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Go Sim Update

I have had a GOSIM card now for 3 years. It's worked well in a very cheap Windows based phone in Equador, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Sicily, France, Italy, as well as the US and Canada and I've been reasonably happy with it. I just use it for phone calls and texts and tend to use free WiFi in hotels for data.
However, on our recent trip to Africa, I upgraded my mobile phone to an iPhone 6 (unlocked) and ordered a new Nano-sim from Go Sim for travelling. What an absolute pain the GoSim now is - it turns on the iPhone literally every 2 to 3 mins asking where you are 'rest or the world' or 'north America'. This drains the battery so quickly and is just plain annoying. I contacted GO sim service and their advice was to a. update the IOS (this did nothing), or b. change to a GOSim European card (which does not work at all in Africa) or, c. use a non-Apple device. Not helpful at all - when they finally work out how to make this sim work on an Apple device properly, I expect I may again become an advocate. Until then, no would not recommend it if you have an iPhone.

Hello Tracy. We are sorry to hear of the issues encountered. The sim you own is an older sim version which does indeed have a region prompt. In June we launched the latest version of the Go-Sim. This sim does not have a region prompt and thus you will not experience this issue again. Please contact Customer Service at your earliest convenience and we will arrange for a free upgrade to our latest sim.Thankyou, the sim I have was only ordered in mid-May so guess I just missed out on the newer version. I have now contacted Customer Service and they are sending a new card. Only problem is I leave for the US in 2 days time so hopefully it will arrive on time. They are leaving my current Sim active, just in case the new one does not arrive before I depart. Your customer service representative was quite helpful.We are glad to hear that Tracy and we thank you for being a valued customer.

Good in cities, poor rural coverage

I purchased a USA card about one month before leaving Australia and activated it 2 days before leaving to received a message saying my credit was due to expire in 2 days time which, after contacting the company was incorrect. The card was easy to set up in my old iphone 4S and was active on the tarmac in LAX. After a bit of fiddling the hotspot was also set up. My main complaint was that coverage was poor outside major cities. If anyone is planning to spend time in National Parks and touring, I suggest buying a local ATT SIM; my daughter had such a card and often had a signal when I did not. My card did not connect to the ATT network. In the end the costs were probably not that much different from an ATT card. After 30 days, the SIM stops working entirely(no SMS or data) unless you buy another pack (for my last day). For my next visit I think I will buy a local (ATT?) card; better coverage and there is still phone service when the data pack runs out.

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Hello Stephen. We are sorry to hear that you were not able to use the service in certain locations. The USA only sim has one provider which can lead to coverage gaps. Our International sim which works in over 190 countries may be a better option for you as we have an agreement with AT&T. We apologise for any inconvenience encountered and thank you for your feedback.

Jetstar sim (gosim) hopeless in usa

They provided me with a us number which cannot connect to any us network provider. When I login as the global number. It connects to some network. But when I tried to make a call, they sent me an sms requesting me to use the us number. Hopeless to use in the states.

Hello Bobby. Our International SIM card comes with multiple profiles to offer you the best rates for the region you are traveling to. The system was advising you to switch profiles and use your US number to ensure you get greater call value and reduce your roaming rates. These instructions are published in the user guide provided with your SIM. Potentially we could have made this a little clearer to help with understanding and therefore your feedback has been forwarded to the correct team to review and improve this process. We wish you all the best with your future travels. If you have any further questions, please contact our 24/7 customer service team.Thanks for your reply. But both numbers are out of service. That is you cannot provide any service in the USA.We would be happy to replace your old SIM with our latest US or International product. Please let us know if you are interested.

Worked like a charm

Spent 3 weeks in Italy - bought a cheap unlocked phone and a GO-SIM Europe card in Australia before I left. This sim and phone was just for use in Italy when needed. Worked from day one never had a problem connecting to any local network, local SMS send and receive cost about .30c each, Australia about 0.70c. 5 minute phone call to Australia cost about $3.50, Italy calls about 0.30 per minute. Easy to setup - app works well also for topping up credit etc.

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Hello Sean. Great to hear that the service worked well for you. We thank you very much for your feedback!

