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GlamPalm Simpletouch (GP232)

GlamPalm Simpletouch (GP232)

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Glam palm

Very fast to heat up. Simple to use. It doesn’t seem to get as hot as my previous straightener but that’s not a bad thing because it does the job very well. I have fine hair so this model Orks fine and is sufficient

Good but stopped working

product was really good until recently. it will turn on but it won't hear up or stop beeping whenever I turn it on. I've tried other powerpoints but it still doesn't work.

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Hi Elise, Thank you for your review. We apologize for the inconvenience but we are here to help. All our irons come with a warranty and for rare situations like this. As it is an electronic device it always can happens something internally goes wrong hence the warranty offered by all brands in Australia. Please call our friendly customer service on 1300 652 797 and the will guide you through the easy process where you will get you iron back in 2-3 business days. Hope that helps and we are here to help! Kindest Regards, The GlamPalm Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi There, Can you tell me the difference between the simpletouch and the orignal. I have mid length, thin hair and was wondering which would be the best option? Thanks
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Hey :) I'm really not too sure to be honest because I only have the wide and original Straightener. I would just go with the original one for your hair because it's going to give you amazing results and I can guarantee you that :) If you wanna know more about the simple touch and types of straighteners like the differences then GlamPalm has their official website with their contact phone number. I normally use to just call them up and ask them everything. They're such good help :)The simple touch is a new line of motion detection so instead of turning your iron on and selecting your settings there are preset setting that are available by touching the plates together. While this is a revolutionary design if you have a specific hair type that requires a certain temperature and styling I would chose the original which still has the same expert quality plates as the new design as your hair is mid-length sweetie and have a thin hair the original straightener would be perfect for you. Hope this helpsThe Classic Series come with 11 heat settings, a heat proof clutch bag , dual voltage and a 3d-swivel pivot cord 30 min. auto shut-off.. The SimpleTouch has the same size as a standard iron (24mm) and can be considered as the light version of the GP201. It has 2 heat settings, a carry bag, a swivel cord but also our exclusive Sense Technology. The SimpleTouch will turn on as soon as you click the plates together and you don't have to wait to heat up. Also if the iron senses no motion it will turn itself off after 35 seconds.


Simpletouch (GP232)
Price (RRP) $299
Heat Settings2
Release dateJan 2013
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