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Graco Pack ’N Play Deluxe

Graco Pack ’N Play Deluxe

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Travelled with

We brought this in the USA and travelled to Australia with it, was actually great to travel with and perfect for our little girl. Good quality and easy to put together and pull apart. Cute design and very adorable. Great to have a great quality product with adorable designs, a brand you can trust.
Easy to use
A little heavy

Great find

I bought one as a doting Aunty for when my new niece (and another niece/nephew-to-be) come to visit. Not having anything to do with babies before, I browsed around sites doing a bit of research and this page prompted me to look for this portacot. After not finding one new (I'm still chasing one for a baby shower gift if anyone knows any stockists in Perth, WA!) I picked one up second hand (if used twice is considered seconds!).
After reading so many disastrous comments on setting/packing up with lots of cots, this was a breeze!! First time it took me about 10 minutes to figure out. The only thing that made me think a little was the side locks, you have to press the button in and push down on the rail to fold, it seemed more natural to me to try to pull up :o)

It was heavier than what I expected (for not having a clue) but not unmanageable, though I found it is actually lighter than quite a few on the market.

I always dread the thought of trying to pack something into its bag the way it came out... But surprisingly even when you don't have the knack of packing it, it all stuffs in just fine! You do have to make sure the main section is in first and around the right way otherwise you won't have a handle.
Easy to set up and pull down, versatile with all the extras, looks great
No 'at the ready' handle on the carry bag... otherwise this portacot is fab!


When buying a Porta Cot you should expect some degree of portability.

I spoke with Babies Galore and Graco today. Babies Galore have offered to discuss my concerns direct with Graco - as Graco "doesn't deal with consumers directly".

After mentioning the short comings of the provided bag to Graco, I was told the bag was merely for "storage, not transportation". Well, in that case, I believe you should expect a bag that would store all of the included accessories.
The cot is overall pretty good and not too hard to set up once you get the hang of it. It wasn't cheap, and seemed better made than others we looked at.
Really disappointed with the bag provided. It's made of very flimsy material -not appropriate for such a heavy cot.

The bag also doesn't have a strap to allow the cot to be carried, so basically you have to bend right over and drag it around, making it completely useless for overseas travel and trips to grandmas (the only reasons we purchased the cot).

The bag is also too small to accommodate almost all of the accessories - mobile, storage compartment tray and the change table (ours did not come with the indoor canopy as shown on the picture).


I bought this portacot for my third child.(as the others i have had had broken)
My daughter then used it as a cot in her room until she moved into an actual cot. We take it camping and everything fits in.You just have to pack it all inside before you fold it up.The handle is actually attached to the cot liner so when you fold it up there is no stress on the actual bag to hold the weight of the cot.My daughter loved the vibration and music attachments so much i had to put it in her cot under her mattress so she would settle.
My daughter is now 2 1/2 and i am about to sell it.
We used it as a bassinette when baby came home from hospital and we just put the snuggle bed in it.
There was nothing i hated about this portacot.It was worth all the money.


I used this for both my children in our bedroom with the bassinet attachement in leiu of a traditional bassinet on a stand, till they were about 3 months old and sleeping through the night when I transfered them into their cot.
It's a beautiful cot that I think is far more practical and versatile than traditional bassinets as you can keep using it long after they would have outgrown a traditional bassinet.
For my daughter we continued using it for ages as a travel cot and playpen. It's very easy to put up and down and chuck in the boot when you're going to peoples house that perhaps aren't so 'child friendly'.
It's also very sturdy and hardwearing - it got tons of use with my daughter but when I put it up for my sons birth 6months ago, several people thought it was new!
I would definitely recommend it.
Easy to assemble and dismantle - looks very stylish and high quality as opposed to others I've seen that look very plasticky and cheap - change table attachment feels more sturdy than others I've used which gives you more confidence to use it for longer.Storage compartments are great
Is fairly pricey but I feel it's pretty good value for what you get


I love this porta cot. We have twins & already had another one, and purchased this one when they arived. It is much better as it has so many functions. I used this for day sleeps with the basinett atatchment in my lounge room, and as a change table in there also. (night sleeps in their cot) After the first 3 months, we used this as a porta cot when we are at friends or families homes. Our twins are almost 2 and we still use it. It is well worth spending the money on this one with all th extras. We never used the music or light on it though, this was just our personal choice
it is light weight, has other functions other than just a cot, it is a bassinet and change table also
carry bag should be sturdier and a little larger


This fits together very well and easily, it is the same weight as all the other portacots, but this one looks and feels superior to the rest. It wasn't cheap, but it comes with everything you would need to get your little one all fitted out for the nursery. This could work well if you thought ahead (not like me) and bought this before ordering your nursery suite!! This is our play area cot in the 'good' room. We bought it to go up the coast to the unit, but we haven't been there as much as we thought we would (first time parents ;-}) and for the first 6 months we used the Tetra snuggle bed as our portacot to go travelling. We could have saved our money and been buying a cheaper one now that hasn't got all the bells and whistles like this one...oh well - hope our experience helps you!
Great to have as your only cot, it has many inclusions, vibrations, music, sounds...
I don't think I will actually get to use this much as I could have had this as my all-in-one cot, but I had already ordered the KingParrot cot set...

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