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Avoid at all costs. Minimal staff answering phones means minimal service.
Took two weeks to acknowledge claim then they ignored any contact attempts via email.
Five weeks after anzac day hail storms and still no one has come to our property.
They keep telling us to be patient.
Gio think a five week delay is acceptable because they are inundated with claims, never take ownership of their mistakes. Advise they are still getting through qld claims. Nsw unfortunately are not as important as our interstate cousins it seems.
Their complaints department also like to make yopu feel like you are impatient and should understand.
Their slogan is its a trust thing, what a joke !
Never, ever, go with gio suncorp. !

Insurance claim madeYes

ONE YEAR and still house unrentable!


I am dismayed with this company. Having multiple policies over many years I thought our rental property was in good hands. Wrong! Over a year now since we first alerted them to the damage to our rental property and still no resolution. House unliveable! I really think they are hoping we'll get sick of waiting for them and repair it ourselves.

Insurance claim madeYes
TimMelbourne, Victoria
  • 7 reviews

Terrible service


So I lodge a simple claim for a cracked TV, and after lodging the claim, go out of my way to find a tv "repairer" (in fact just a second hand tv shop ripping off insurance customers) that's willing to do a report. Every time I call, they knock me back saying I must wait in queue for my correspondence to be reviewed. I explained I had sent everything (quotes, report, invoice for call out fee) required for the claim to settle, and that tv replacement is very important. They wouldnt budge. When I suggested that I replace the TV first then seek reimbursement, they threatened that I might not be fully reimbursed if I do that. Terrible service, what's the use of their call centre?!

Ronald S
Ronald SSydney, NSW
  • 10 reviews

Claims Nightmare Change of Policy catches people out who have built in furniture or fittings

Home and Contents Insurance

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Bad Go with other company !

GiftBaskets Joy
GiftBaskets JoySydney, NSW
  • 11 reviews

60ft gum tree fell on the roof of my house caused damage GIO has done nothing to fix the hole in the


60ft gum tree fell on the roof of my house caused damage
GIO has done nothing to fix the hole in the roof and ceiling. It is now one month later there is still a hole in my roof even though i was promised the hole would be finished by Christmas. GIO hung up on me when i called about this claim.
They sent Builders to fix the hole they have not fixed the hole in the roof or the ceiling I have called so many times noone is doing anything to help

Sarah2013Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC
  • 17 reviews

45% increase in 1 year and using a psychic to predict the future...


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Nathan S.
Nathan S.14 Nov 2019
  • 5 reviews

Abysmal Claims Handling. Have made a stressful and traumatic experience 100 times more difficult

Francoise Kempster
Francoise KempsterSydney, NSW
  • 6 reviews

Extremely poor service


I was claiming for workers compensation and discovered that unfortunately the company I work for had selected GIO.At no point GIO was interested in my claim, repeating over and over that I would received nothing.
When I was finally called by an agent from GIO, the only questions were about how much I was earning, not the circumstances of the accident. Clearly it was a waste of time, and their message was delivered with such contempt,

Home and Contents Insurance

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Hard claim process


I was with Gio for over 2 years but decided to move to other provider as I found out that the claim process is quite difficult. With damages happened within the insured period Gio had not ever accepted a single claim from me. I felt quite lucky that those were not major damages and it was not too late for me to find out and switch.

Hard Claim process

GIO unethical


They love taking the money and sneaking premiums up


I Agree with most on this site, I am currently dealing with GIO, and if I don't call them I'd never hear from them again, unfortunately I've been with this mob for more than 15 years and now I have a minor claim they are pulling out the "you should read your policy better" card...three weeks for someone to turn up after all that they reject the claim. I'm glad I found out what they are like before something serious happens and I am relying on them to help.....hope the ombudsman sorts them out..

Service non existent.

