I love it

I love that straightener. Everyday I straight my hair, and they are quite dry and damaged but GlamPalm make my hair look very healthy. It is one of the best straighteners I've ever had.

Better than any straightener I've used.

I was a little confused by the turning it on part.. (not an instructions person rather prod and go from there) I thought it might of been a touch pad so i was poking the "on" part like a mad woman.
Turns out you hold in one of the Degrees buttons.

I've only used it once. It straightened my hair amazingly and i was only using it on 110C and it stayed straight!

I've been a user of "Muk Style stick" (horrible), GHD (okay but with no heat settings), Ozhead straightener, VS sassoon, many,many remingtons.
I have very fine/very dry damaged hair.
Now i do have healthy parts of hair and the glampalm made them feel so soft and smooth.
My dry/damaged ends were made to feel slightly drier (did use heat protectant anyway even though it says you dont have too) BUT! not as dry as my "ozhead" made my ends feel when i'd use it and it wouldnt even stay straight.

I haven't used the clinic function as of yet. i'll update later!

Overall, the straightener feels well made/sturdy.
heated up fast, no snagging when i was using it.

-Edit- I've used the "clinic" function twice now with the plastic sticky wrap provided. Doesn't feel like it does much when your using it with the treatment in, left for 10mins, rinsed out (cold water, seals the hair ) once dry the hair feels so soft and healthy!

worth jt

Amazing tool! It's expensive, but totally worth the price (assuming it lasts as long as I assume it will). Feels really solid, but not heavy, and heats up really quickly. Buy it

Love it

Love the straightener. I've used the ghd and cloud 9 in the past and the glam palm seems to be smoother and less damaging. Also appreciate the two hairclips and carry case that comes as standard.

Straighten to perfection

This straightener is amazing!! I had tried multiple hair straighteners over the years but I have always come back to glam palm straightener. It heats up very quickly and works great on my wavy hair. My hair has never looked so amazing after being straighten. By far the best straightener I've ever used.

Better for long hair

Used to have a GHD but going to GlamPalm - well i wont go back. I have long thick hair which looks amazing when straightened and i have more time in the morning as it can get through big pieces of hair quite quick.

This is perfect! Can't live without it.

I have had this straightener for 3 years now. And it is so quick at straightening my thick long hair. I love it and use it everyday! Highly recommend. My previous GHD has nothing on this!

Heats really fast and does its job!

The straightener is very fast at heating up. Can be used within a minute. Makes it much more convenient when in a rush. It is also thin enough to get to the small hair. I usually just use it for straightening my fringe and its perfect!

overpriced for its functionality

normal functionality but higer price, it’s just same as the other competitors with lower price ranges I think it’s just the brand awareness that attracted me to the product unfortunately

AMazing product

Heats up really quickly- 30 seconds.
Doesn't pull the hair at all.
Straightens the hair in one stroke without having to apply multiple strokes in the same section of hair.

Been using it for 9 years and still does its job!

Bought this 9 years ago when my ghd died. To be honest this is much better, still does its job after 9 years. However it is now taking a bit longer to curl my hair as compared to couple years back, but I believe its normal as the heatness from the ceramic would have worn off a little bit, but still a great investment.

Doesn't damage my hair!

I'm very happy with this straightener, it heats up quite fast, is easy to use for both straightening as well as curling, and doesn't snag on hair. In addition, I never use heat protector as it doesn't appear to damage my hair. In fact, my hair feels even smoother after using this!

Love it!

I have long wavey hair and use my glam palm a lot. Powerful without damaging hair, helps with fly always. I have used it on many types of hair and I'm impressed with results.

Great straightener

Heats up fast and straightens well without snagging. I like the auto-off safety feature that's built in. Unfortunately it doesn't curl nearly as well as hoped, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

Amazing, better than GHD

I was always a die hard GHD fan until they changed their production and seemed to not work as well. My hairdresser told me about the Glam Palm and I was hesitant but it really is as good as everyone says. Its like the old GHD's except probably leaves your hair feeling a little more silky. It heats up very quickly and doesnt seem to damage the hair as much as other brands. Very happy!

