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Just wondering how often the Gym gets cleaned? I have been going to the Cannington gym for over 10 years and It is starting to feel VERY unhygienic. Equipment especially the treadmills, steppers and bikes etc are very dirty and dusty with paper towels left on them etc. The floor is always filthy with peoples old drinkbottles, socks, gloves etc lieing around for days. The equipment often does not work having to change to at least 3 different treadmills at times to get one that works. Trying to watch TV from them is always an issue too. They always say 'no signal' or you cant put your earphones in the port. All this is really starting to bother me and am seriously looking at changing gyms. It is not cheap to attend a gym so we expect higher standards for the money we are paying.
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I have spoke to Goodlife staff after being discharged from hospital and fed back I would never return to Goodlife. This would be three months ago. I canceled membership and direct debit I had been a member for several years. I have notified all concerned. Please leave me alone and no more emails, phonecalls texts or letters. I payed for ambulance and medical care. No first aid for available at goodlife, ice and absorb ant guaze. Allison Corbett .
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Is goodlife joondalup still open
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I saw goodlife joondalup painted completely white no signs just paid for a membership is this gymn still open lucyI think they have moved out to where the old Masters Hardware was on Joondalup Drive, near Baby Bunting etc; That huge building is now a Good Life gym on one side, and Anaconda on the other.

I am a disable pensioner who is a member at the Wantirna gym. My pension is limited and I also have to pay for an exercise physiologist who trains me. From the price I pay of $725.00 per annum up front I do not believe I get a disabled/pension discount. Its not that I want membership for nothing but flexibility would br great. could you please email your reply to [email removed]?
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I have just signed up with the new Toowoomba gym. After reading these comments am definitely wondering if l have done the right thing? Surely the money issues can be resolved am concerned now about the direct debits and extra charges
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You will get charged 10.00 wxtra per fotrnight. Admin fees, set up fees, coaching fees. Get out fast.Been with 2 different clubs and they really aren't that bad. Yet to be overcharged. We had a few hiccups but got sorted really quickly.

I am confused about Active Plus 12 month Contract says a one of $99 start up fee and a $65 transfer fee to a friend which is free but does the other person pay anything except the weekly fee?
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RUN AWAY FAST! Goodlife (BADLIFE) gyms are nothing but a money making scam. They add all sorts of un declared fees. If you must go there pay only for each session. You will never be able to cancel and there will bevlots of undeclared SCAMM costs. DO NOT JION

Hi, I paid for a 12 membership upfront for $800 in June and have only been twice in 4 months. I didn't sign the paperwork as it was never there when I went. Now I need to cancel for work and mental health reasons and they are saying there is no refund on a 12-month membership but I read the same as above that if it has been less than 6 months then it will cost $195 which I am happy to lose just to get something out of them. If i never signed the forms do they have a leg to stand on? They are telling me to onsell the membership. As I have never agreed to essentially any advice would be much appreciated.
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Go to Dept of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs, these guys will assist in cancellation, badlife are just SCAMMERS

Has anyone tried a trial membership with this gym? Do they ask for any bank details or to sign a contract of any sort?
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I am not 100% sure. I have found them to be very dodgy and therefore do not trust them at all. Nothing would surprise me!I tried the trial and applied online for it. I then received a call 3 hrs later asking when I would like to come in so they can do a tour of the facilities. They will sit down and show you all the options and ask you to sign up your details in preparation of your trial ending. I refused and said I will do it after my 5 day trial. They were cool with that. You just turn up and sign in by filling a form each time you go. I went to 2 classes and liked it, so went ahead with signing up. Just let them know you want to try it out first there is no obligation to sign a contract or give them your bank details.Each Goodlife Gym Staff is Different But from what I’ve heard just refuse to give bank details until you decide and if you do sign a contract make sure you don’t want to cancel or it will cost you $245

I want to join up to Goodlife Martin Pl. but some of these reviews are bad! Are these negative experiences with the Martin Pl. gym or other ones? Any experience?
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Ours was in Morningside. Not sure about Martin Pl but from all these reviews it seems like billing issues are a pretty common complaint. still trying to get our money back.One word......DONT

Hey everyone, just moved to Brisbane and am considering joining Goodlife Queen St. A lot of the comments here don't specify which gym they dealt with, does anyone have experience with this gym in particular? I'll probably do a 5 day trial to test how difficult they are to deal with.
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i had dealings with both fortitude valley and Maroochydore. Both were not helpful in my situation. They have lots of fine lines in their contracts. I would be very careful and make sure you read the small print and instanceHave had no problems at all at queen street..friendly staff..lots of space..bathrooms have always been clean and the classes are great though do get a bit full sometimesThey are ALL scammers......Don’t join

Joined up to Goodlife at Marion, was aiming to be signed up for a one club membership but was unaware that it was a membership for all clubs, can I change it to a one club as it is the closest club to home?
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Yes. But I would double check as if you have a RAA, Bupa, Medibank, Priceline etc (some other affiliations too) the All Clubs option is actually cheaper than the home club option.

