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GlamPalm Mid (GP313)

GlamPalm Mid (GP313)

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Not really worth the price

The straightener stopped performing well after 1 year very minimal use. I did contact glampalm but they were not really very helpful. Even though I was within 24 month warranty the response they gave me was very discouraging and an attitude that they probably won’t do much.

Purchased in January 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Length Long

Almost 4 years Later!

I have been using this straightener for almost 4 years now, almost daily and it is still going strong. It heats quickly and my hair is still in good condition, even though it is coloured regularly. I have travelled with it a lot and used it all over the world.


Extremely happy with the results! Heats up fast so you can still look good when running late!
It's defiantly easy to use! Doesn't pull on your hair when using it either!

As good as a GHD, but Cloud 9 is better

Over the last 12 years I have owned the Silver Bullet, 3x GHDs and Cloud 9 Straighteners.
I currently use a Cloud 9 at home and was using the GHD when I travel, but the GHD had recently died. After some research I found the GlamPalm and decided to give it go. Also at the time of purchase the GlamPalm was $70 cheaper than the Cloud 9 and GHDs never lasted longer than 12 months.
I have medium length, very thick curly hair.
I love that it heats up very quickly. Has an extra long swivel cord. I've had no snagging with the nice smooth plates. Auto shut off is also a great feature.
What I don't really like is that when ironing only very small sections I needed to run over the section very slowly 3-4 times to get the perfect finish.
You have to adjust the heat setting each time you turn it on. It doesn't remember the last setting. The switch also seems to be on the wrong side and feels awkward when adjusting the heat levels with only one hand.
The sectioning clips that are included are not very strong, crocodile clips would have been more useful.
Even with the slightly wider plates it takes the same time to straighten as the GHD, but considerably longer than the Cloud 9.
No difference in shininess, same as GHD and Cloud 9, however roots seem to be somewhat oilyer.
Excessive packaging and pouch I feel is unnecessary.
Performance wise it compares favourably to the GHD, but I regret not paying the extra dollars and getting the Cloud 9 again.

Straightens really well but feel like my hair is greasy

It straightens and curls really well, the temperature selection is a great feature. It warms up really fast, the cable is really long. I don’t know whether it’s just my hair but I never experienced my roots being so greasy after using a straightener before. I don’t use as often only due to that.

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Hi Olly, Always happy to help if you send a picture to info@glampalm.com.au but it more sounds like it is the shininess of the hair as the iron repairs the hair from dull to glamorously glossy. Kindest regards,

The best by far.

Absolutely love my GlamPalm! Have previously owned a GHD, but the GlamPalm glides through the hair so much easier. The style tends to last a lot longer as well. Doesn't take long to heat up & the wide plate is perfect!

Works great for straightening and for curls!

Really fast heat up time. The glampalm glides through my hair really easily and love the results I get from it which last for days in between washes. Only downside is that it can pull some Gai out while straightening but I got that with other straighteners also so not a big deal. Love this straightener, is pricey but worth it for the results you get straightening and great with curls too.

The perfect GHD replacement

I used to be a GHD die hard... that was until my GHD died on me and I decided to try something a little different. Although it may not have the reputation behind it, this straightener is everything a girl (or guy) could want. Perfect curls, perfectly straight hair - the GlamPalm glides smoothly and easily across hair and doesn't seem to burn or damage it (but then again I always use a heat protectant). It's on the high end of the scale but in my books, a hair straightener is an investment - and this one is worthy of my money.

This is so much better than my cloud9

whole day sleek straight. just love the way it feels. don't need to use any protector for the heat anymore. finally back to healthy living. beautiful presentation as well. My cloud 9 failed to work after 1 month out if warranty. decided to go for GlamPalm after lots of research. love love love it!

Really disappointed

I had very high hopes for this straightener after reading such good reviews. I have thick, wavy hair and this straightener just does not work on my hair. My old, $30 department store straightener does a better job than this. It straightens my hair to a degree, but it doesn't make it sleek or soft. It leaves it looking boofy and dry. It heats up very quickly which is about the only good thing I can comment on.

