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GMC BV2400

GMC BV2400

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Can't Find a replacement bag - as good as useless (including the 909 BLV2400)

The equipment still works fine after several years use, but despite the feedback that the GMC Blowervac has changed to 909 range model BLV2400, I still can't find a replacement bag. I tried the 1800 909 909 number provided is a totally different company - I would still avoid buying the 909 as the bag issue still exists.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Replacement bags available for GMC BlowerVac

The GMC Blowervac has morphed into the 909 range model BLV2400 now being sold at Masters.
Success !!!
Contact 909 Customer Service for their replacement BLV2400 bag is $9.95 + $9 P&H (possibly a little more now for postage) and can be ordered by calling 1800 909 909 Customer Service line to speak to Sarah. Currently there are 2 models which 909 make, of which my GMC matched the BLV2400 as it has a plastic frame at the top of the bag which attaches to the blower. If not sure look up a picture of each model on line at 909.com range of blowervacs (either a BLV2400 or BL2400). My bags (bought 2) arrived today very promptly.The new bag have a stronger metal zipper not a plastic zipper. Thanks to the man in Bunnings Narre Warren who quietly explained the change from GMC to 909, I now can use my trusty GMC blower propertly again after approx 2 years without a bag! The GMC blower vac has never been the issue just the zipper on the bag.

GMC vacuum bag zipper

I fixed mine after no luck with obtaining a new bag. Get a new zipper slider. Cut about an inch off both sides of the zipper end & fit the slider, Zip up & sew the hole made by the cut you made so it doesn't run off the rails when you open the zipper. Sew about an inch up from the end to secure.

Waste of money

After visiting a Bunnings Hardware store, this was somewhat heavily promoted. And since I did not want to go petrol; I decided that this was probably the most affordable entry-level outdoor blower.

I bought in addition to this, a 15 metre power lead which was suitable for garden appliances. Putting it together from the makeshift box, I started to realise how inferior this product was; but I just wanted something that could clean my outdoor alfresco... Let me just say... nope. it didn't even do it properly.

Like most blowers with credible capabilities, this thing would require you to physically move the nozzle, literally the entire device touching mere centimetres off the ground in order to blow. Again, only certain things are blown; the rest of it (sand, dust, leaves, small off-cuts of wood) just sits there.

I end up having to use a broom just to sweep the stuff I need which is more cost effective but takes a tremendous amount of time. This thing just blows everything all over the place... I just feel ripped off for wasting my time and money.
Absolutely everything

Average. There has got to be better?

Had this for a few years. Its pretty handy around the house. Does what I need, tho has many floors that can get quite annoying. After years the zipper on the bag has finally broken and am finding it hard to find a replacement bag, thus rendering the unit useless!!
Blows hard. When sucking the blower does clog, but it is easy to fix. Thats about it.
Where do I start? Weak Vacuum, noisy, dusty, poor design for bag. Weak zipper, bag leaks dust. And last of all, location of blow/vac switch in poor location. When in use switch always nudges my leg and switches to opposite function!! :(

Hi - any luck finding a bag? I'm just starting my search as ours has also broken!Any luck with a bag? I too need one.Sorry - no luck buying one. I had a replacement one made by using a bag off the old blower vac, and zip tying to the GMC


When buying the lightweight product you are trading away high quality plastic that will not break. Also the zip is low quality and needs to be improved. However the job it does is well up to standard.
After two years of use I have few complaints. It is efficient, effective and very useful both in the yard and on the roof. The chute clogs if you are picking up large twigs or heavy wet leaves, but any blockage can be removed fairly easily.
The zip in the bag has steadily lost teeth, and the clips attaching the bag to the chute are weak -- one has already broken, and the other is not holding the bag well. The bag acts as a filter, so you get covered with fine dust, thus making it advisable to wear a face mask and goggles.


Working outdoors is all about getting your hands, face and body a bit dirty. I just have to stop being a "big girls blouse" and get over the dirt factor of this vacuum. It is economical and effective on the big and small jobs around the house.
I couldn't go past buying this again, at around $50 from Bunnings it is a winner!
My husband bought this for me for a birthday present!! Woo Hoo for me!!? Despite that, I love this cheap, no frills, do what it is supposed to do blower/vacuum for my outdoor area.
I get quite dirty when doing the vacuuming on the back deck. All the dirt seems to come through the bag.


I received this as a gift and for the occasional use I have for it in cleaning up and blowing debris off my back verandah it is all that I need. It is not too loud so you do not get cranky neighbors and it is light so does not tire out your arms too much unless used for long periods. It aslo sucks up anything you do not want to blow away and this can then be disposed of so it does not blow right back. Have had it for 2 years now and no problems at all.
light weight, electric powered, value for money, good quality, reliable, long lasting, simple to use
not as big and powerful as some, no chute wheel


Wouldn't pay more than $200, not the $370 it cost me. Not recommended if you are going to use it frequently. If you can't lug a big bag around, go for a lighter model or back pack model.
simple flip lever to convert it into a vacuum is very convenient, especially if i am on the roof cleaning gutters. Large capacity bag. Relatively inexpensive
Noisy, leaks oil, hard to start when cold, large, cumbersome and hard to carry when bag is full. Bag clips become detached when full, spilling mulch. Zipper comes apart as well. Plastic impeller broke on my first model and had to be replaced.

Questions & Answers

where do I get a replacement bag for the GMC 2400watt serial number 70700030 Cheers Michael Newman
1 answer
Please see my answer about the same question to "golfer" 4 months ago. all the best Trevor

Can you still buy the bag for the blower vac
2 answers
No, apparently you cannot buy the bag, as i tried years ago. My zipper cracked up & I fixed it myself. I'm still using the vacuum blower now, perfectly, great machine, no relationship,with GMC let me know if the zipper is your problem, regardsThanks Trevor, its the bag falling to bits.

could I vac up horse manure with this model? need help in the stables due to a bad back
1 answer
Hi Lisa, Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend this to any one. It has problems in doing both, may be I bought a lemon because it definitely do anything properly. Thanks.


Maximum Air Velocity200
Vacuum FunctionNo

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