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I would like to know how to email you. Customerservice@gosim.com has bounced back. Thank you
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Does go sim work in russia?
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Hello! Gosim works in Russia. Best regards, Gosim teamNo I haven't been able to access data in Russia. Have only just reviewed this email when hooked up to hotel. Purchased more data when I left Scandnavia but havent had resounce from gosim about the Russian Access although before leaving Australia I was told it covered Russia

I'm using my sim card in another card and I need to review my text messages off my sim back in nov n dec of 2017 how do I do that
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Hi Going to Canada ( Toronto , Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper) the 7 day inside passage cruise up Alaska West Coast ( Ketchikan, Juneau & Skagway ). Anybody with suggestions / help for a travel Sim card that cover all these areas ? Anyone used GOSIm ?
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GOSIM will work. Just check the pricing of calls/min and sms to send & receive and way up if worth the cost vs your own home sim on roaming. Don't forget there is free wifi in many areas (for Whatsapp or Skype use).

I'm not sure if I'll need data on my next trip to Europe. Can I just buy a basic SIM phone/text plan and add a data plan later?
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No idea. Personally, I'm so unhappy with GoSim that I wouldn't recommend using them for any product.You may find that free wifi will be available in most places, but for the occasions when it isn't, then it is always handy to have some data of your own. Gosim works, but is expensive.

How does this work when you give a family member the 800 number? Are you only charged the rate shown for the country you or in, or is there additional cost?
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Hi, can you please specify which 800 number you are referring to or where you found this information? Thank you

I have a sim that was sent to me when I booked a Eurorail ticket before I left Australia. How do I know whether this is an updated one? Will the PUK number tell me?
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Hello Chris. If you can email info@gosim.com with either your +44 number or the sim serial number we will be able to confirm which version you received. We look forward to hearing from you.

I am travelling to Sth Africa, Kenya ,Zambia and Zimabwee and want to sms back to Australia as well as a few calls and some data. What do you recommend? has anyone had any experience using Go Sim in Africa? Maybe her is a better alternative?
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The GO-SIM International SIM Card will provide you with call, text and data services in all countries you've specified. Rates do vary for each destination. You can access the rate finder on their website which will help you determine rates for each country. Download the smartphone travel app and you'll be able to track your spend.I can't say if it will work in Africa at all. I only know that this card did not work in the USA and the alleged GoSim partners in the US, T-Mobile, were not aware of GoSim. I recommend you find somebody who has actually been to South African and had the card work with the network there. I have had two cards from two separate operators who both said their cards worked in the US. Neither worked there and one, Woolworths, has finally agreed that their card will not work there.I'd check www.vodacom.co.za and www.mtn.co.za. They both have good footprints throughout Africa. I don't know exactly which countries would be covered.

Just activated my Europe Gosim and it is asking me to setup locations being left location and right location. What is the purpose of this and what locations I am expected to insert?
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Hi Tom, Thank you for your question. Sounds like you purchased our 'Smart 2' travel smartphone with your Europe SIM Card. If so, that's our free travel app which is also available for download to any smartphone device. This comes pre-loaded with the Smart 2. The feature you're referring to allows you to track the time, weather and currency of two locations you enter. We suggest you select your home city along with your country of travel and update the latter throughout your journey. It's a handy feature allowing you to know whether it's a reasonable hour to call back home, plus you'll also get up to the minute foreign exchange information. The app also allows your to keep track and top up your credit balance. We wish you all the best for your travels. GO-SIM team.

I am going to France in June for 6 weeks. I need a SIM card mainly for text messages ( not many as I usually use whatsapp and the place where I am going to stay has wifi), and google maps for direction (GPS) as I have not specifically ordered for a hire car with GPS. What kind of SIM card should I buy?
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Hello Bells, We offer 2 sim cards that would suit your needs. The International Sim and the European sim will both work in France for calls, sms, and data. The difference between the sims is the actual rate for usage. http://www.gosim.com/ If you click on the link above and then click Shop Now on both sims, you will see a Rate Finder. You can then select France as the 'from' country and then select the country you will be calling or texting to see the exact rates. Once you compare both sims, you can decide which sim is best for you! Feel free to contact us with any further questions or comments. Kind Regards, GOSIM Team

I am going to Italy for 10 days in August. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3, I only want to be able to talk and text the other people. I am travelling with for security when we are meeting up, etc. and I would like to call home to Australia maybe a couple of times, which is the best sim and prepaid for me? I need to be able to ring airlines or travel agent and insurance if I have any problems to sort out.
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Hi Rose, your best sim option is the GO-SIM Europe Sim Card. Within Europe including Italy, calls are 29c per minute (no connection fee), texts are 29c per message. Calls back home to Australia are 69c per minute (no connection fee), texts are 69c per message. In case you need data, this is covered too at 29c per MB. The sim card is one-size-fits all and will fit your Samsung Galaxy 3. You are able to download the Travel App to track your credit amount. Adding extra credit is easy through the App, online or by calling the 24/7 customer service team. *All rates are in AUD.Thanks Steph I do think the GO-SIM will be the way to go I have been wading through different sims and pre-paid jargon and this does seem the cheapest. Something else I had thought about is do you start using the sim before you leave home or put the new sim in when you get to the airport just before leaving. RoseI'm glad GO-SIM could offer competitive rates and credit to get you started. :) It's recommended that you activate the GO-SIM International Sim Card just before you leave (a day or two should be fine). The instructions which will arrive with your sim card will guide you through the process. Let us know how you go. :)

