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Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax

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Good Year Assurance Triple Max

Bought two tyres today and will let you know how they fare on my car. Took a risk as I have never bought Good Year tyres for my Mercedes. I have always used Pirelli /Continental before. I read on this website that someone lese who bought a set of similar 4 tyres were not happy, however I just got to know about this website after I purchased.

CarMercedes C 180
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Hi Whyalla, thank you for purchasing the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyres. We hope you enjoy these on your Mercedes. Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

Very bad tyres

I bought complete set of goodyear assurance triplemax. It was good in the beginning but by the passing time it got worse. I got them in January and since then drove 34kms and my front tyres are already dead. Spent 540$ for these tyres and after mere 34kms they are good for nothing. It’s a ripper and will never buy it again.
What am i suppose to do now.
@goodyear please do not send me the standard reply. If you really want to help me just replace my tyres. I have receipts and everything.

CarMazda3 2008 nea sports sedan
Hi Karan, we're sorry to hear that you're not happy with the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyres. Your next best step would be to take them back to the place of purchase for assessment to begin a warranty claim with us at the store level. Kind regards, Team Goodyear AustraliaThank you for quick reply. Do I have to pay them as well for assessing the tires? Also sorry for typo, it is 34000 not 34

Premium tyre

These tyres are probably on the more expensive end of the tyres, but i ended up getting a 4 for the price of 3 deal from a Goodyear Autocare store.

As marketed, it is a pretty comfortable tyre by absorbing or dampening certain types of bumps, however i find it a little noisy at 1000km+ old. Maybe it might get better but I'll update. Pretty happy with these in the wet. They dont feel slippery of jittery over bumps in the wet.

Car2013 Toyota Camry
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Hi there, thank you for taking the time to leave your review for our Assurance TripleMax tyres. We're really glad to hear that you find the tyre comfortable on your Camry and you're happy with them in wet weather. Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

Good value for money

I had these tyres fitted as I know the Goodyear brand is good quality. The tyres are great and the best thing is they don’t slip around the road in wet weather which makes me feel safe as I have children. I was very happy with the price and if they last me at least 2 years I will buy them again.

CarHonda Odyssey
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Hi Rebecca, thank you very much for your review. We hope you continue to enjoy these tyres on your Honda Odyssey :) Team Goodyear Australia

Good product

This tyres are durable for good value of money, my car runs smoothly since they are installed, can not ask more right now for this car!
Quite strong and very good grip on the raod for smooth drive, very comfortable while drving on the hilly areas, wet roads!
I can buy again in future!

CarToyota camary
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Hi Kenny, we're glad to hear that you find our tyres comfortable and good value for money on your Toyota Camry. It's great to hear that you'll purchase the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyres again. Thanks, Goodyear Australia

Great grip!!!

MY car is already FANTASTIC,however the tyres are somewhat needed I suppose,so having this brand helped.The life might not be what I suspected,and u never know till u purchase them,that being the tyres of course.The steering had held better and the braking was heaps better with that my suspension was impeccable.

CarHyundai Getz
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Hi there, thank you very much for your review. We're so glad to hear that you enjoyed the grip of our tyres on your Hyundai Getz. Thanks, Goodyear Australia

Good Grip, Average Life..

Although a bit spongy when new, they were a pretty good tyre with good wet and cornering grip, just not great longevity though. All my previous tyres did 50000 and 60000 kms plus, and Goodyear Optilife before these got 70000 easy so I tried the Assurance Triplemax, but I barely got 40000km out of them and didnt treat them rough or anything. Road noise also a bit of an issue when they get past half life.. Wont buy again.

CarToyota Corolla
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Hi there, thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience with our tyres. Please let us know if you have any questions or require further assistance. Kind regards, Goodyear Australia

It's a good tyre

First time using Goodyear tyres as our tyre had a puncture when we were travelling. We only replaced one of our 4 tyres to Goodyear. At this sage, it is a good tyre, no issues with it so far. We have been driving long/short distance since we bought the tyre 10 months ago and it seems to be durable.

Car2014 Subaru XV
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Hi there, thanks for the review. We're glad to hear the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyre is going well on your Subaru :) Team Goodyear Australia

Value for money

Old tyres seemed to be slipping in wet weather so changed to these. No longer slipping. Cheaper end of the spectrum and represent good value for money. Can’t comment on durability as only recently fitted them but happy with them so far. Love the colour :P reduced road noise compared to previous factory fitted tyres.

Car2005 Toyota echo
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Hi Michael, we're so glad to hear that our Goodyear tyres have improved performance in wet weather and you're enjoying the colour too :) Thanks for taking the time to leave this review.

a good long lasting reliable tyre

firstly it is affordable ... popular ... available at most places ... long lasting ... the tread is designed for robust aussie roads ... the road grip is good in wet or dry weather and can withstand and cope very well with different temperatures at different times at diiferent parts of the country ...