Have a goodlife gym membership it should have expired months ago thought I would have to sign to renew contract but they have kept taking the money out. Is there any way to get the money back ?
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I was signed up to what I thought was a 12 month contract, they have since debited my account $857 beyond the 12 months. ACCC are not interested, am lodging a complaint to Fitness Australia and will probably need to lodge at QCAT (am in QLD) to retrieve the money. Wrote formal complaint to Goodlife a week ago, no response to date.Hahaha welcome to the badlife.....its a scam sue them

I am on a one club membership in Melbourne, but I am moving soon and may want to transfer my membership to another club also in Melbourne. I don't want to do the all club option, as I will only train at the gym near my house. Does anyone know if this is possible and if any fees will be charged to change my home gym? Thanks!
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You only have one option which is to transfer your contract to all membership one in which case u have to pay more. You might need to call your local gym and tell them u dont want to transfer to another membership and see if they would help or not.

Hey there, any help that I can get will be much appreciated thank you very much. So about 2 or 3 days ago I got a Goodlife student membership which was $16.95/week with an extra $89 for administration fee and a $59 Kickstart fee. I believe that the main reason for this high price is because it’s open 24/7. Although when I went today I was told only those who had a ‘24/7 access keycard' can enter 24/7 and since I am 16, I'm unable to get one due to safety issues. It seems because I was informed about this and I can only access the gym during staffed hours so there is no way I am able to take full advantage of the money I paid. I'd really like to cancel my contract although is it possible for me to get my administration fee and Kickstart fee in doing so? And if so what sort of approach shall I make? And if not what sort of approach would you consider the best? * Please do note that I have only been there once* Thank you in advance.
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You have been cheated. Unscrupulous salesman have sold you a contract you cannot use. The $89 is a risk fee - not a joining fee.If you are still within the 7 day cooling off period best to write to them and terminate your contract.Thank you very much for your replies and Vash Cash, I would be happy to do so although is it possible they will charge me extra money for anything else? Because I read through the terms and conditions and they don't seem to clearly state anything. Thank you once again

Hey. when I signed up I asked the girl if I was able to quit at any time with no strings attached. Eager to get a sale off me, she said "yes". It was because of this that I was happy to sign up with a 12 month contract. Yes, I should have read the terms and conditions thoroughly, but I stupidly took her word for it. Now I'm trying to cancel and the gym is asking for SPECIFICS as to exactly why I need to cancel and what is physically or mentally wrong with me that is preventing me from going to the gym. Employers aren't even allowed to ask you what's wrong with you if you call in sick. They want to charge me the $195 cancelation fee. Although I know that this is in my contract, they don't want to honour the fact that I was told I'd be able to quit with no strings attached when I joined. What should I do? (Sorry if this is a jumbled mess. Like a lot of people here, I'm extremely angry and fed up and this is a vomit of my emotions right now!!) Thanks guys :)
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So sorry for you. If you can manage a certificate from a doctor saying you can't continue gym use. That has a possibility to get you out of it however if you don't. You're pretty much stuck. There have no choice but to pay. Also it isn't only $195, there is a 30 day wait and you have to pay for those 30 days as well. It will be closer to $260. I assume based on a weekly rate of $14.95 plus $195. For all future dealings with a gym, get a signed piece of paper with the persons name and date it for what was discussed. Apart from that, they don't care about you, and only want your money.Welcome to badlife, try Dept fair trading to exitThats true. The last time i was with GL, to cancel the membership because i have to mive away they charge me for 195 plus the waiting period even tho i hv state clearly that i have made up my mind. I rmbr the sales person was so eager to get me sign the membership and does not acknowledge the fact that i keep stressing i wanted to give the club house a try. And while i was there i experience the worst customer service ever from the indian salesman that was not even attentive and eyes were everywhere while he was with me. Clearly they just want to get u sogn the contract for their own commission.

