admit the patio cleaner also included does an excellent job and is power adjustable which means it wont strip the sand from between the pavers if you turn it down yet it will still give good results. Purchased the rotating cleaning brush too for under $30 which also works well on various surfaces.

It has plenty of power for home duties but is not really a continuous use workshop tool, it has a metal pump so hope this lasts longer than my old Karcher? There are two cleaning (HP) heads so chose what works best for you. The instructions are a little vague, not poor but you would need to be familiar with the product type to get their gist so to speak, fortunately it's not hard to set up.

Overall I would recommend this given at Bunnings it was $299.00

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Very Happy with this Pressure Washer - Good accessories included

I purchased this pressure cleaner mainly to use on the cars and occasionally around the house.

I am not disappointed. This machine is powerful yet quiet and a pleasure to use.

I have washed the cars multiple times (using the optional foam Super Foam sprayer) and used the adjustable wand for pre-risning and to rinse the foam at the end. There is very little dirt left on the car. This will help me reduce fine scratches and swirl marks.

Around the home, I am equality impressed. The patio and porch changed colour. The included patio cleaner is easy to use and doesn't leave the swirl marks I have seen by others. Even when you are moving a bit faster than you should.

I have also used some Gerni chemicals such as the de-greaser and window cleaner. I am thoroughly impressed by the window cleaner, foam it on, spray it off. No streaks or water spots left and no need to dry by hand with a cloth. It's the same sparkling results when used through fly screens.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Questions & Answers

How do you wind on high pressure hose on to the drum roller.
1 answer
Place the end of the hose under one of the tabs on the drum (choose the end with the smallest fitting as the bigger fitting will hit the main unit at every turn of the handle and jam the drum) You will essentially be using the hose end fitting to anchor the hose to the drum at the tab point. As you wind the handle this will prevent any slippage of the hose as it winds onto the drum. It can take a bit of practice but for me this works and if there is a better way I would like to know too. It's not really an efficient design as it's for storage only, and if it's too hard just wind it around the handle.


Gerni Classic 130.3
CategoryElectric Pressure Washers
Maximum Pressure1885
Hose Length8

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