Not a SIM to take to the USA

This is a frustrating SIM card. After travelling through Cuba, where it worked very well, it utterly failed to connect with either AT&T or T-Mobile in the USA. Disturbingly I took this SIM card into a T-Mobile retail store in Washington DC where they checked out their association with the Go-Sim people reporting that they do not have a mobile phone agreement with Go-Sim or JT. Go-Sim customer help attempted to assist me through the connection process without any success. I'm giving it one star for Cuba and one for reasonable customer service but nothing for the rest of my travels in the USA.

Hello Roger. We are sorry to hear of the issues you experienced. We certainly have roaming agreements with both AT&T and T-Mobile. Should you experience an issue like this again, upon request Customer Service can open a technical fault ticket with the local networks in order to resolve your issue. We thank you very much for your feedback!Your customer service people were considerate but after some time admitted defeat. I am left with a phone card with unused credit and one that I probably would not risk again in the USA. A refund of my unused credit would be appreciated.Upon further review, it appears that the North American portion of the service was never activated online as required. This would have prevented use in the USA. A refund of the remaining balance is a reasonable request. We will email you shortly to start this process.

Dodgy product and poor customer service

Battery on new JT travel phone would not charge, took them a week to replace it. Terrible customer service, I had to make several calls to chase up a replacement product and communication from the company was very poor. Despite thinking I was organising this far enough in advance, a working product did not arrive until the day before I left. The Go-SIM card was a rip-off too and used up a lot of money for very minimal activity (2 calls only, no data). Also, performance was inconsistent. It would successfully text some numbers but not others, despite being on the same network, etc. although gave the impression that all messages were being successfully transmitted. When I called customer service to ask for assistance with this, the guy on the other end of the phone could not have been less interested in helping me if he tried. I only bought this product because I was going to Cuba and had no other option, however in the end I shouldn't have bothered. Obviously this company is laughing all the way to the bank.

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Hello Maz, We are sorry to hear of the experience you had with us. It sounds like you might have been calling us from the mobile phone itself which prevents us from performing the required troubleshooting steps. The rates in Cuba are higher than our average rates as seen in the Rate Finder due to most of our travelers being outbound to Europe. Please provide us with your assigned sim number and we will arrange for a refund or a replacement if you wish. We look forward to hearing from you. GO-SIM Team

Don't leave home without it.

I have had this card now for several years. Last year I went on holiday overseas for 3 1/2 months. My husband and I were travelling with friends, both of whom took mobile phones. The husband had a sim card from his credit card people and the wife bought a sim card in Britain. Wherever we went my GOSIM card worked perfectly but once out of the UK our friends cards either did not work (in the case of the wife) or worked sometimes in the case of the husband. We went on a cruise from Fremantle to Southampton and the GOSIM SIM worked perfectly throught the Middle East and the Mediterranean as well as the UK and Ireland. My advice. Buy lifetime insurance for your card. When I upgraded my mobile and needed a nano sim Gosim provided another one without charge.

Convenient, But Expensive For Texts In Some Countries

I bought a Go-Sim in June 2014 to use on a trip in August-October to Singapore, the UK, Jordan and Turkey. The card arrived within five days and setting it up was very straightforward. However, I had a few concerns after using it for a while. Firstly, my call credit seemed to evaporate very quickly. I had bought the US$20 card which included US$10 credit and had to top up three times in the following two months @ US$20 each time, which surprised me as I hardly made any phone calls (I mostly used my phone to send text messages which I thought would be cheaper). On arriving home and looking at my account online, I saw that each text message had been split into multiple messages and charged accordingly! On inquiring with the Go-Sim customer service centre, I was told that a text message is split after 160 characters, and so I ended up paying for up to five texts for each message when I thought I was only paying for one - pricey in countries like Singapore and Jordan where an outgoing text is charged at USD$0.75 (so in reality about USD$3.75 for a text). After investigating further, I now understand that most networks split text messages which I had not realised. The difference is, though, that with a huge post-paid call credit on my Australian SIM, I don't notice multiple text messages draining the balance, as I never run out of credit. A second surprise is that the recipients of my text messages told me that my texts had actually arrived in multiple parts and sometimes out of order! When I queried this with Go-Sim's customer service, I was told that this was a peculiarity of the network I was using at the time and that I could manually change networks if this happened. That didn't quite make sense as I found that the issue of multiple part texts occurred when sending texts in four different countries - could it have been a network issue in all of them? Also I had no idea it was happening until much later, so it wouldn't have occurred to me that I needed to change networks and that is not the point anyway. One just wants to put a SIM in a mobile phone and have it work without fiddling around in each country to manually change networks!
On the plus side, the UK number that the card comes with meant that texts sent in the UK were only USD$0.15 each. Also the app for my Smartphone was great and allowed me to easily check my balance and top up my account very quickly.
Would I use the Go-Sim on my next trip? Not sure. Having my text messages arrive in multiple parts is probably a deal-breaker for me. I'd also want to shop around and compare call and text charges which I didn't have time to do before I left on my trip this time. However, when travelling through several countries, a global roaming SIM is definitely the way to go. I was told when in Turkey that tourists can't even buy a local SIM as they aren't Turkish residents, so that would have been a problem without a roaming SIM card.

