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G.J. Gardner Homes TAS, Hobart West

G.J. Gardner Homes TAS, Hobart West

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Great build, excellent customer service!

Our first home built with GJ Gardner Hobart was a great experience from the moment we walked in the office. Their friendly, knowledgeable & approachable staff guided us through the journey & process of building our first home. We wouldn't hesitate to have GJ Gardner for our future extension or build and would definitely recommend anyone who wishes to build with them.
Special thanks to Meg, David & Ludeck @ GJ Gardner Hobart.

Happy new home owners!

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Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJune 2018
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Good morning Al, We're thrilled to hear that you had a great experience with G.J. Gardner Homes Hobart and that the staff were friendly, knowledgeable & approachable. Wishing you many happy years in your new G.J. Gardner Home. Kind regards, Jess Morris, G.J. Gardner Homes Vic/Tas

Love our new home - Thankyou GJ Gardner Hobart

GJ Gardner Hobart – We are very pleased with our new home.
Preparing to move from Queensland to Tasmania we needed to have a top-quality builder we could trust to construct our new home.
We chose GJ Gardner Hobart as our builder and visited their office a number of times. Each visit was simply amazing as we were given the time to make all the arrangements for the design and selection of all colours for our home. Meg, Lilian and staff were always very helpful and supportive at each visit.
On arrival in Tasmania the slab for the house was ready and our workshop shed erected.
We met our building supervisor Damian who gave our building dates for progress of construction and finish of our home.
The construction and finish of our home was well managed by Damian. He was in control of all aspects of managing the various contractors working on our home to have a trouble free top quality finish. Ludek (Owner) visited a number of times during construction and was always helpful and supportive.
GJ Gardner’s attention to detail with Damian as our supervisor was excellent and we are very happy with our new home.
Our maintenance period was managed in a professional way with only minor adjustments required as the building settled.
We are very happy with our new home and would highly recommend GJ Gardner Hobart to anyone who is looking to build their home.

Build LocationTasmania
Office LocationTAS, Hobart West
Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Greg and Pam, We're thrilled to hear that your happy with your new home from G.J. Gardner Homes Hobart. We're glad the team gave you a supportive experience throughout and a trouble free, top quality finish. We hope you have many happy years in your new home! Kind regards, Jess Morris, G.J. Gardner Homes, Vic/Tas

Going the extra mile

My Wife & I are very pleased with the service and build quality that we have received from the entire GJ Workforce.

Not long after initially signing up to build our family home we mentioned to the team that we are expecting a baby in November (this was in April before we even had council approval) ever since then, the whole team has pushed as hard as they could to get certain things done in a timely matter to ensure we could be in the house with our new born.

I would like to thank Aaron, Meg, Lillian, Ludeke, Lenka, Damian and an even bigger thank you to David who has been by our side and on the phone to us constantly making sure we are happy with every little step.

I honestly reccomend GJ Gardner for your next home, you won't be disappointed!

Build LocationTasmania
Office LocationTAS, Hobart West
Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Charlie, We're thrilled to hear that you're pleased with the service and build quality of your new G.J. Gardner Home, and that the Hobart team were able to have you in your new house in a timely manner. Congratulations on your new baby! Kind regards, Jess Morris, G.J. Gardner Homes Vic/Tas

Michael Doalman

The quality and workmanship was outstanding with a great attention to detail .
Coming from another State it certainly was a big task of not being there for face to face meetings, however Ludek and the whole team were great and it all went smoothly.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Gj Gardner Hobart and look forward to building again with them in the future.

Build LocationTasmania
Office LocationTAS, Hobart West
Construction End DateNov 2017
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Hi Michael, Thanks for taking the time to give us a 5 star review, we're so glad that you had a smooth and quality build with our G.J. Gardner Homes Hobart team. We hope you enjoy your new G.J. Gardner Home. Thanks, Jess Morris G.J. Gardner Homes, Vic/Tas

People to trust on building your new home

I never built a house before and i had been living in high rise buildings so building a house was something i had no idea of. I am glad i found GJ, which was actually recommended by my colleague. There were some hiccup due to weather and other unforesseable issues so my house was a tiny bit delayed. But what impressed me the most was the aftersale service. They are very accountable, and rectify problems very quickly if there is any. Director Ludek himself is awesome, he takes care of a lot of things himself, he would come after hours to check on the problems, and he responds quickly to save me from worrying from anything. They do not wash their hands off after they handed me the keys, i feel that they actually care about my house as much as i do. Every staff has been really nice, and has been really looking after me. Its been more than 5 months since i got the keys and i can still always ask them if there is any question or problem and they always help me!

