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Despite the all the negative review our experience was nothing but positive.

We bought an exercise bike before reading the reviews. We got an ex-rental bike at what we feel is a decent price. The bike was delivered on time and taken upstairs without any issue or complaint. Overall the bike has performed well. The bike made a small rubbing sound soon after purchase - the owner fixed this minor issue free of charge under warranty. He gave us advice on how to use it and get the maximum health benefits from it. The service has been efficient and friendly.

Thank you for my awesome Elliptical Trainer

I have purchased an Elliptical Trainer from this company. The owner was friendly, knowledgeable and went out of his way to ship this equipment interstate for me. Though there were troubles with the logistics company along the way – I was sincerely impressed by the owner’s perseverance to get the equipment out to me (he even changed the logistics companies along the way to facilitate timely delivery). Though it took longer than expected to receive the delivery, I felt like the owner truly cared about me as a customer, and did his best to shield me from the screw-up by the logistics crew. I would not hesitate to buy more equipment from this company and would recommend them to all of my friends. 5 stars!

Do not buy anything from GoldFitt, scammer

Goldfit owe me $1500 for equipment that did not arrive and will not refund the money. Do not deal with Goldfit they will rip you off.

Brand new Schwinn 430 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Excellent Elliptical cross trainer. As advertised. Good value and quick delivery. Quiet operation with many features and suitable for everyone in our family. Communication with seller was more than adequate. Thanks Frank.

Biggest Scammer In Australia

I have been chasing [name removed] for over 12 months for a refund of a broken bike he sent and says he promises to refund.
This man is a crook, a thief and will sell you dodgy, broken goods.
I am reporting him to consumer affairs and suggest everyone who has had an issue to do the same so the government can close him down.
What ever you do do not purchase anything from him.

SOooo Disappointed!!! Shocking customer service!

Still waiting 7 weeks later for the refund of my $100 deposit!!! Have called, emailed, etc many times, and just fobbed off! Would never recommend this company!!!

Illegally charging account

Very disappointed with this company. Have been illegally charging my account for months. Have asked for a refund and 4 months later still being charged and no refund. Get a different story every time. Be aware!

So far so good...

I hired a treadmill which arrived yesterday and it's brand new out of the box. Delivery driver turned up on time and was very nice. So far no complaints. Thought I'd post this review as I was nervous due to the negative reviews on this site. Hopefully it continues to be a good experience.

Wouldn't replace broken machine or give refund

The rowing machine I hired broke halfway through the hire period, and despite repeated attempts to get them replace it this never happened. The driver was always 'sick', etc. I still haven't been paid back my deposit. Their business model is to take nearly broken exercise equipment for which they probably pay very little and try to make some cash hiring them out until they break down.

Be aware of this company

I had agreed to purchase a rower machine after 3months. What happened next was illegal, i paid my $1,000 via direct debit but [name removed] actually again debited my credit card for $1,000. One month later , after repeated promises to repay, i have not received my $1,000 back. His deadline is today.

Abusive and Rude

We hired 2 machines and when they didn't pick up at the agreed time, I was verbally abused. I don't know how their incompetence was my fault. Stay away.

Still waiting my refund

Took money from me before the due renewal period and I did not renew and also has still not refunded my deposit. Legal action on the way if no money within the next week

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Ignoring me still , here we go ....

Warning Stay Away! Dishonest and dodgy business. Currently pursuing legal action.

Warning do not use this company, owner is dishonest and am currently pursuing legal action.
Payed for a gym only to have an older, worn and different model delivered. Courts have ordered Gold Fit to pay me a refund and to collect the Gym. Has now been left at my premises for over 4 months with Gold Fit refusing to pick up and have not paid the refund. Currently pursuing legal action. Stay away from this company, the manager is dishonest and has terrible customer service. Wish i had done more research before doing business with this dodgy company.

Dishonest, terrible customer service, dodgy, useless, untrustworthy

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Just thought i would give an update on this so hopefully it can help others to stay away from this dodgy company. So the courts ruled in my favour and ordered goldfit to pay me my refund and collect the gym, as expected goldfit failed to do this. Funny how people change their mind though when sherifs turns up at your work. Justice is served, finally got my refund and goldfit had to pay all my legal fees. Once again stay away from this company! They would rather make you chase them through the courts than operate a respectable business.

These guys are useless

1 month hire, still stuck with the machine in my house 2 months later. They will not pick it up. They hang up on you when you call them to get it sorted. They are rude.

Stay away from this company, they have shocking customer service in every regard you can imagine.

still have the machine at my house - they wont pick it up. They hang up on you when you raise an issue.

Dishonest service and faulty equipment

Despite the contract I had with this company they wont return the deposit paid, and now wont return emails sent chasing it up. Being a customer for the past 4 years and spending thousands of $ in rental fees and putting up with faulty x trainers, it seems loyalty means nothing to them.

