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Gillette Venus Breeze Spa

Gillette Venus Breeze Spa

3.7 from 9 reviews

Bad blades, wear out quickly

Bad blades wear out quickly, i dont recommend buying this. There are cheaper alternatives. Such a painful experience they are impossible to use and had to be thrown away.

I recommend this shaver to all ladies

This shaver is 10x times better than any razor. because using foam and gel hurt my skin. Therefore, I recommend ladies to use shaver razor instead. read my full review at [weblink removed]

Good razor, except for one thing...

This is a nice razor, the soap bars work really well and eliminate the need for shaving cream but unfortunately, they do not last long enough. The razor is gentle and smooth to use, and it's easy to shave around ankles/knees with. Aside from the soap bars running out too quickly, this is a lovely razor and far better than the previous one I was using. I think it would be a good razor for beginners as it gives a close but gentle shave.

Too Much of a Good Thing

These may seem like a girls dream come true - lots of slippery suds to make shaving safe & easy, but no! The size of the soap bars on either side of the blades makes it almost impossible to get the blades to make contact with the skin to remove the hairs effectively. Gillette, you may have thought more was better, but you've gone too far and rendered the razor useless. Sorry, won't recommend these nor buy them again.

Best on the market

Fabulous razor which is so easy to use with great finishing results. Would be great for girls just starting to shave.


If your after a razor that doesn't require soap/shower gel this is the razor for you. Easy to use. It's not the cheapest razor on the market so I recommend looking out when it goes on sale (cartridges too) and buying in bulk (the cartridges) because it isn't cheap to buy the cartridges. I find the Gillette range for Woman's cartridges quite good generally.
The first razor I have ever used that doesn't require showergel or soap. Easy to use. And it was a good quality blade. Didn't have to replace too often. And the packaging came with couple of extra cartridges
The Bars next to the blade fell off too quickly for my liking


My mother found this product and we now both use it. There is no need for shaving cream, just the water and the soap on the blade does the job. Makes the job so much faster and less of a hastle. Leaves skin feeling really smooth with a close shave.
Works like it should, all you need it water and this.
Make sure you get the angle right so the soap touches your skin before the blade.


This razor might look strange at first, with its chunky head, but it is fantastic. I only brought it because the regular Venus cartridges were sold out and I was desperate. It has ‘shave gel bars’, a bit like a gel solid soap, above and below the blades on the head. Having used a razor from another brand with a similar concept with unsatisfactory results, I was hesitant to try this. However it performed excellently. You only needed to make sure your skin was wet, and as you glide it over your skin it provided slip. It was as easy to use as the regular Venus razors, and as the soap gets smaller it still provides gel to the skin. The gel bars last many shaves, and run out around the time the razors dull.
I have switched from the regular cartridges to these for good now. The cartridges fit on any of Gillette’s handles.
Eliminates need to use shave gel/soap, makes shaving faster, shaves as cleanly and smoothly as regular Venus razors.


This is a very nice razor and you get a very nice shave the first time you use it. The problem is if you wet it too much the soap bars fade fast and the ends of them fall off before they are finished, rendering them useless. Makes this an expensive option if you throw them away once the shave bars are gone.
Very convenient to have shave bars on the razor. Very smooth shave
The shave bars fall off toward the end of the razor's life, so if you use too much of the bars (ie too much water) and have blunted your razor, you end up with a very plain razor until the next refill

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