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Hi Suzanna, We are here to help as it is unusual a GlamPalm product gives boofy results. Lots of celebrities and celebrity hair stylists are using GlamPalm as professional tool of preference and are raving about it. It sounds that you are not using the correct heat settings. The GP313 comes with temperature settings where we would recommend 180 for fine hair, 190 for normal hair and 200 for thick hair. Make sure you section your hair in sections of 1-1.5 inch and pass the irons slowly through the hair. The slower you go the better as the Healing Stone is "treating" the hair. You can always contact us on 1300 652 797 for more information and we will be happy to guide and help you.


I bought it about 3 years ago. From the first i used it i was in love. It has been amazing for my hair and i love how my hair remains so healthy. I straighten my hair every 2-3 days and it lasts…

Great service

Great customer service!
My "out of warranty" iron has been promptly fixed free of charge and working like a dream again in less than a week of contacting Glampalm. So good!


Do yourself a favour and buy a glampalm. This is the best hair straightener I have ever used or owned. I did a lot of research before buying one, and all I can say is I am so glad I did! I'll never look back now. The service & delivery from glampalm was outstanding and the performance of the straightener is absolutely incredible! So smooth and perfectly straight every time - even on dirty hair. LOVE IT.

Brilliant straighteners - very happy

I purchased the Glampalm Mid Straightener to use in my salon after being recommended them by another industry rep. I have been using ghd for years but with the Keratin Smoothing Treatment that I offer, I needed straighteners that had a heat adjustable setting so I could get the best possible results. I have been using them for just over a week and have noticed hair looks and feels much healthier, shinier and softer. They are quick hand easy to use, one to two passes through the hair is all it takes for a soft, smooth finish. I'm definitely happy with my purchase.

Better than the "Best"

Ex GHD user. Buy the GlamPalm, you won't regret it. I no longer have snapped burnt hair, no longer had to use heat protection and straight hair ALL day long

Very good - satisfied so far

I have used this for a month now, and probably used it about a dozen or more times. I have wispy curly (spirals and waves) hair that looks and feels thick and voluminous. It is easy to use - heats up very quickly and the slightly wider plates are good to straighten a bit more hair at one time, the plates glide through fairly smoothly. Having the wider plates does mean that it is a little more heavy to hold than I'm used to. Hair is soft to touch after straightening, not dry and straw-like which has happened with other straighteners I have used including Cloud Nine and Remington, using same temperature. I enjoy having the option to change the temperature as not everyone has the same hair type and will require some adjustment for the same results. I stuck with 180 degrees and that has worked well. For best results, i comb my hair with a wide tooth comb and section it off, straightening layer by layer. I then use a barrel brush to grip a section of hair pulling down slowly in tandem with the hair straightener above it gliding down. I used to own a GHD but after 4 years of using maybe 60 times, it died so I was unimpressed. My gym has Cloud Nine straighteners, however my hair is not as soft afterwards and the plates don't glide as smoothly. I did some research and checked out the reviews for GHD and Glampalm before purchasing. I was very concerned about purchasing a GHD after reading the number of negative reviews in the last couple of years, coupled with my own experience. I purchased the straightener from S & S Hair and the hair dresser there informed me that GHD manufacturing has changed to China now. I decided to take a chance on Glampalm and have been satisfied so far.

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8 months later - still working well


So happy with the GP313, I was a user of a GHD for 8 years and always had snapped dry hair. Since switching my hair feels smoother and healthier. Hair doesn't get snagged / caught. Heats really well and hair stays straight for days, previously I use to have to do it every day.

Best straightener I have ever owned!

I am so impressed with this straightener! My hair looks and feels amazing after I have used it! Highly recommend it! And it arrived just one day after I ordered it.
I have had the worst luck with GHD's - I think I have been through 3 and they have all just gone to crap.
Almost impossible to find a bad review of the GlamPalm series so definitely go for it!