UPDATE - 2nd GO-SIM purchase a year later. I needed a global roaming SIM for my trip to Sicily and Spain in September 2015, so investigated the options on ProductReview. All roaming SIMs reviewed seemed to have their drawbacks and none seemed to get outstanding reviews, so I opted to buy another Go-SIM (better the devil you know!). I got a good deal through Jetstar who were offering a Go-SIM with AUD 20 credit for AUD 27.80 shipped to Perth [link removed]. This was better than purchasing the SIM from the Go-SIM website as I did last year (cost US $30.13 with US $10 credit).
After my previous experience of having my text messages split into many (expensive) parts when sending, I was determined to use my phone mainly for calls. I was also given a tip by my niece resident in the UK to use WhatsApp for messaging instead of sending text messages - she and her friends hardly ever send text messages anymore. Of course, the recipient of your messages also has to have downloaded WhatsApp but once you've done that, you connect to free wifi whenever you can to send messages. As all the places I stayed at offered free wifi, it was never a problem. WhatsApp worked really well and kept my expensive SMSs down to 8 for the whole trip (a month).
Go-SIM phone calls are quite inexpensive, e.g. a 6-minute call to a UK landline from Barcelona was AUD 2.94. By comparison, an SMS which got split into 5 parts was AUD 1.45 (Sicily to UK mobile).
To sum up, wisely used, a Go-SIM works really well, mainly because one can use it in most countries in the world one would want to visit without having to buy different SIMs for each country. Beware the expensive text messages, though and download WhatsApp if you're going to be sending messages to someone frequently as it's free (unless you're using your own data - I didn't). I would definitely use Go-SIM again on future trips now that I've got it sussed. I even came back with AUD 10 credit unused! Most of my calls were incoming, and these are free. I find it really important to have mobile phone access when overseas, especially for emergencies but have friends who don't take their mobiles with them as they say they never make calls. On my last trip, I realised how important to be contactable by mobile as the airline lost my luggage for a week. I was moving around Sicily staying in a different place each night, and got lots of messages and calls from the airline regarding the status of my missing bag. So, even if you just take a roaming SIM with $10 credit on it, at least people can contact you when necessary and it could be important. Go-SIM is great for this as incoming calls and texts are free.

Expensive and drains battery

Every few minutes this sim card makes the phone show a message (Iphone 6) asking what country you're in, and this activates the screen so that your battery is drained - really useful if you need to use your phone as an alarm clock in the morning, or even just because you're travelling and charging points are few and far between - so wasting battery is just crap.

Also I paid over $60 for the card and postage and the credit lasted one day for internet usage only!!. Thanks - what a rip off. 31 x 50 = $1550 per month. Will not be recharging of course.

Only wanted this sim because getting local sims can be time consuming, but not at that cost.

They give free credit for good reviews

Credit does not last long at all, expensive. Buy a local prepaid sim instead or if in Japan or other country where non- citizen can't buy prepaid sim just use Skype etc. not a good product.

bad product

uses all you data within 2 days even though I bought an additional data pack.
The company say that if you leave a positive review they will give you additional credit. I changed my review when i got home. would never buy or recommend. go wi fi.

Whatever you do, do not choose Go Sim

You are considering to purchase an USA Sim Card from Go Sim. My recommendation is to stay away from them.
We use Go Sim when we travelled to USA last year. I will never never use them again. When we arrived at NY, the Sim Card didn’t work. I contacted customer service. They couldn’t resolve the issue and asked me to call back. I called them at least 6 times over 7 days, went through technical session and so on....... They just couldn’t solve the issue. I gave up. They wasted my time. I should have spent quality time in NY. I ended up spent hours on the phone with them and went no where.
We were in USA for 2 months. I was never able to use it to make calls. At one occasion, I was able to send an email. It was only 1 sentence in email and used up almost over $20 credit. What a rip off. It is the most expensive Sim Card.