As good as a GHD, but Cloud 9 is better

Over the last 12 years I have owned the Silver Bullet, 3x GHDs and Cloud 9 Straighteners.
I currently use a Cloud 9 at home and was using the GHD when I travel, but the GHD had recently died. After some research I found the GlamPalm and decided to give it go. Also at the time of purchase the GlamPalm was $70 cheaper than the Cloud 9 and GHDs never lasted longer than 12 months.
I have medium length, very thick curly hair.
I love that it heats up very quickly. Has an extra long swivel cord. I've had no snagging with the nice smooth plates. Auto shut off is also a great feature.
What I don't really like is that when ironing only very small sections I needed to run over the section very slowly 3-4 times to get the perfect finish.
You have to adjust the heat setting each time you turn it on. It doesn't remember the last setting. The switch also seems to be on the wrong side and feels awkward when adjusting the heat levels with only one hand.
The sectioning clips that are included are not very strong, crocodile clips would have been more useful.
Even with the slightly wider plates it takes the same time to straighten as the GHD, but considerably longer than the Cloud 9.
No difference in shininess, same as GHD and Cloud 9, however roots seem to be somewhat oilyer.
Excessive packaging and pouch I feel is unnecessary.
Performance wise it compares favourably to the GHD, but I regret not paying the extra dollars and getting the Cloud 9 again.

Forever Faithful Customer

After 5 years my 201 finally packed it in. I could not even consider another brand as it stood the test of time and has always given me amazing styling results.
I jumped online last night and ordered another one, it arrived this morning .... now that’s amazing service. I have and will continue to recommend Glampalm to everyone, truly standout products delivering shiny, straight , frizz free hair every time.
I did consider the new clinic version but I was so happy with my original 201 I decided to stay with what has always worked for me.
Glampalm Thankyou so much for making such outstanding products. You truly have changed the Styling game and have given me great hair for the last 5 years.
I look forward to the next 5 and beyond using your straighteners.
Forever Faithful to Glampalm

Exceptional customer service

I've had my straightener for 10 months and have been extremely happy with it. Unfortunately it became faulty the other day and I had lost my receipt but the customer service couldn't have been better! They were very accommodating and had the problem fixed within one day. Very happy with the service, would definitely purchase from this company again.

Love this

This iron is great! Very affordable. Love that it has a wide blade. I am a hairdresser amd need something really durable and quick to heat up. This is the perfect straighter for me.

Straightens really well but feel like my hair is greasy

It straightens and curls really well, the temperature selection is a great feature. It warms up really fast, the cable is really long. I don’t know whether it’s just my hair but I never experienced my roots being so greasy after using a straightener before. I don’t use as often only due to that.

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Hi Olly, Always happy to help if you send a picture to info@glampalm.com.au but it more sounds like it is the shininess of the hair as the iron repairs the hair from dull to glamorously glossy. Kindest regards,

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Questions & Answers

I’m tossing up between clinic or the wide plate, I have long thick hair. I normally use hair mask and do keratin treatment. Also can you use the wide plate to damp hair or does it have to be really blow dried?
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Hi there, I have thick, wavy, rather coarse hair just below my shoulders. I'm very keen for a slightly wider plate to cut down time, however I also like doing loose waves/curls. I'd LOVE to try the 313 to see if I can achieve both with the slightly wider plates. However, if I purchased the 313 and struggled to get waves working, is there any way I could do a swap for a 201? I've only ever had thin plates and am excited about the possibility of having something in the middle. :) Thanks!
1 answer
Hi Emily, You can exchange the iron for a different model within 7 days upon receipt and if it's scratch free and in original condition. Best to email the offices or call on 1300 652 797 if you have any other questions. Kindest Regards,

I have extremely thick course hair. I have been using a GHD however currently researching a new straightener to purchase. So far no device or product is able to keep my hair smooth and shiney. Do you have any feedback to prove yr straightener is suitable for my type of hair?
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Hi Ann, Depending on the length of your hair we would recommend a different size straightener. The best of the best is the GlamPalm Clinic™. It comes with nano-vibrating technology where the heat penetrates much deeper and faster through the hair thanks to the 8000 vibrations per minute. This is much healthier for the hair, shinier but mainly the style created, whether curl or straighten will last much longer! The GlamPalm Clinic™ is available in Black or White and compared to other models it has also slightly longer plates. All our tools are infused with the Healing Stone™ which will prevent hair from heat damage. You won't regret! Order today and receive it still in time for Christmas with our Free Express Shipping! Kindest regards,


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