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4.2 from 122 reviews

Excellent in all it's ways!

This website is so incredibly helpful! Updates me regularly when my score has changed and keeps me accountable whilst the advertising market tries to suck me in!! Would 100% recommend for anyone who is looking to learn how to be accountable of themselves!

Very informative

Get credit score helps me know where my credit score is at a d how to improve it. And im updated regularly

Very good information to have

I really like this website and it info that it provides to you hayley recommends for anyone who needs to apply for loan

This is great, I know where I stand

This is good it lets me know what my score is. The good thing about get credit score Is o can check my score every month. As I'm a bit particul asr about my score

Really helpful!

Really helpful! Allows you to explore more options and at the same time you have a much better understanding of what your limitations are

It is great

Excellent service let’s you know where you are with your credit score .and great offers. I would recommend this service it’s great

Being Prepared

Really good to know your credit score when comtemplating taking out loan. Knowing your score gives you more confidence in dealing with credit providers.


Allway getting updated on my credit score this super handly when going for personal loans
And other credit type purchases

Love,so simple.

I was told about credit score by a workmate & just so happened to then see an add.i like to do evrything quickly & simply,thats what i love about credit score.so much added info as well.learning alot. Thankyou.

Is good

It has. Kept me informed of what my current rating is which is good because it does give me better options

Credit score keeps you honest

Great for borrowings especially family car trips etc I believe a credit score keeps you in check so that you do not exceed any limit

Help to move forward

It’sgreat to get your credit score with such ease and makes it easy if your trying for a loan or credit card.

Great info tool and advice

It's great to see your score and advice on how you can improve it, and where and how to use your score. Plenty of information for budgeting and saving. Highly recommend.

It’s good to keep track

I would recommend to people. It’s very helpful to find out where you stand with your credit rating. I’ve encouraged my daughter to use it too


I have found your services to be very informative and helpful and the fact that I am not inundated by emails is positive. Thank you

Truely Transformative!

This tool has now given me a new level of awareness and transparency about my data that is shared between banks & institutions, and how that directly impacts on my credit health! I really look forward to receiving the monthly scorecard updates! (sad, but too:) Thank you!!

LIKE XMAS - but weekly

It is exciting to see the score increase which makes me feel like I am achieving something and have finances under control

Good Information

Good to receive regular updates via email which altered my behaviour when it comes to payments of accounts. Keep up the good work.

Credit score

helping to know to my credit score which allows me keep it in a good manner which will help me in the future

No nonsense straight to the point

This is one of the fastest easiest ways to get a credit file and rating. No nonsense, straight forward easy and fast.

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Questions & Answers

How do i update my email address please ?
1 answer
Hi, At this stage, we are unable to change the e-mail address associated with an account. If you would like to change your e-mail address, you would need to cancel the account against the old address and then create a new account against your new e-mail address.

I have an account with get credit score, but the email address I used is now closed. I cannot log into my account to get my score. I sent a message to you with my details, to change it to my new email, but never got a reply and still cannot log in. Since then, someone has opened an optus account & got a new phone on a $59.00 month plan in my name, which my phone has been prepaid since I bought it seven years ago. It is now being investigated. Can you put a fraud alert on my rating, so the fraudsters cannot open any other accounts or borrow in my name. Once I find the mugs, I'll put them in Jail.
1 answer
Hi Scott, In order to place a restriction on your credit file, you can contact the credit bureau directly which we can help you with – just send us a private message via this website, Facebook or via our website contact form – It’s possible that our prior response to you went through to your spam or junk folders, so please check these after contacting us. We’ll also take you through the steps to get your account up & running again on a new email address. Thanks

What are the differences between all these credit score places? And who is generally the better one to use?
1 answer
Hi Joanne, the free credit score sites all get their credit scores from one of Australia's three credit bureaus - Equifax (formerly 'Veda'), Dun & Bradstreet and Experian. Equifax is Australia's leading credit bureau, and their credit score can be retained from GetCreditScore.com.au. It's important to get your credit score from this bureau as it is used most by lenders in Australia, and this way you can see yourself as the banks see you during any applications you make for credit. Thanks!

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