Why does it keep asking my for my location either in North America or rest of the world? It's really annoying and happens (like just now) half way through a task
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Yeah, this seems to be a symptom of the automatic network selection in my iPhone 6s as it swaps between networks. I've switched automatic off and selected Telstra Mobile to see what would happen. After after moments nothing so I think that may be the simple answer, pick the biggest local provider and go with it! Good luck

Can I activate my international simcard before leaving for the U.S.?
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Yes. You're able to activate your International SIM Card before your leave. As there is a 90 day credit expiry, we recommend that you activate the SIM Card a few days before departure. Please drop us a line if you have any further questions. Enjoy your time in the US :)

Hi, I'm travelling through UK and Europe from Australia. I have put the Sim in my iPhone 6 and it is continually asking me where I am (US or rest of world. It's driving me CRAZY and using precious battery. How do I stop it?
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Take the sim out and buy a pre-paid sim from a newsagent insteadGet rid off it. Or call customer service, but don't expect they can fix it.It's driving me crazy too! I'm wondering if it's an iPhone prob, I had a 6S.

Im unable to find call rates for people calling me while Im using my Europe Sim in Italy . Are they paying an international SIM text rate or do they see my number as a local call?
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Probably late to help you but I have an answer for anyone still reading these blogs. I will start by saying that I can confirm that this happens from Australia and can only cents. I assume it is the same elsewhere. YES the caller from another country will pay international rates. For Australia and with my provider it is .75cents per 160 character msg. for me to receive the text is the same charge as receiving a call. if you have an app like Viber, get those back home to sms you via Viber desktop. the cost is basically nothing as they use their existing data. For you to receive it will be data usage. and the best way of allis to use the free wifi all over the world. Get the wifi finder app or one similar and download to offline all the locations that offer free wifi in the places you will be visiting. ten use Viber to call or even Skype. it will cost both of you nothing. good luck and happy holidays to all.Woopsy!! sorry about the spelling errors. No excuses, should have checked.

I would like to purchase a gosim for our Mediterranean cruise and trip to Ireland, however my phone is not a Smart Phone, just a Samsung fliptop, about 3 years old. Will this phone be suitable? Regards Julie
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I'm using my gosim in a Samsung S5510T which is a fliptop. It's an older unlocked phone a friend gave me. Google my model and see if it's similar to yours. I also travel with an LG smartphone (my Australian phone) and the sim worked well with this phone.Thank you Probash, I will certainly check that model. Hope it works!I used that very same phone. No problems at all.

If someone calls me in Italy from Australia does it cost them money?
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Yes it does. Similar to you using your home phone and calling someone overseas.Hi Yvonne, Agree with Michael. Please have your family or friends contact their service provider and inquire how much it will be to call your number so that they are fully aware of the charges before calling you abroad. -Go-SIM Team

I have never changed a SIM card before. Will all the apps I have loaded on my present phone still be there or do i have to reload them? (from 'technically challenged')
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I have an iphone 4 and when i changed my sim card when i was over there all my apps contacts where all stil in my phone Hello Petula, First off, you will need to contact your service provider in order to get your phone unlocked. Once the phone is unlocked, you will be able to use our service successfully in your phone. All of your original apps, data, contacts, etc will still be there. No change is being made to the phone when you insert the SIM. You are simply using a different service provider. -Go-SIM TeamAll the apps are there and still in perfectly working condition!

Hi I am been doing research all day on SIM cards but need help as I have no clue on how/if the SIM card will work: 1. I live in Australia and will travel to Japan next month. I have an iphone 4 and would like to use a gosim card is that ok/will it work? 2. Do I activate the card here in Australia and put the sim card in my phone before I leave? Is there anything else I need other unlocking my iphone and activating the gosim card? 3. just double checking if I don't need to use data eg internet the go sim card will only deduct money for my phone call usage? and not when I use the internet/emails? As I think I will be able to use free wifi in Japan? Thanks for your time and help. Ang
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Hi Ang, 1. Gosim card works in Iphone 4 no probs, thats wha i have. Just make sure you specify micro sd card in step 3 of the order. 2. The sim card is already activated just stick it in phone just before you leave. 3. Yep gosim will only deduct for phone calls & SMS usage & only from money that you have on the sim card.

Is your sim card suitable for use in Cambodia and Vietnam?
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Rosie I'm presuming it is. Just check GoSIM website for countries covered. I used my phone and SIM card in Argentina. The connection wasn't that hot. What the GoSIM phone does is search for the best network in the country that you are calling from. I just used the automatic seach function for this for each country that I phoned from which included Dubai airport. If you can't find what you are looking for on the WEB page just phone the customer service number. They are extremely helpful. Bye for now. Zinia

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