Hi My membership is due for renewal next week and we will need to be overseas for around four month due to family reasons about half way through the contract. Is there someway that a longer term pause can be applied to my membership? The centre I go to says only four weeks can be applied, I love the gym but wasting three months of the membership seems a waste. Hopefully someone from Goodlife can give me some advice as I would like to continue going but don't want to waste my membership alternately I don't renew my contract till I return.
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Ring the club, speak to the customer service manager and threaten to cancel your membership if they don't agree to freeze your membership for 4 months for you. They get commission on how many people they stop from cancelling and if that means bending the rules a little to do that, they will. Anytime you threaten to cancel your membership, they bend over backwards for you. If that doesn't work, go higher to the Club General Manager. You will get what you want. Tell them you won't come back if they don't freeze it for you. The maximum you can suspend for is actually three months but they don't tell you that because they'd rather get more money out of you by you paying your full membership rather than a suspension fee.

I'm having trouble cancelling my membership. With no help at all from my local club or head office who continuously say someone will call me back. I've sent an email to social@goodlifehealthclubs.com.au with no response. I've been with goodlife for 2years and have been very happy until I wanted to cancel!!!! I'm so frustrated that now I want to cancel no one can speak to me. Where is the customer service?
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Hi. you have to give one month ir whatever is on your contract. I phoned the debiting company they are with and get a copy of your contract. If you have proof that you have in fact given them notice and continue taking your money get onto consumer affairs. good luckThanks Gabi1959. But I had paid upfront in full to avoid problems like the ones being mentioned below with direct debit. I finally got a call from the state manager today but he also says the club doesn't do refunds!!! Is this legal? My next step is to follow up with consumer affairsThere is a clause in your terms and conditions that says that you can cancel outright with a cancellation fee of $145 or $195. Tell them you are moving overseas and they have to refund you. They may deduct the cancellation fee or a months notice from your lump sum payment but if you tell them that you are moving away overseas and can't use your gym membership, they will have to refund you. They will ask for evidence that you are moving away too so bare that in mind as well. But you can cancel outright by paying either a cancellation fee of $145 (if less than 6mths left on contract) or $195 (if more than 6mths left on contract), depending on how long you have been a member for. They will take the cancellation fee off the amount that they are to refund and then refund the rest of it. If they say no to this, it's illegal and you can take them to Fair Trading for it.

I cancelled my gym membership during the "breathing period" or whatever you guys call it. I've sent numerous emails and run my local goodlife only to be told Head Office is dealing with it and i should have been returned the money that was taken from my account throughout that period. 3 Weeks later, my emails are now not being returned. I will be taking this up with Head Office as this company is not living up to your responsibilities or my rights what a joke for a business relationship...Please explain why its ok for Business such as yourself to automatically go to a debt collecter yet customers who you clearly get your money from are just ignored and stuffed around and are expected to just deal with it?
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You have probably solved this issue now but I am answering for anyone that may have had a similar experience to you. All Breathing Space Cancellations must be submitted in writing. Breathing Space is usually 7 days from the time you joined. Most Membership Consultants will ignore your request and encourage you not to cancel as they miss out on commission for the sale if you cancel within breathing space. If you did indeed submit in writing then, KEEP YOUR EMAIL OR DOCUMENTATION as you can present this as proof when they refuse to cancel and try to lock you into a contract. Any fees that are deducted before or after your breathing space cancellation HAVE to be refunded back to you. Warning: The refund process takes an EXTREMELY long time.Hi EDM, How long exactly does this refund process usually take?

I am considering joining Goodlife as there is one close to home (in Adelaide), but am rather hesitant after reading all these bad reviews about the difficulty of cancelling direct debits and money being taken out without authority. Taking into account all this negative feedback, are Goodlife looking at other payment options rather than direct debit, to give more control to members?
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You can pay upfront if you want. Better dealing power for you and once membership runs out no problems with direct debit companies. Upfront payments also make membership costs way cheaper. I got 13 months all club membership for $750 last year. Goodlife does reward loyalty too after 2 or 3 years with them.Hi Active Ager -Peter is correct! We do have upfront paid in full options. Please don't let the direct debit issues listed on here deter you. We have over 200,000 members who have really positive experiences with our gyms. If you need any further information, you can contact us on social@goodlifehealthclubs.com.au and we'll help in any way we can!I suggest you be VERY CAREFUL before joining this gym and check out alternative gyms in your area first. There may be hundreds of complaints on here but as we all know this represents only 5-10% of the actual numbers of unhappy customers.

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