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Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac

Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac

4.5 from 20 reviews

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Goodyear wrangler duratrac

Did a lot of research on these but was still concerned re noise on the tarmac.
Fitted today and very surprised how quiet they are. Couldn’t tell the difference between almost done mild at’s . Quieter than Bridgestone duellers

Purchased in May 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelToyota Prado J120

Best on the market!

Best choice I ever made for tyres. Required 18 inch tyres for my STX Navara and the stock ones were crap. Offered others but took advice of shop and bought their best recommendation.

Purchased in April 2018 at Beaurepaires.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelNavara D23 STX
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyWeekly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi there! Thanks for such a great review of your Goodyear Wrangler Duratac tyres :) We hope you continue to enjoy the drive in your Navara. Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

money well spent

if you want a set of off road tyres. you will not do better than the goodyear wrangler duratrac so stop looking now and get them. fantastic for every application. have just put a set on my 2001 sr5 hilux. awesome off road great in sand and surprising grip in the wet. just cant say enough about them.☆☆☆☆☆

Car2001 sr5 hilux style side.
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Hi Davo, thank you very much for this five-star review! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this on our Product Review page. We're so pleased to hear that you're enjoying the Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs on your Hilux! Please let us know if you have any questions regarding your Goodyear tyres. Cheers, Team Goodyear Australia

Great with 60000km guarantee wear!

Brought these tyres for 4wding and was quite impressed with the way they handled. I was especially happy with how quiet they are on the road. Ive only done 20000km in them so hard to comment on the wearing time. However they come with a 60000km guarantee so Goodyear must be confident in their product.

Car2015 MU-X
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Hi Scotty, thank you very much for your five star review. We're very glad to hear that you're impressed with your Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs :) We hope you continue to enjoy them on and off road! Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

Great off road tyre.

The Goodyear Duratrac's are a fantastic tyre for both on and off road applications. I have used them in some pretty harsh conditions through the Victorian High Country. Rock, mud, snow they perform really well.
For a tyre that has a block pattern tread, they are rather quite on the road.
I received excellent wear from them, considering the off road punishment they were put through.
Great tyre if your 4wd is a daily driver.

CarGU Nissan Patrol.
Thanks for your review Tim, so good to hear the Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tyres are going well on the Patrol No worries at all. The Duratracs are a great all round tyre. I have the MTR’s on the Patrol now. They also are a great performing tyre.

USA or China

Very happy with the Duratracs, done 40000Ks and still going good.
I damaged a tyre 4WDing not the tyres fault no one to blame but me, side wall got caught up on the tray.
Picked up new tyre today and when i got it home noticed it is made in China, my originals are made in USA.
I asked for exactly the same tyre. Not happy!

CarLandcruiser 79 series
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Hi Barney, thanks for the review and we appreciate you leaving us 5 stars for the Duratracs :) We're sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the replacement tyre - we suggest going back to where you purchased the tyres from for clarification. Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

hoping to get great wear from these tryes.

have not had these tryes on to long, so am hoping they will last a long time, so far in the wet weather they are good to drive on. L paid a bit extra to get better tyres, Goodyear do have a good name for themselves. As l need to replace all 4 tryes l spent a lot of money.

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Hi Deb, we're glad you're finding your Goodyear tyres good to drive on in the wet weather. Please let us know how you go with tread wear and if you require assistance, feel free to let us know. Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia


Have travelled over 100 thousand K’s and have Approximately 35% tread remaining. Approximately 60% of those were towing our off road camper from Victoria to QLD return, NT return and W A return with the cruiser fully loaded. They are also very quiet on bitumen and good in mud and sand.
I will definitely get these tyres again.

Car100 Series Toyota Landcruiser.
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Hi there, thanks for your review. We're pleased to hear that you would re-purchase the Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs again :) Thanks for the five stars too. Team Goodyear Australia

The Allrounder is back

Due to my work I am involved in Primary Production and give everything I own a work out.I have driven 60 000 km on rural roads. About 40 000 is on bitumen and 20 000 on gravel. Even carrying weight. These Duratracs are that durable. Handle both and smooth. Even in mud the seemed to do well. Goodyear have done well here.

