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Goldline GL4B (Black)

Goldline GL4B (Black)

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Terrible cooktop

I picked this cooktop because of the way that the burners were spaced meant that I could have multiple pots on at once without a problem. This is the only good thing about the cooktop. This product does not know the meaning of the word "simmer". Even the smaller burners on low are still too high and will not allow a nice gentle simmer on pasta sauces, casseroles, etc. Might be good for stir fry and other things that require high heat but certainly nothing else. Can't wait to get rid of it.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Product warranty

I would strongly suggest that one considers the following before buying "Australian made". I purchased my Goldline gas cooktop in April 2017 after considering many other cooktops. The appearance and spacing of the burners really appealed as did the "Australian made" factor. 2 months later, and after using the "wok ring" for only the 2nd time, I noticed that the wok ring was cracked through. I phoned Goldline who said it is not covered by a warranty. If I had dropped this ring or damaged it for some reason I would not have bothered calling but there you have it - Goldline's approach is that the damage is caused by myself and they will not cover this. Be very careful before you decide on this product.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

shocking ! cook top disgusting customer service

STAY AWAY.paid over 900 for this junk to take place of our old one.
flames does not stay alight
the black burners peel and burn away
the right 2 knob melted within 1 week
when we rang up the goldline number we got passed around over a few days and told it was normal like that
eventually sent 2 new knows and melted again. it a terrible product and very poor customer care.
never buy again from this brand

Date PurchasedNov 2016

goldline gl 5 burner black

installed by liscensed gas plumber 2front burners wont stay lite rang goldline immediately no probs easy fix I was told take 3 min 3weeks later im still waiting using burners that will work now one control knob is faulty and wont lock off I also notice that any spills go straight under the burners right into the base have rang seller manufacturer and repair people still waiting but they have my money worst part is I went in to buy a fisher and pykel and got talked into this more expensive unit the repair better be good not impressed one bit never again

Date PurchasedSep 2016


On installation one of the cookers failed to ignite right away. Had to wait days for service people to fix. Was a simple washer. Now two months on the two back burners aren't igniting. Also hard to clean and pots and frying pans aren't always stable. I should have read the reviews first. DON'T BUY.

Cheap cook top, stay away!

As mentioned by others, burners slow/fail to ignite all too often. Enamel pan supports don't fit properly and move around quite a bit when cooking. Also, the black paint on the burner rings has partially worn off to reveal the copper underneath.


Sometimes the burners fail to ignite, the copper burner rings stain after the first use and cleaning them with Brasso makes no difference. Enamel pan supports do not fit properly and when you cook on them the whole set becomes unstable. So after making a complaint, they said the burner rings stain when you get oil on them and would not be covered by warranty, so having a cooktop that can't get a bit of oil on it is just ridiculous. So only days after buying a new cooktop I had to spend extra getting the black burner rings and cast iron pan supports. Not happy, especially when you try and support Australian companies
and there after sales support is useless, next time I think I will buy a brand name. No wonder why The Good Guys no longer offer the Goldline cooktops anymore.

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Questions & Answers

Why does the burners slow down when more then i burner is turned on?
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Nisha, I don't have that problem with mine. Maybe you could contact the manufacturer or the store you purchased it from.Gas supply pressure too low by the sound of it.

Is this cooktop useful for asian type of cooking?
1 answer
Hi Kavi I cook korma & curry on this cooktop all the time. My daughter has a large wok with which she cooks stir fry & other E. Asian dishes. The Goldline has one specially wok-adapted burner iron, the other large burner takes large cook pots. As well, this cooker is really suitable for confined cooking areas. We love this cook top, great to cook on, easy to keep clean, a great buy! Really, do get one, you'll have no regrets! Hope this helps! Bill


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