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GME TX4600

GME TX4600

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I have used the tx4600 fitted to quadbikes for hunting and mustering and find them to be very suited to the application.Buttons on the handpiece make changing channels easy while in motion. IP67 rating means the unit has total protection to dust causing a malfunction and can be immersed in water 15cm to 100cm deep without malfunction - is totally suited to outdoor use even in heavy rain or dust. I dont think i would immerse it in water though. Loud speaker (aiming the unit at you makes it much louder) makes it quite easy to hear when riding a quadbike even at speed. A little more expensie than units with a lower or no IP rating but for bikes, tractors and the like it is totally worth the money.
Loud speaker, compact unit, IP rating.
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Hi, I have a Tx4600 & when someone talks to me the squelch sound stays on. I've tried adjusting the squelch setttings & still does it. Anyone have any ideas ?
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I've never owned this model - just the gme tx3500 though it seems it's time to troubleshoot using your manual or you might have to send the unit to Greenwich marine electronics in Sydney - their number should be in the manual or directory assistance or Google search

We have just purchased the my14 Pajero with no room for a CB But will be doing lots of 4x4 driving. Will this model fit inside the car?
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Howdy - not sure as I have never owned this model though I dare say it probably would / I think it says waterproof so that probably would help - cheersultimately you will need a DIN sized area on your dash for this radio to be mounted if you want it to look neat. if you have the poverty pack model (ie no satnav etc) you might consider fitting a single DIN stereo head unit with the UHF below it o above it. as of today my pick for excellent UHF is the GME TX4500 which is a single DIN.


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