Build LocationTasmania
Office LocationTAS, Hobart West
Construction End DateOct 2017
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Hello, We're thrilled to hear that you're impressed with your G.J. Gardner Home and thank you for your kind review. Ludek and the Hobart Team are renown for their customer service and we're glad you experienced all they had to offer. Wishing you many happy years in your new G.J. Gardner Home. Thanks, Jess Morris G.J. Gardner Homes State Marketing Manager, Vic/Tas

Worst experience ever

Our experience building with GJ Gardner Homes, Hobart West has been absolutely terrible. Anyone who is considering building with this company should definitely think again.

We were looking to build our first home and after doing some research and meeting with a few companies we eventually signed on with Gj's in late 2016. The initial consultations and selecting a design were fantastic and everything sounded like it was going to be perfect. however, It turned out to be anything but perfect. The entire build, from beginning to end (and beyond) has been both frustrating and so badly managed that it is almost amusing. What we have endured throughout this build is totally unacceptable and you should avoid this company if you are ever thinking of building. I will explain our experience with GJ Gardner Hobart West in further detail below for those interested.

After our initial consultation with a Gj's sales rep, we signed on to build with them. It all starts to go downhill from here. After going back and forth with architects about our design plan we finally settled and signed off on a plan we were happy with. Not long after this we received a call from the franchise owner saying they would not be able to do a concrete slab like normal but instead would have to do a suspended timber floor. It is important to note that we were building a two story house on a downward sloping block and after a conversation about why we couldn't have concrete we were still a little bit unsure but happy for them to change it to suspended timber in order to not delay anything further. (As a result of this we now have a 1.5m drop from our downstairs sliding door to our backyard which we will now need to build a deck off in order to ever be able to use it).

After all this, a few other hiccups, and what seemed like forever, all appropriate paperwork (Plans, Approvals, contracts etc) were finalised and we finally received our conformation of commencement of the build on 1st May, 2017. It is important to note this was a 120 day until house completion contract.

We were assigned a Site Supervisor who had just started with the company and from the get go (his fault or not) he was clearly not up to supervising our build. He was unable to answer many questions and when we had any problems he didn't seem to know how to resolve them. After a month or so this supervisor was 'no longer working for GJ' however we were never informed why or even who would be now supervising. (we only ended up finding out he didn't work for them anymore as we rang him for an update on the house and he told us himself he wasn't working for them anymore). We actually ended up having 4 different supervisors throughout the build (yes, 4 supervisors over a 4 month build) and each time we had a new one we seemed to be back at square 1 (three actually quit the company in this time)

At the bricking stage of the lower level we noticed the brickies had put one row of the wrong coloured bricks in. I have no idea how this is even possible but luckily we noticed it early on. This issue was eventually resolved towards the end of the build but still had to be picked up by us and had we not said anything the whole house would have been built in the wrong colour brick.

In our original design plan we agreed to have an oversized large window in our living room. Once we were at glazing stage we were told we couldn't have the window size we agreed on (still unsure why) and would have to have a smaller one. Again we were not happy but eventually agreed as we did not want things falling behind. After all windows were installed, we were going through the house and noticed every single window (all 14) were single glazed. We had previously upgraded (an extra $10,000) to double glazed before signing our contract. We raised this with our supervisor at the time and he said 'he would have to look into it'. Although we constantly kept asking about the issue we never heard anything back but one day noticed all windows were ripped out and new double glazed ones were installed (not sure what would have happened if we didn't pick up on this)

At the tiling stage, the tiler installed the wrong coloured tile as our splash-back. We raised this issue only to be told the ones we had originally picked out were not available (tiles had been sitting here for a long time before commencing of tiling, but ones we picked out were not delivered yet no-one seemed to realise) and we would have to pick something else or wait until after Christmas . We again had to compromise and pick something else.