Update - well still no word on my refund. They are either cowards or simply not interested. Filling out Dept of Fair Trading forms tonight!This lady decided to cancel her hire term after 1 month of a 4 month hire agreement.She then wanted a full refund in which our agreement contract states that we do not refund monies if someone decides to change their minds over night. In regards to her $100 deposit refund ,it was sent out to her the following week after we had picked up the equipment as is our procedure and has been for the last 15 years.Not quite an accurate account thanks Goldfit. The hire was cancelled on the 8th June 2013, the deposit wasn’t returned until the 12th July, which took no less than 4 emails and the threat of legal action to chase up. The refund requested was as per Section 23 of the original contract document, which Goldfit decided didn’t count as they would then be required to forward me an additional $103. So they were happy to burn a customer of 4 years standing (plus an eventual equipment sale) for a lousy $100. Quite frankly the previous reviews show similar form. Very disappointing.

Failed to return Hire Deposit

Hired a xtrainer on January for one month only, paid a $100 deposit and it has now been 4 weeks since they collected the machine and still have not received my $100 deposit back plus the xtrainer was faulty. Every week I have been calling Gold Fit Exercise Equipment and spoken with [name removed] and he advises that the he will see where it is, but 4 weeks later still the same story and no cheque. Extremely disappointing that any business will be so cheap as to not refund a deposit and the blatent lack of care and lying, would not recommend Gold Fit Exercise Equipment, LFS-Sydney or Hire exercsie equipment.

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The cheque was sent originally to her 1 week after we had picked up the exercise machine. Soon as she then contacted us that she had not received the cheque we then sent her another one in the mail. So yes it did take about 4 weeks due to the cancelation and following up to where the cheque had gotten to. But in the end she did receive the $100 deposit refund.

Pursuing Legal Action

In June 2012 [name removed] from Goldfit agreed to sell a high line treadmill of mine. After back and forth emails [name removed] kept dropping the agreed sale price. It is now march 2013 and [name removed] advises me that he sold the treadmill in Dec 2012 for half of the agreed selling price. All of my emails and phone calls have been ignored and he states he has sold it and in email and over the phone as told me repeatedly he has transferred the money and still nothing. And I have no treadmill, no money, the police advise me it is a civil matter. [name removed] refuses to send me proof of transfer or receipt for the actual amount the treadmill was sold for. Now I to put in a small claim I'm in need of [name removed]'s last name to put through a small claim in the local courts. Please can any one help me who has dealt with [name removed] before? Finding it hard to trace his Surname through phone number or the registered business. cheers :)


Delivered the bike on time but when it came to pick it up I had to chase them for weeks. We had every excuse under the sun. When they did finally pick it up they were meant to give us our deposit in the fom of a cheque which they didn't have and said they would then post it. This was in January! We have rang and emailed but just get" it's in the mail". This company and I use the loosley has taken up way to much of my time and money and I will be going to the department of fair trading to resolve this.

Untrustworthy, bad service, dodgy

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Update: since threatening with the Dept of Consumer Affairs we now have received our deposit.

Worst company ever

These guys were unprofessional, rude and down right unsympathetic. I hired a treadmill, and i had it for a couple of weeks. The product itself looks so run down and old that it's lucky it worked. After using it for a week or two i explained to them that my legs were hurting from the constant strain on my calves and joints, i asked them to swap it for something that would allow me to burn more calories with less strain on my body.

They suggested a spin bike. After all the ok reviews i had read about spin bikes, i decided to give it a go. They brought me a spin bike that is too big for my frame, telling me "that is standard size" i am unable to use it, so i requested them to pick it up, and take it back and issue me 1 month refund (as i paid for 2 months plus $100 deposit, which i was unaware about until they requested my bank transfer) now they are refusing to give me 1 month refund, telling me i can either keep the item that is unfit for use because i am only 4'9" - or to return it and get my $100 deposit back. - what about the month that they're taking it back - i paid $115 for nothing per month just so they can give me something i can't use, and they take it back. If you want my advice, stay far far away. Go buy a sauna blanket like i did, and sweat out hundreds more calories than throwing $115 to the wind liek i did with this crowd.

Oh and the best bit - i have to return the bike before i get any money back, and they will be doing it by bank transfer. I do not trust it, and i think i'll be lucky to get anything back at all. I'm considering keeping the bike, because i won't get my money from them!

Unreliable, expensive,unprofessional.

Just an update - it is now 6/1/13 and nobody has contacted me from this company to resolve this matter. I am appalled.Another update: they tried to contact me over the AUSTRALIA DAY LONG WEEKEND to request collection. What ever.Another follow up. They collected the bike on the 4th February!!!!!!! and then handed me a cheque, which while he told me would take 3 days to clear - took 8!!!!!! Not happy jan. Will never deal with this crowd again and will DEFINITELY NOT recommend their services to ANYONE.

Questions & Answers

Did anyone eventually have their machines picked up ? If not what did you do with the machines? (As they won't pick mine up going on to 8months)
4 answers
Did they ever pick yours up? I'm struggling to get them to after about 5 months, I am moving and told them it will be going out on the kerb if they don't pick up but that i still expect my deposit back! Can't believe this is their normal practice.... I wish I had seen all these reviews first!Did u sign a contract?They work to their own schedule. Whatever they tell you on the phone will not represent what actually happens, both in terms of pickup timing and any deposit or refund your expecting. In short, they will take ages to pickup and don't expect to get any money passing back from them.

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