Carjaguar v6 s type
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Hi Naresh, thank you for your review. It's great to hear that you are enjoying the Goodyear Assurance TripleMax tyres :)

Reliable Good value

The price of these tyres is slightly higher than some brands, however the benefit is worth the extra dollars. Tyre has a good tread. Traction is very good and it made a noticeable difference to the grip when driving and especially when using the brakes. I have used Goodyear once before as well a long time ago, and it had good wear and lasted a long time. Based on that and on what I have experienced so far with the new Goodyear Triplemax tyres I would recommend this brand.

CarHonda Civic

great silent ride

silent ride just bought from beaurepairs second set
on previous set done just over 70000km
used bridgestones before however they were much noisier
goodyear ones arent the cheapest but 70000km on commodore cant beat that!!
installation alignment and balance were included took approx 1hr
lovely shop owner gave us gift vouchers as well for some product as well

Carholden omega

best tyre your car can have

the tyres are extremely awesome and durable. they are not very high on price and therefore you will not have to pay a lot of money for them, but what you get out of it is great. you can feel the grip while driving, and the performance of the car just gets enhanced. Wears out very slowly giving you great value for money.

CarMitsubishi Magna

Cheap enough and hard wearing

The tires are quite durable. i only drive around city and residential roads but have found the tires to last quite well so far. the price was very reasonable from the mechanics that i got them as i needed them for a road worthy. I noticed the diffierence straight away and feel the traction on the road is much better than the previous tires which had come with my car

Car2013 Nissan Dualis

Good tyres

Had these fitted for my 2004 Mazda 3 at Beaurepaires. So far so good. Immediately noticed a difference compared to the budget brand tyres that they replaced. My car no longer scrapes on the driveway and the car is MUCH more enjoyable to drive and seems to handle much better, the difference was quite amazing. They are fairly quiet and they seem to have good grip in the wet. I am hoping they will last me for many miles.

Car2004 Mazda 3

So far so good

Had 4 new tyres fitted at beaurepairs (who were very good) and so far so good. Driving is noticeably lighter and easier. Haven't had to stop suddenly yet so haven't tested that function, hopefully never will have to.

Beaurepairs were fantastic, got the set for a good price and they were very professional.

CarHyundai i30

Very Good Tyre

- Very good tyre.
- Amazing control on driving
- Nice grip
- Comfortable on uneven and bumpy road
- Less noise
- Value for money (Got that under $90 AUD)
Not sure how its gonna perform over time as Im using this one for the first time but surely "Very Impressive" so far!!!

CarToyota Camry 2004

Average Tyre.

Bought a set of four of these for my Honda Accord. They were being sold by the tyre shop as better than average tyres, meaning they weren't in the cheap category.

- Pros: Quiet, very little road noise.
Never got any punctures or damage.
They don't gets little stones stuck in the tread like previous tyres.
They wore evenly with no side wear (I always rotated them and kept the pressures good)

- Cons: Never got the mileage out of them I was expecting.
They were on the expensive side considering they didn't do any more miles compared to cheaper tyres I've had.

- Summary: I don't think I would buy them again, unless they were at a very good price on sale.
They handled well in the dry and wet.
I think to get good mileage out of any tyre, you need a harder compound and therefore they have more road noise. These tyres are softer
but don't get the mileage.
I had a set of Brigestones before these and got better millage. Before the Bridgestones were Kingstars of all things. I got excellent mileage out of
the Kingstars and they were the cheapest tyre I've ever bought.

CarHonda Accord

Goodyear Assurance Triple Max

I just purchased the Goodyear Assurance Triple Max from K mart. They are very good and smooth on the road. The performance of my car improved. Whenever I go on bumps or speed humps, I can feel the car is not very jumpy but smooth on the road. I will buy this tyre again in the future.

CarToyota Corolla Seca Ascent

These tyres don't seem to deserve a bad rap.

I am surprised at the number of uncomplimentary comments on these tyres. One thing I seemed to notice is that the vehicle on which the tyres were tested seemed to influence a better or worse review of the tyres performance. I am in Australia and have just put a set on my 2002 SG Subaru Forester wagon. They replaced a mixture of similar styled tyres. Instantly I felt more control and a smoother quieter ride. The car feels better, more secure and more comfortable. The steering is direct and responsive and the car is stable in manoeuvring. All round I feel an upgrade and a rewarding experience. I will write more after I have had these tyres on for longer and have driven up mountains and through the wet.

CarSubaru Forester

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