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Goldline GL4
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15 reviews

Wasting money


I buy this gas top for my old kitchen because it's old 60 cm top this gas top expensive or not good I give _star rating this gas top or I am 100%sure manufacturers also not use this gas top in his own house

Purchased in February 2020 for A$995.00.

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NellGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Useless product!


What a waste of money. This was not my first choice, I wanted a Westinghouse brand to replace the one we had for over 20 years but the one I wanted did not fit in it's place. I was told by the sale's rep that Goldine is a good brand and an Australian brand. But the burners take too long to ignite, the smaller burners don't even allow you to simmer food. There are these rubber stoppers under the burners and they keep on popping out and caused it to scratch the stainless steel.Please DON'T waste your money on this gas cooker.

Purchased in May 2019.

Lynn R.

Lynn R.Perth, WA



Have had our goldmine for about a year and have hated it from the start. Takes forever to get the element alight and then hold for ages to keep it burning. Wish I'd stayed with Westinghouse. Waited 30 years for a new stovetop and we bought absolute rubbish

Purchased in November 2018 at The Good Guys for A$1,200.00.

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been using goldline cooktops for over a decade


Love this product; I have being using Goldline cooktops now for almost decade without a single problem. always reliable, always super hot perfect for my Wok. Everything comes out perfectly. I would highly recommend this reliable product.



  • 2 reviews

Poorly designed cooktop


Very poor flame control at low flame settings. Almost useless for simmering. Not at all suited to smaller size pots, unless you enjoy the smell of burning handles on your pots. The design of the piezo lighter electrodes is poor as is the mounting. They are far too fragile especially as they come up out of a quite heavy burner. I doubt we will be putting up with this thing very long. Just waiting for the first insulator breakage on the piezo lighters and it will be out on it's ear.

Purchased in December 2018.



  • 4 reviews

Terrible cooktop


I picked this cooktop because of the way that the burners were spaced meant that I could have multiple pots on at once without a problem. This is the only good thing about the cooktop. This product does not know the meaning of the word "simmer". Even the smaller burners on low are still too high and will not allow a nice gentle simmer on pasta sauces, casseroles, etc. Might be good for stir fry and other things that require high heat but certainly nothing else. Can't wait to get rid of it.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

AngelaGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Haven't bought yet


I decided to buy goldline as it is the only lpg gas cooktop that replaces our "Tudor gas top"
But with all these bad reviews I might have to keep looking
We need a slim line lpg gas cook top less than 50cm in width
Any suggestions for an alternative please

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Product warranty


I would strongly suggest that one considers the following before buying "Australian made". I purchased my Goldline gas cooktop in April 2017 after considering many other cooktops. The appearance and spacing of the burners really appealed as did the "Australian made" factor. 2 months later, and after using the "wok ring" for only the 2nd time, I noticed that the wok ring was cracked through. I phoned Goldline who said it is not covered by a warranty. If I had dropped this ring or damaged it for some reason I would not have bothered calling but there you have it - Goldline's approach is that the damage is caused by myself and they will not cover this. Be very careful before you decide on this product.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Don't buy this rubbish


This cooktop is rubbish. As other reviews state the burners won't stay alight. It takes many attempts and fine tuning to keep the flame going. Heat moderation on every burner is inadequate, leading to too hot a flame. How a manufacturer can churn out such a stove and stay in business is beyond me. If you are buying this cooktop to fit a pre-existing cut out in your benchtop, invest in a new benchtop and buy any other stove than this

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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goldline gl 5 burner black


installed by liscensed gas plumber 2front burners wont stay lite rang goldline immediately no probs easy fix I was told take 3 min 3weeks later im still waiting using burners that will work now one control knob is faulty and wont lock off I also notice that any spills go straight under the burners right into the base have rang seller manufacturer and repair people still waiting but they have my money worst part is I went in to buy a fisher and pykel and got talked into this more expensive unit the repair better be good not impressed one bit never again

Date PurchasedSep 2016



On installation one of the cookers failed to ignite right away. Had to wait days for service people to fix. Was a simple washer. Now two months on the two back burners aren't igniting. Also hard to clean and pots and frying pans aren't always stable. I should have read the reviews first. DON'T BUY.



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Cheap cook top, stay away!


As mentioned by others, burners slow/fail to ignite all too often. Enamel pan supports don't fit properly and move around quite a bit when cooking. Also, the black paint on the burner rings has partially worn off to reveal the copper underneath.

Jen H

Jen HKyabram, Victoria

Not perfect


Looks great, lovely to use; although sometimes slow to ignite. Chrome burner rings very quick to rust. Must dry them after wiping clean so I have a lot of spots. Wish I'd known that sooner.



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Goldline GL4


Simple elegant design, cleans easily - narrow width & depth a must for confined spaces. Solidly fabricated burners, spill bowls well sealed & removable for pan cleaning & maintenance. Turn down rate to simmer point user adjustable. Wok burner well designed and stable. Great cooktop which looks beautiful - impresses everyone who sees it! Compares favorably with cooktops twice the price.
Locally made (Dandenong), culturally sensitive! Energy efficient, excellent ergonomics. Price point right!
Manual (English) read a bit translated at points.

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Questions & Answers



GL4B (Black)

Why does the burners slow down when more then i burner is turned on?

2 answers
Jen H
Jen H

Nisha, I don't have that problem with mine. Maybe you could contact the manufacturer or the store you purchased it from.


Gas supply pressure too low by the sound of it.



GL4B (Black)

Is this cooktop useful for asian type of cooking?

1 answer

Hi Kavi

I cook korma & curry on this cooktop all the time. My daughter has a large wok with which she cooks stir fry & other E. Asian dishes. The Goldline has one specially wok-adapted burner iron, the other large burner takes large cook pots.

As well, this cooker is really suitable for confined cooking areas.

We love this cook top, great to cook on, easy to keep clean, a great buy!

Really, do get one, you'll have no regrets!

Hope this helps!


Gl 4 ssn

Gl 4 ssnasked


Hi I am interested to get a gloldline gas cooktop model gl4ssn so can u hel me and contact me my cut in the kitchen is 87by 38 so this the closes cut I can get isn't it pl keep in touch regards Saeed

1 answer

I've got the specifications for the cut-out for the Goldline GL4N, my own model, the tray for which is 40 x 88 cm - I'm guessing the 4B/4W have the same tray size. My specs indicate that the cut out should be 5 mm above the tray size - so 405 x 885 mm.

Now, I did my own install up to the gas fitting, and I wanted a tight fit - so I made a cut out of 402 x 882, which was nearly right - and sanded out about another mm to get a perfect fit.

I'd say therefore that 403 x 883 mm is the minimal cut-out you can use. So if the largest cut out you can make is 380 x 870 mm, I think you'd better not buy this model, unfortunately. There are Goldline 2 burners with a 34 x 66 cm tray - the GL2N for example. If you can live with 2 burners I'd recommend something like that size. By the way, the Goldline is a great cooktop, especially for those of us with confined space issues!

Hope helpful!

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