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The complex has 2 lots, council members are four (2) from each lot.
The treasurer is having inconvenient complications with the bank where strata levies are made. The treasurer has made a motion for Banks to be changed. What will happen if 2 members agree and 2 members disagree ?

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GK Strata Management
GK Strata P.GK Strata Management

Hi there,

We have sent you a private message in regards to your question.

We will endeavour to answer your question via email.

The GK Strata Team

Violet Ford
Violet Fordasked

Is Darren Wood looking after 120 Alison Rd. Randwick ? I am wondering if he has an access to his emails or he is very busy and has no time to respond to emails or he just ignores them believing the issue will go away. What if it was an emergency? It would be greatly appreciated if GK Strata Management provides me with an reliable contact.

Many Thanks,

Kind Regards,

Violet Ford

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How do we change strata manager?

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GK Strata Management
GK Strata P.GK Strata Management

Hi Archie,

Thank you for your enquiry.

In regards to changing strata manager, the first discussion that you should have is with your strata committee to bring up any issues that you may have with your strata manager.
Once agreed, please ask the strata committee to contact the branch manager directly to discuss.

Kind regards,

The Team GK Strata

Roberta O
Roberta Oasked

Can an Owner be refused election to the Strata Committee at an AGM?

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Yes. See the Department of Fair Trading site.

GK Strata Management
GK Strata P.GK Strata Management

Good Afternoon Roberta,

The members of the strata committee must be elected at each annual general meeting (AGM).
The strata committee is to consist of such number of members, as the owners corporation may determine, but may not exceed 9. Large schemes must have a minimum of 3 members.
Any person nominating or being nominated for the strata committee must do in writing prior to the meeting or verbally at the AGM. The legislation calls for nominations before and at the AGM, and specifies that the consent of the nominated person is to be in writing or in person at the meeting.
If the number of nominations exceeds the number determined, then a ballot is held to elect the committee.
• an individual who is an owner
• a company nominee of a corporation that is an owner
• a co-owner of a lot if nominated by another owner other than the co-owner, or the co-owner if they are not a candidate. Only one co-owner of a lot can be a member at the same time.
• an individual who is not an owner but who is nominated for election by an owner who is not a member nor a candidate.
• Building manager
• Property manager / leasing agent
• Person connected to the original owner who does not disclose the connection. Un-financial owner at the time of the notice who has not paid amounts owing prior to the meeting.
• If become ineligible after appointment and does not disclose in writing to the secretary or chairperson.

I hope this helps.

Roberta O
Roberta O

Thank you. It does help show that procedures were not followed.


This is the second day 76 Curlewis St Bondi Beach has had no hot water.
GK Strata are out of office until 7 January, does this mean we have to put up with cold showers until then?

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Can a unit owner be denied joining the strata committee?
Can strata committee limit themselves to 3 member team for 24 units ?

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Strata committee members are ELECTED by owners at the yearly AGM meeting.The elected members are in odd numbers to avoid conflict of interest. We have five members for 20 units. I hope this answers your question.


Yeah I appreciate the fact that the members should be in odd number to avoid conflict
But during a AGM when I expressed my desire to join the committe
I was told right on my face
“ we don’t want you to be in Committe”
“ we have decided few years ago that the committee will stay 3 member committee”

Not sure if it is a bylaws but even if it is a bylaw Can it remain active even after many new owner who moved in recently ??

Thank you so much for your reply and much appreciated.

GK Strata Management
GK Strata P.GK Strata Management

Thanks for your question. Firstly you can have up to 9 members on a strata committee but it depends on the number that was voted at the AGM on how many members for the strata committee for the following year. It sounds like the vote was 3. Under normal circumstances any owner that is eligible to be elected can put themselves forward for election to the committee but the owners must only select 3 if that is the number that has been voted. This may lead to a vote by owners. NCAT has the powers to deny an lot owner from being elected to the strata committee if it deems it necessary.


have been trying to get financial details from our strata manager as the financial summary is inaccurate have been told rather rudely summary is all I am getting has anyone else had this experience? have take this person to cttt on two occasions, JOJO

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Yes, I have also taken GK Strata to The Tribunal. You need to try to contact other owners in your building to look at alternative strata managers and to put a motion forward and your next AGM to not engage their services at the end of their contract. If the executive committee is not interested, it is safety in numbers and you need to get other owners to your next AGM as well to vote for a new strata manager and in some cases a new executive committee if they are taking sides with the strata manager or vote yourself on the committee and have other owners vote you on, .


Hi Kevin, I do know to do what you have said, easier said than done need to get the numbers our agm is on 9th March, slowly getting support,
committee is no good., were not owners did not have owner nomination only proxy we do not have matter on agenda but maybe if I can garner support before meeting may be able to ambush him anyway, his contract expired aug 2013 in rollover at moment, new legislation is for three year period no rollovers.

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