There were a few other minor issues, which you can expect throughout a build, but at tiling stage we were finally, after many many weeks of asking, given a move in date. This was December 14th.
The house did not even look like being done by then but it is the date we all agreed on as they were all on holidays the week after this (this is well and truly over the contracted time anyway).

We were finally moving into our house and thought although everything that happened throughout the build was stressful and annoying and the build had blown out well beyond the contracted date we were finally going to have our first home together. We met the franchise owner at handover and everything looked perfect, we thought nothing could go wrong now. Boy were we wrong..

We got given the keys and everyone was happy, that was until we went to drive our car into our garage. The engineer had managed to stuff up the angle calculations of the driveway and our car could not go in to the garage as it would scrape on the drive and pull the whole bumper off. This was the tip of the iceberg and we had had enough and refused to be pushed over and "compromise" anymore. The franchise owner assured us this would be fixed.

The first night of moving in we had no hot water at all. We thought ok maybe it takes a while to heat up, we gave it 24 hours and still nothing. We tried calling the franchise owner and like every other single time you try calling him he did not answer. It was a weekend and we did not know who to call. After ringing around we managed to get hold of a GJ worker who was able to contact him and who he happened to answer and we were told a plumber would come look at it the following day. We were without hot water in a brand new house for nearly 48 hrs. It turned out to be a broken element in the hot water cylinder but the fact we couldn't get in contact with someone about this was a disgrace.

After Christmas and new year we had still not heard anything about the driveway. This was now becoming very inconvenient. We have a young baby and for over a month have had to carry her from the street, down the drive and into the house and make multiple trips up and down when doing groceries. So again we had to call and try and find out what was happening. After going back and forth for well over a week someone eventually came up and the plan was to rip the whole drive out and start again. We were happy as long as it would be fixed.

While this was being organised, an electrician had to come back and fix a few things he missed when doing the electrical work on our house. He was up in the roof and almost beyond belief he put his foot through our ceiling. We now have a crack in the ceiling and still waiting for someone to come fix this.

After weeks of waiting and days of listening to extremely loud concrete cutting machines our old driveway was ripped up and our new driveway was poured and we were told to wait 7 days until we drove on it. We waited patiently as our driveway and front yard looked like a tip due to ripped up excess concrete, timber, and other debris that was just left behind. After 7 days had passed we tried to call the franchise owner (no answer) so sent a text requesting the front yard be cleaned up so that we could drive on the driveway.

That brings us to today 6/2/17. the concreters came back and cleaned up and we were ready to test out the new driveway. We thought great, we will finally be able to use our garage. but no, we AGAIN could not get the car in there without scraping the front bumper. I would say we were surprised but we aren't. We again tried to contact the franchise owner today to talk about the issue but surprise surprise he will not answer.

I honestly can not explain how bad this experience has been, nor can i list all of the things that went wrong/are wrong with the house. There are other issues such as terrible paintwork, scratched/chipped benchtops, paint stained tiles/floorboards, poorly hung doors, stained bricks, bowing doors, dented garage door, i could go on forever.

My main reason for leaving this review is to warn any person thinking of building with GJ Gardner Hobart West to seriously think twice. The worst part in a strange way isn't even the things that have gone wrong, it is the lack of communication and care. it is non existent and whenever you had an issue to raise you would hardly ever get a straight answer (that is when they did actually answer the phone) and it took at least multiple phone calls about the same issue before they would even do anything about it. The owner does not seem to care about the reputation of his business at all and as long as they get their money they dont care. We paid our money in good faith that our house would be the dream home we were promised at the beginning. Instead we are left feeling ripped off, disappointed and to be honest quite sad - this was supposed to be one of the best experiences of our lives... and the worst part is the franchise owner could not care less.

I can not stress enough, do not build with GJ Gardner Homes, Hobart West.

Build LocationTasmania
Office LocationTAS, Hobart West
Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi Kaden and Chloe We are sorry to hear that your experience with the G.J. Gardner Hobart West office was not good. We would like to see what can be done to resolve the issues. Please make contact with the G.J. Gardner Homes Vic/Tas Head Office on 03 9338 5588 or email me directly daniel.mcnamara@gjgardner.com.au. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Daniel McNamara G.J. Garner Homes Vic/Tas

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