Home and Contents Insurance

Find out how GIO Home and Contents compares to other Home and Contents Insurance

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Len25Sydney, NSW
  • 7 reviews

Hopeless service


Watch out if you have a burst water pipe when insured with GIO (because you probably aren't). My water pipe broke under the front pavers (glad it wasn't under the concrete driveway) and I was told they can't cover me because the "liquid" didn't cause any damage. They had to dig up my front yard to locate and fix it ..... but that is not covered. If it had been in a wall and the water had caused the wall to get damaged, or if it had leaked onto carpets etc. this would be covered they tell me ..... but somehow outside the house water doesn't "damage" things.

A lot of mumbo jumbo. If they don't cover burst pipes in the yard or under driveways or slabs etc they should say so.

  • 7 reviews

So far my policies past with GIO have been OK.

Peeved Off
Peeved OffKingsley


lucyfanclubSydney, NSW
  • 22 reviews

Terrible - go elsewhere!!


Appalling customer service. Had to make a claim on stolen items. No regard for customer service at all. Delays, delays, delays, taking days to return phone calls, stuck on hold to bloody call centre for 15 minutes at a time, staff have no idea what they're doing, can't answer basic queries. Now two weeks after claim was lodged and it has gone exactly nowhere. I'll be taking my insurance elsewhere. Not happy!!!

Terrible service.


Massive increase in premiums


I Recently received my renewal policy for Home and Contents insurance.It had gone up from the previous year by 22.84%. 2011 the premium went up by 14.48% and 2010 by 28.7%. That represents an increase of over 100% in 4 years.
Checking the net I found a saving of over $420 with another major Insurance Company for the same cover.
I think that the GIO has become very greedy and are relying on older customers who do not check their premiums every year.

Way too expensive


Unprofessional and expensive


100% Increase in premium


After being with GIO for over 25 years I was shocked to receive my house and contents policy renewal and find it has more than doubled. As my risk has not changed I requested an explanation. Only received the generic response about risk profile, policy holders history etc. Then following a formal complaint I was told the premium rise was because the property was in a flood prone area. Funny that it had not been so classified previously and indeed flood studies suggest it would be safe in a 1 in a 500 year flood. Maybe gouging accounts for it.


  • 2 reviews

Unbelievably bad!


When we attemped to make a claim the first problem was to get through to an actual person. Overall we've had 5x over 45 mins wait! We gave up 4 times, as we had to do other things as well. Then when we finally spoke to someone and after an assessor had come, they would come back to us asap(waited over 5 weeks, no response), then agian we had to go through long waiting periods on the phone and in the end (via a letter) the claim was denied, of course. Overall this denial took over 2.5 months! I don't even mind the fact that the claim got denied, but just the lack of response etc was the worse... Not impressed GIO! We are shopping for better home insurance now!

No sense of urgency, follow up, waiting times on the phone

The Honest Reviewer
The Honest ReviewerMetropolitan Adelaide, SA
  • 3 reviews

Incompetent, unprofessional, rude, untrustworthy, unethical claims department


I can not believe how incompetent, rude, unethical, untrustworthy and unprofessional the people in the claims department is.

These people fit the insurance company stereotype perfectly.

They didn't honour my perfectly legitimate claim, there was a different claims manager for each time I called them or they called me, they didn't contact me when they said they would, and they had absolutely no idea of the T&Cs in the insurance policy and instead tried to lie to me.

I do not recommend them to anyone.

Incompetent, untrustworthy, lying, rude, unethical, unprofessional


Contents Insurance

  • 2 reviews

I thought it was a joke


They won't pay your claim, fight you tooth and nail for every cent. But worst of all is the rude service you will receive.
Nothing is good about these guys
Worst ever

  • 4 reviews

Not very good at all


Gio staff are certainly a poorly trained group of fellas. Their lack of care for their clients and use of basic common sense is embarrassing. Over and over again I was treated unfairly by a couple of their 'managers' (I wonder what sort of training & qualifications they have to have this title, my guess is nothing).

Save your time and money and go with someone else.
Not much at all, although I did like the 'manager' being available every time I called
Poor poor poor, untrained staff, untrained managers. Unaccountable depts with no direction.

  • 5 reviews



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