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44 reviews
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Terrible -Don't waste your time or money


Placed order through Bunnings, was required to pay in full up front, which I had, was told by Gliderol they would have Garage Doors (I had ordered paid for 2 $2500 ) they would be out within 10 days. 1 month later had still not heard from Gliderol Smithfield, Called them requesting for an update, said they'd call back, no call.. called again this time was told the order hasn't been sent to supplier Yet. Totally incompentant business company. Don't waste your time or money with Gliderol Smithfield. I got a refund from Bunnings immediately.





Be careful of Gliderol!

The quote I agreed to stated 50% payment once the quote was accepted and 50% at installation. The quote I signed allowed for this arrangement to be undertaken by providing credit card details. They deducted 50% and two days later deducted the remaining 50% for the final payment. I queried this, twice but know one bothered to reply to my emails.

The fine print on their quote is also truly Fine print. I needed a magnifying glass to read it, even with my reading glasses on.

Garage Door has been wonderful


I have had a Gliderol door fitted for over seven years and in that time have had to do only the basic of maintenance work to it that you have to do with any door fitted and it has performed faultlessly each time. I have a ATA motor fitted to the door and it also has worked faultlessly each time. Couldn't be happier
Works when I want

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Gliderol... Go elsewhere and save time.


I have tried to get a salesman to quote on my replacement door for three weeks, constant broken promises, the door I have is a Gliderol and I have been pleased with its operation but its damaged,South Australia needs manufacturing but I can see why it struggles......complacency and contempt for the customer......I have Best doors @ B&D calling today after just one call. I am in a retirement development and news travels fast.....bad news even faster.
Good 20 years ago.
Wasted my time and tested my patience

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Questions & Answers

Krizza H

Krizza Hasked

Gliderol Garage Doors

I have 2 gliderol door

I managed to sync the back door. But the front one won’t sync.
I did the exact same procedure. Pressed learn and pressed remote button. But it does nothing

The motor was working a week ago. On another remote and it now won’t work on that remote either?

Any ideas how to fix it


No answers
Natalie Ofner

Natalie Ofnerasked

Gliderol Garage Doors

We tried manual operation, as power outage nearby last night - thought we should know how to put into manual mode. Worked it out but door will only open half way - not sure why - can anyone help? Thank you

1 answer

woopsie was replying to Natalie and then submitted the reply without completing same! So. Natalie you have given me a jolt in that I had not even considered what to do in such circumstances as a blackout! Must no go and read the instructions in this regard. Also re the problems that I had with the door going up and being disengaged due to a wire coil coming loose and being wrapped around part of the door. Also I must now respond also to my original complete re this problem with the door, seemingly it may no have been the fault of the actual door itself, rather that the fault lay in the manner in which the door was installed. Seemingly it was not set level., hence the problem. I will just wait and see, but hope that I do not have a repeat performance!

Andy Dingwall

Andy Dingwallasked

Gliderol Garage Doors

Can anyone give me advice on why my remote batteries need replaced Avery few weeks? I am constantly having to replace the batteries ,this as after very few activations.

3 answers

check out the brand of batteries perhaps?

Andy Dingwall
Andy Dingwall

Tried different brands and using the correct model number on batteries still only lasting a few days.


Perhaps you should contact Gliderol direct with this problem, and perhaps also advise them of this Review web site

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