Get the JT TravelApp too

Go-Sim worked a treat, but it wasn't until I started looking at the usage records in the JT Travel App I realised data is charged in minimums of 1 meg, so no matter how briefly I turned on data, it was costing the minimum charge. I highly recommend downloading the JT Travel App too and monitoring usage. Also be wary of your phone/tablet doing auto back up (sync) to each device (or the cloud). My travel buddy burnt a lot of data allowance with photos being auto synced. In any case you can't get caught spending more than your pre loaded amount, so no bill shock back home. I recommend!

Love It!

I got this product right away. It came with easy set up directions and worked right away! This was very simple and easy to use. I was very impressed with it.

Great Customer Service!

Although we haven't gone away yet, we've been quite impressed with how easy it is to use. We've done a few test runs. Our biggest compliment, is the very quick responses we've had via email with the Customer Service Representatives with queries about the card. Always polite and nothing too much bother even though some of the questions we'd asked were probably very straightforward from the representative's point of view!

Fantastic deal

The phone is very responsive, lightweight & perfect for a holiday phone. Bought to use for texting on upcoming cruise & Orlando stay. Much cheaper than using UK text costs. Received very quickly

Great service, with a catch

I bought the 1GB data sim for Europe. I travelled to Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland this fall and I had data pretty much everywhere. I was actually pretty impressed at how well it worked; data speeds were completely acceptable. I had to remove the sim once, and restart the phone a few times to get the service to pick up a network in a new country, but overall, I was impressed. The one big catch, which isn't obvious at all when buying the service (this information wasn't shown at all when on their website and checking out) is that they charge you a MINIMUM of 1MB every time you connect to their network. So even if you send a 2kb email, or hangouts message....yup, they charge you 1MB. On my history I had hundreds of 1MB charges which meant that my actual usage (measured by Android) was 300-400MB less than what I was charged for. This should have been explained very clearly on their website, not buried somewhere in the fine print of their instruction manuals (which you get after you buy). Honestly, I was very happy with the actual service, but this detail really ticked me off and you should know that you don't get 1GB! Shame on you GO SIM for some really sleazy advertising!

FYI: I didn't get any credit for leaving this review...

So far so good - very easy to set-up

The USA Sim card arrived quickly and set-up was easy. Just log in to rechargeminutes.com. Hoping that the card works well when I am in the USA.

Rip Off - Excessive Price Changes on international calls!

Be careful! Go sim advertises rates that change without notice. In my case, from $0.85 per minute to $1.89 per minute. It seems that account holders do not get the currently advertised rates. If you have an old sim card, your rates are almost double the rate that new sim card holders pay! I kid you not! This nonsense was direct from the mouths of a customer service rep and his supervisor. I was told to check my account to find my account's rates per minute. In other words, the current advertised rate on the go-sim web site that you think you are purchasing may not be what you pay per minute when you use your go-sim while on vacation. Check my account before i make a call so i can find out the current rates on my sim card?? What a crock of rubbish that is! Paying $3.38 for a 2 minute call from dominican republic to usa instead of the advertised $1.70 is more than a bit too much. I also paid more than the published rate for text messages. Why? Because i have an old sim card! Interesting they never mentioned i had an old sim card when i recharged my account last month. This service was good for my first 18 months...Now they screwed me.

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Hello oldeczecho, If you have an older SIM with higher rates you may have the option to upgrade the SIM at no additional cost. Please contact customer support to see if you are eligible for this upgrade. -Go-SIM

A real money saver

I can't wait to use this SIM card on my up coming holiday it is going to save me over £60 on my phone bill.
SIM came quickly only took 2 days, and came with easy to follow instructions. it even has a nice easy to use app!

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I would like to know how to email you. Customerservice@gosim.com has bounced back. Thank you
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Does go sim work in russia?
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Hello! Gosim works in Russia. Best regards, Gosim teamNo I haven't been able to access data in Russia. Have only just reviewed this email when hooked up to hotel. Purchased more data when I left Scandnavia but havent had resounce from gosim about the Russian Access although before leaving Australia I was told it covered Russia

I'm using my sim card in another card and I need to review my text messages off my sim back in nov n dec of 2017 how do I do that
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