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Go Roller

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KarenSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Absolute rubbish - what a waste of money


I purchased one of these (and got another one included for the same price) after watching infomercial on TV. I couldn't even get the paint into the thing. Which is just as well after reading these review. Mine went immediately into the bin. I'm sure the inventor made money out of mugs like me purchase his piece of garbage. I ended up just using a normal paint roller and tray - much easier and much quicker than mucking around with this stupid thing.



Notice all the reviews are one star. I didn't read the reviews before I bought this item. Thankfully I got it at a discount store so I didn't pay what it cost full price. Everything the reviews say as far as the paint won't go in and he gets everywhere is absolutely true. I read the instructions several times. I even watched videos online on how to do it to make sure I was doing it right. It was definitely not a good investment. Glad I brought paint brushes and rollers just in case it didn't work out.

When everyone's rating it 1star, it's definitely trash!


Purchased after what have turned out to be highly misleading - you'd almost have to think deliberately falsified - television advertisements. Took a while to get paint into the roller, then started the paint drips, flows and associated mess on pool tiles. An utter and complete waste of money. ( Where are the various Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading Offices in all this?) Ended up in the wheelie bin immediately, but still have another one of these things in the garage storage - I have an idea where it should be deposited!



Had trouble loading paint when did pushed handle down paint came out funnel in spurts ended up as the others using my old roller really annoyed don't buy one a rip off

This product does not do what they say


The large roller didn't do the roof it kept streeking no good on walls. The edger kept falling off the handle no good. I will be asking for a refund.

Do Not Buy


The biggest con on false advertising I have come up against. Not one thing went right with it, in fact it created way more work with the 'fixing' up of the patchy streaky mess on the walls. As someone else has mentioned it should be taken off the market!

Helen B

Helen BFinley

Absolute garbage should be taken off the market


I have used other paint rollers that hold paint in the tube and will definitely be finding another of those. The go roller does not even come close to doing the job it is suppose to do and would strongly recommend anyone looking to purchase it should stop,there are much better products around.

Don't buy it! And if you did, as I did, make the most of it before throwing it into the trash!



igdentGippsland, VIC

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Stick to the good old fashioned brush and roller


WHY don't I ever read these reviews BEFORE wasting my time and money? Firstly, you need super-human effort to actually get the funnel into the valve, then it drips paint out of the roller head all over the floor (after hitting the shield first and gathering), and you can't get any real control over the roller due to it's flexible plastic connection. I was so angry, I felt like suing them for my wasted time, wasted money, and then get them to pay for cleaning the paint off the floor. AVOID AT ALL COST!



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Don't waste your money!!


I wished I had read these reviews before buying the go roller. The go roller wouldn't even suck up the paint as shown on TV. The roller itself didn't run true, it was bent, the bearings have too much friction. The go roller ended up in the skip without even getting paint on the roller.

Lynne Gray

Lynne GraySouthwest, VIC

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My husband did exactly what the instructions said and after 20 minutes of persevering the roller actually started to fill up. Then it only covered very patch areas.
He has gone back to the conventional roller with no trouble painting the ceiling at all.
I have only got a word of warning after being sucked in again by slick television adverts.....


GO ROLLER rubish


I bought the go roller as had to paint he whole inside of a house. instead got a painter in to do it and offered him the go roller. He ended up throwing it at the door after preserving with the go roller, paint dripping ever where it was a wast of time and paint...NOT HAPPY.

gave 1 star because I had too


My husband bought me these to paint my kids rooms I'm appauled it's allowed to be sold complete false advertising leaks splatters and all its done is make a complete mess. I am over the refund trial offer so I plan to file with the local ombusmun I want a refund they can have there inferior product back it does not do what they claim it does. I should have stuck to the paint tray and roller like I usually use. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY you will only end up here writing your own poor review angry you were duped


scotty4Victoria, Australia

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Thanks people


WOW, I was minutes away from ordering this after seeing it on tv and have a big painting task in 2 weeks time. Just thought to myself to check product review just in case. Boy was I glad I did, thanks people for all your honest opinions, saved me wasting my hard earned cash :)

Go Roller Rubbish Very Disappointed


I bought one of these go rollers and get one free. I have found that it is the worst purchase that I have ever made. The first thing that I had is that after eventually getting paint loaded into the handle, then pushing the paint through to the roller the paint started to run out around the ends of the roller and all over the floor and my self. Decided to go back and get my good old roller and extension handle and painted the room in half the time with no drips that it was taking with the No Go Roller.
Everything that has been written in these reports prior to mine are true



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I wish I had read reviews first. I found it impossible to get paint into the device following the instructions. Having found a way to get the paint in, I then had no end of trouble getting paint onto the roller. Ultimately I had pain't on the door and the floor and myself and none on the ceiling I wanted to paint. It then took me a couple of hours to clean up the mess. I see this as one of my worst ever online purchases. The reason why it has a one star rting is because I couldn't give it any less.

Peice of rubbish, don't waste your money


The go roller is undeniably the worst possible thing I have ever spent money on so far. The first thing I noticed about it is that the instructions a extremely bland and it gives virtually no guidance on how to use it effectively. The second observation was that it is constructed of very poor material and before using it I got an urge that it was for sure it would break in an instant. I then sucked the painted up and has some trouble long doing so as the syringe thing was sloppy and didn't fit right. I then pushed the paint into the roller and the roller didn't get any paint on it before it fell of the shaft and spilled paint absolutely everywhere. Moral of the story don't waste your money.

Debora F.

Debora F.Las Vegas

Don't waste your time and money!




I to found that the go roller pretty useless,had difficulty getting it to suck up the ,then, finally with paint in the roller trying to get out was even harder . The paint is only fed to the centre of the rollerso it is impossble to get any coverage . yep, I had to find my old fashioned roller and extension to finish the job. Next stop the BIN.

Anyone who buys this is a fool


how does it lay the paint off. fact is it cant!!!! it will wreck your walls and leave track lines. paint go on the to thick and run. just watched the add. all lies! no drips.

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Interested in the roller, But the prices are very high for our market. Can you assist me with your China manufacturers details i purchase from there?

The reviews made are very bad, does the roller really work?
email to mdfadhili@gmail.com

2 answers

IF you have READ ALL REVIEWS about thus product ABOVE you will see not one of them recommended it so save your money and do it the traditional way save litres of paint while you are at it...no SELLER could answer this question after the HORRIFIC REVIEWS Good day Sir!!


The Paintstick sales@paintstick.com.au is made in Minnesota USA and the Go Roller is a Chinese bad copy.

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