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How can I tell the difference between the standard EFFICIENT GRIP and the EAGLE EFFICIENTGRIP? I can't see anything on the tyre wall to show there EAGLES.
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I'm thinking of fitting 4 of these Tyres on my 2014 Subaru Tribeca (7 seater SUV) by the 31.12.17. Can you please advise on how much each Tyre is worth & best recommended outlet around Blacktown area? Many thanks, Maj
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Hi Maj, My 4 tyres all fitted,balanced and old ones disposed cost $960 in May 2017. I got mine at a Goodyear Tyre Centre. Can't help you with your Blacktown area but I was happy with my local Goodyear outlet. I'm still happy with the tyres and they're wearing well.Hi Steve, Thank you kindly for ur reply. I'm glad that ur satisfied with those tyres. I've just fitted 4 of the Efficient Grip Performance - SUV Tyres from "Good Year Auto Care" @ Blacktown for only $285 each (see Mgr: Hong or Pravin). Where as Beaurepairs @ Penrith wanted to charge me $410. each for the exact same tyre. Pays to shop around. Thank you again, Maj

I drive a Suzuki Grand Vitara 3.2 V6. 2010 model. Tyre size 225/60R/18. Are the Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV tyres suitable for my vehicle? I often have to drive in mud & on gravel roads with sharp stones. Thank you.
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First thing is that they're a very good road tyre. We take our soft roader where others may not. For regular mud you may need a good self cleaning tread which you won't get from a road tyre. As for sharp stones,it depends on what you call sharp. Razor or just stony? If you're doing regular mud and stony, I'd consider something with a more aggressive tread and tougher sidewalls. We have aggressive Bridgestone mud terrains on our ute and nothing will stop them, but to drive around Oz on them? Wow, noisy and less fuel efficient unless of course, you're doing serious off roading. Hope this helps your tyre choice.

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