Very happy.

I bought my first GHD in around 2004 and been a loyal fan ever since. Over the last 10 years I have broken a few from standing on them, but that was completely my fault.
When I went to buy a new one I read that GHD weren't what they use to be. I considered a cloud 9, but read that they had lots of problems with faults so that turned me off. I tried many in hairdressers and finally decided on a glampalm. I have had it for three months now and love it. As soon as I used it my hair felt softer and looked more shiny but I wanted to give it longer before reviewing it. I'm still as happy as day one. It seriously makes my hair feel and look healthier than it ever has.
I'm a mum of three kids and run my own business so don't have time for much. I love that I can straighten my hair in under 10 minutes and not have to do anything to my hair for days until I wash it.
My hair use to get so knotty and I no longer have that problem. I also love that it doesn't look fake straight. It looks like my hair is just naturally straight and healthy. I've become one of those people that can't stop touching their hair.
I was so worried I'd regret my choice, but I'm seriously so happy. I can't imagine a better hair straightener.

Fantastic Product and Exceptional Customer Service!

Wow! What a revolutionary product! I am a creature of habit and once I find something I like I tend to stick to it. I have used a certain popular brand of hair straightener for over 10 years and thought I would never stray from it for as long as I had hair to straighten. Over the years I have had my hair chemically straightened and always have my hair coloured and it's taken a toll on the quality of my hair and on top of that I was straightening my hair 2-3 times a week! My hair is naturally frizzy even after having it chemically straightened. I also have fine hair but a lot of it so it looks thick but feels fine when you touch it. So I was desperately trying to find a product that would help my hair instead of making the condition of my hair worse. I found GlamPalm on Facebook in my news feed about a year ago and since then have kept my eye on this brand and did a lot of research into the company and decided to give it a go. I am so completely sold on this product. From the first use I noticed a huge difference in the condition of my hair; it felt and looked so much healthier! It straightens, gets rid of frizz, my split ends look almost invisible to the naked eye (and that was after one use), it's smoother and it's shinier without me putting any finishing product in my hair. The product itself is beautiful in design and easy & comfortable to use. The hot plates glide smoothly over my hair and it doesn't catch the ends. Great customer service and fast delivery (ordered my straightener on a Friday afternoon expecting it to arrive on the following Tuesday; it arrived Monday morning!!!). It is totally worth every cent! I can't stop talking about it to my friends and family.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, I have thick, wavy, rather coarse hair just below my shoulders. I'm very keen for a slightly wider plate to cut down time, however I also like doing loose waves/curls. I'd LOVE to try the 313 to see if I can achieve both with the slightly wider plates. However, if I purchased the 313 and struggled to get waves working, is there any way I could do a swap for a 201? I've only ever had thin plates and am excited about the possibility of having something in the middle. :) Thanks!
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Hi Emily, You can exchange the iron for a different model within 7 days upon receipt and if it's scratch free and in original condition. Best to email the offices or call on 1300 652 797 if you have any other questions. Kindest Regards,

Hi there, I'm in confusion to choose whether GP 501 or GP 313 suit for me. I have long length (very thick) hair with frizz. It's pretty much straight hair but fluffy if I'm not straighten it. So it makes me often goes to the hair salon very often just to straighten it but not making it damp. Kindly please need advice which one suit me the best. Thank you ...
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Hi Ling, I would suggest the 313 just because it is wide enough to tackle thick hair but also small enough to be able to do more like curl hair and get really close to the scalp. But I have never used the 501 before.Thank you so much for the answer, I think so too but apparently 313 not available on my region though ... Anyway once again thank you ! Appreciate it ...

How long does it take to ship to New Zealand?
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Hi Jess, It would normally take between 2-5 business days. Kindest regards,


Mid (GP313)
Price (RRP) $320
Heat Settings11
Release dateJan 2013
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