Car2013 Toyota Hilux SR5 2013
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Hi there, thank you for your review. We really appreciate the five stars, especially since you drive on rural roads and really put the tyres to the test! Thanks again, Team Goodyear Australia

Fantastic all round tyre

Fantastic tyre. The car sits firmly on the road in all conditions. They are reasonably quiet with a slight hum when cruising at 100 kph. No under/over steer on gravel roads.
These tyres are also very good in the mud. While expensive, worth every penny. These tyres have side wall protection to help protect the wheels from curb scrapes

CarLandrover Discovery 4
20,000 ks since last post. The tyre have been rotated still sit square no scuffing on edges hardly any signs of wearHi there, thank you very much for your review and we really appreciate you following up with an update :) It's great to hear that the tyres are still going strong on your Landrover. Team Goodyear Australia40k now and looking good 50.50 Road and rock, some sand and mud. Very slight wear on right front.. Tyre not at correct pressure. Rotated and now all good.

High Quality Tyre

These are my first set of Good Year Duratracs and chose them because of the consistently favourable reports. Have just covered over 30,000 kms and am as happy as Larry. Great on bitumen with outstanding grip , wet or dry , and can’t fault them on the dirt. Wearing evenly, balanced and rotated every 10,000km by Toyota Service. Road noise is not an issue and would seriously consider another set when the time comes , made in the US.

Car2015 Landcruiser GXL 200 series
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Hi there, thank you very much for your review. We're really glad to hear that you were impressed with the grip and even tread wear. It's great to hear that you took great care of them by rotating them every 10,000km too :) Thanks for the five stars! Team Goodyear Australia

Very disappointing.

Had a set of duratracs and did over 80000km. Wide range of driving. Hwy around town to trap rock and desart. Could not say a bad word about them. Was told by the dealer nothing had changed with the duratracs so bought another set. Not even the same tyre. May look the same but thats all. Tyres are noisy vibrate and steering wheel shakes. Can't get them to balance properly and car wonders all over the road. Have had car checked out and told it is the tyres. 1 type has 180g of weight on it. Have put in 3 complaints with the dealer and just get told someone will ring you back. The only difference is the old tyres were made in the usa and the new ones are made in China. These tyres only have just over 10000km on them and are chipped and marked and have not done much work. Last time i will use duratracs and due to poor customer service last time I'll buy Goodyear again.

Car2003 100 ser toyota.
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Hi Paul, we're really sorry to hear about your experience with the Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs. If you have any further questions or require assistance please let us know. Kind regards, Team Goodyear Australia

Lasted forever

I had a lot of road noise for some time and complaints to men at work then one if looking st my then concluded I needed new ones. I found out my tyres had lasted exceptionally well. I've had my SUV from new and the Goodyear Wrangler had lasted almost 130k's so I figured into a 'good' and replaced them like for like. I'm once again back to enjoying a quiet drive rather than road noise and feel much safer driving in the wet.

CarMazda CX9

Best 4wd Tyre on the Market

I am now on my 3rd set of Goodyear Duratracs and am still impressed by this tyre. I have used various brands over the years with some good results but after changing to the Duratracs I will not by another tyre. I do a lot of outback touring and have traveled some very hard roads and 4wd tracks from rock, mud and snow and these tyres fill me with nothing but confidence when doing so. I have had no problem getting 90000 kms out of a set of these tyre each time. I rotate them every 10 thousand ks and they alway wear evenly. Like I said there are other quality tyres out there but the Duratracs are King of the heap. I don't work work for Goodyear, I just appreciate a good product and have no problem singing its praises when I find one.

CarToyota Prado and Holden Colorado

Really happy with the performance on and off road of these tyres

Have had the duratracs on an old diesel Pajero size 265/75/r16 for past 6 years and 60000 k's. My thoughts:
Road grip wet and dry remains impressive. The tyres are now flogged and they still hang on well. I wouldn't take them out bush in the state they're in now, but previously have been impressed with they're performance over the Simpson in the wet, on dirt roads and on rocks in the flinders. No punctures. The side walls feel effective in mud. The cars generally pretty noisy on the highway, but tyre noise is obvious over 80 in the state they're in now. Initially they were great, don't recall the time they started to sounds a bit noisy on the highway but it was some time ago. I'm about to replace with the same tyres thanks to the confidence I feel with grip on and off road. I'm sure I'd have got more life out of them if I'd rotated more regularly and done less city driving

Car1997 Pajero

$1600 down the drain

I brought a set of these last week and after a weekend out bush all 4 are damaged and i now need a new set. I got 45000kms off my coopers in the same conditions and ive been running around in my mates 10 year old duelers for 2 weeks without a flat on the same track

CarHolden 19/265/55

So Far So Good

These tyres have travelled 35,000 km for work. Spent a lot of time on the open road with some off road work, but nothing extreme. Have had them rotated every 10,000km. Will get at least 60,000 at this rate and they still maintain a their great grip on wet sealed roads. They give a nice subtle hum, but are far from noisy. Off road they seem very capable, more so than the drivers! Highly recommended and they have now been requested for the latest vehicle to be ordered by colleagues.

Car2015 Ford Ranger Dual Cab Ute body
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mid 2018 and for our field vehicles these are now the tyre of choice. They continue to be reliable. I don't think some drivers appreciate what they're on compared to some of the 50/50s we've had in the past. None have needed replacing from off road damage nor have they become less predictable in terms of grip on wet sealed roads as the kms have increased. Overall still impressed with these tyres.

Just started

Just put a set of wrangler duratrac on only a month ago, will come back in another few months to let you know how the tyres are fairing. Fitted to a 80 series landcruiser diesel, so far grip on the blacktop in wet and dry very good, also very good with the lack of road tyre noise on the blacktop, so up to now excellent, could change in the future time will tell.


CarToyota Landcruiser 80 series standard diesel

Great all rounder

Had on my 05 hilux about 2.5 years done about 70k great on and off road and still handle well on the wet roads ive done some savage rocky tracks and have not yet had a punture very recommended

Great tyre

I was looking to get some new tyres for my Landrover Dicovery 1, as my BFG A/Ts were at the end of their life. I was looking around and was unsure if I should buy another A/T or M/Ts. So I bought what I call a hybrid, as the tyre has an aggressive pattern on the site (like an M/T) but the center is similar to an A/T. These tyres are fantastic and when they need to be replaced I get another set. They are awesome in the dry and the wet. Very good on gravel and loose dirt roads and performed very well in sand and mud. Overall this is a perfect tyre for me. I have them now for more than 20.000 km and they look like new.

I've had the Wrangelr Duratrac's on my '99 Defender 110 since May 2010, travelled 85,000km, no punctures, occasional rotating, and still got 20,000km left in them. Have worked well in mud, sand, rock, gravel and as good as any on bitumen (i.e. not too noisy or slippery). I may well get the same tyres again. A great all-round tyre that have handled some seriously tough terrain without a problem.I have 245/75r16 Goodyear duratrac tyres on my Holden rodeo twin cab and find them to be nice and quiete on bejamin and there off road capabilities are exceptional, have rotated every 10.000km and done 70000km so far and will replace at 80-85000km wouldn't consider anything else for the price and mileage.

Questions & Answers

Are Wrangler Duratrac made in USA or China. China has not got a good rep for tyres.
No answers

This tyres are fit in 235/60R17? And how much?
1 answer
Sorry you need to go and Check with a tyre dealer . They cost about 325.oo each mk

How often should you rotate your tyres?
1 answer
i rotate them every 5000km oil and filters done at the same time, i get free rotation and balance being a member of the RACT. cheers


Wrangler Duratrac
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