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Fraud bank

Careful careful with GREATER BANK. My 700 has been taken off by this bank fraud member even I have proof this so called bank cannot work it out.
Now in Australia this would be great if everyone start up this business so the responsible organisation doesn't take any action.
Greater Ripping Bank.

Fantastic customer service.

I have been in contact with Malcolm in the Call Centre, and he has been super attentive and helpful. Although I haven't worked out a loan just yet, I appreciate the effort he has gone to. I am happy with the service thus far and wish for great service to be rewarded.

The so called Greater deserves a minus rating.

Where do I start from double dipping fees that do not exist according to all the Greater's information on fees, to charging a default fee when the mortgage has been paid etc etc etc a change of name is really in order as they are anything but great.

I understand why they are called the GREATER

Originally we were with the Greater, then we saw a Mortgage Broker and swapped. It took us years to be able to get back to the Greater but when we did, we breathed a sigh of relief. We've been back with them for over 10 years, and they are fabulous. We don't have any worries with them at all. They even replaced funds after we were scammed! Thank you to the Greater.

Good service

Good service from this bank I have never had a problem with them in my day to day banking and phone banking is exellent will always deal with them

Perfect bank for criminals

One of your customers has defrauded me $700 and despite all my efforts to pass on all information to your fraud and securities department (including ACORN reference numbers) I've been told that there is nothing you as a bank can do and that it is up to the police to chase that money up.

Now, the $700 aside that you allegedly can not give back to me despite all my evidence, I'm wondering how many dishonest / fraudulent / criminals in general you support as a financial institution?

Also, how is it that you have no powers to retrieve those funds when i have all the evidence in the world to show that your customer is a fraud?

Great home lone

personal interest like no were else , focused on needs and multiple options given to a customised level , personal appearance and demeanour always positive !

taking money without permission

i am sick of this bank allowing companies that ive never heard of taking money from account and me being a customer that cant offer them anything because im not rich
they took the side of a company in denmark..very dissapointed after explaining i gaf bills. i got 268 in my account they still allowed the 75 to go out..shame on them

Your new adds are terrible

Not just myself, but almost all I work with see your newer adds and change channels. The lady is just not your usual informative adds. Her voice, walk the whole package. She's probably a nice lady, But I now change your add every time I see it because I cringe. Bring back the old afds. They were simple, no fuss and to the point. Now I only see this lady and strongly dislike thsese adds.

Very efficient and helpful

We were interested in a home loan and the Greater were by far the easiest and most efficient to communicate with - started chatting to a rep online who then emailed me all of the info which made things much easier when you work a 9-5pm job and can't really have long phone conversations through the day. The other draw cards were the great rate and the local branches that open Saturday mornings!

Be careful ifyou have a "Bonus Saver" account with them. The change minthly interest rate without no

Had a "Bonus Saver" account with them with an interest rate of 2.8% & never received any notification that they were dropping the rate to 2.7% , found out the news when I noticed reduced interest amount paid for Feb 2016.
Now wish I hadn't partially returned to them. On the lookout for a financial institution that the GBS used to be plus I don't like this affilation they have with Westpac & St George.
I've spoken to several other people with this GBS account & they also were notified! Spoke to a staff member also who verified this.


i am 25 yrs old i have been a greater customer since i was 14. i have a access and a savings account. i earn $1000 a week so how come when applying for a creidt card the maximum limit i was given was $2000? i tried to increase the limit but got turned down. i have to say im very close to changing banks not just because of this but because of the very limited atms around! not happy

Misleading Product

I enquired online to see if these guys can do an interest only loan for owner occupied. The website already advertised they could.
I got a call from them a few days later, asked them again they said "yes, no problem."
Then I enter into the process of giving them every piece of financial information about me, a lot of information I found borderline intrusive, as I had never been asked for this level of info before. Seemed to more and more and more.
Finally I get a call from them, saying they will only do principle and interest loan.
After weeks of stuffing around I was furious, this was my only question from the start!

Greater Building Society - "A Greater Way of Banking" Rubbish

I'm a long term customer with a term investment due 6/3, visited branch 5/3 one day before renewal & local manager negotiated with HO and secured a better 5 year term deposit rate. With Term renewal due 6/3 had to come back following day to renew. On 6/3 local branch told by HO rate is now less. Branch manager reminded HO of agreement less than 24 hrs ago & file notes entered on account. HO phone reply to the local manager no, this is the rate now & yesterdays agreed rate for today no longer applicable. Grt Bld Soc agreements are worthless, so annoyed. Local Manager embarrassed by HO attitude. All up I spent over an hour at the branch - local staff were great however HO staff not having face to face contact with customer, obviously don't worry about customer service
UPDATE _ 7/3/15 HO changed their view after the local manager took it further who called next day to advise

Excellent People Great Culture

Moved to the Greater about 5 years ago, after nothing but trouble with the NEW NAB.
Call staff centre
- polite and helpful.
- If they don't know and cannot work it out - they say they will call you back, AND THEY DO.
- normal wait is less than 30 seconds.
- Maximum wait ONE TIME 90 seconds.
- Normal people who speak Australian, and understand your questions.
Systems that work.
Instead of being charged FEE's on Business Accounts - I now have a new line which says INTEREST.

What a change.
AND all the profits go back to Account Holders - who are called members.

Rather nice change I think

The only Bank interested

I was in the market recently for finance for some property. I contacted my regular bank at the branch and was told that someone would be in contact. After 3 days I chased them up and I received an email the next day with an application form and an indication of what the rates might be. I emailed back that I was looking for a firm commitment on the interest rate before I committed and again no reply. In frustration I contacted 3 other banks with my enquiry. The greater got back to me the next day and the "Relationship Manager" was extremely efficient and offered up a couple of options for me to consider. The next day we began our application with our "relationship manager" in consistent contact with how things were progressing and any additional information required. Before it was all finalised she was going on leave and so introduced me to a colleague who finished off the process. All went smoothly and for once I felt like I was being helped by a bank and not taken for granted. Still haven't heard back from one of the banks. These were the only ones that seemed genuinely interested.

They should treat existing customers as well as new ones

I have banked with the Greater forever and have 2 mortgages with them, I was very disappointed when i found out my interest rate was very high compared to the rates offered to new customers and that I'd have to pay $300 to change to the new 'loan product'. You'd think they'd advise existing customers of when better deals become available rather than keep them in the dark as cash cows while they reduce rates to entice new customers. Talk about being taken for granted.!
Nice uniforms.
Treat existing customers more poorly than new ones.


Rang to renew my cards and we were a little bit behind our home loan at the time, so got a person speaking to me not about renewing my cards but wanting to know exactly when we were going to make a deposit and I found him to be very rude in his manner, and then he hung up on me leaving me to have to call back so I could renew the cards. I called back straight away and got somebody else on line and there was no problems. Just left me feeling flat what I went through. There was no excuse for this kind of manner over the phone, it should have been handled with more proffession and I wouldnt even be writing this complaint.


I was with the Greater Building Society for many years before moving to Melbourne, my local branch was Penrith. I really liked seeing the staff that worked there, they were really friendly. Also, the products at the Greater Building Society was what I really wanted, but alas they are not in Victoria. If they were, I would join again.
The people that work there are amoungst the best people in banking.
They are not in Victoria, where I now reside.

mean & nasty

Had a housing loan for a few years, when we sold the house in 2007, I did the conveyancing - not hard with a kit. We did all the right things, wrote to them advising of the sale, date of exchange & suggesting their Ballina branch would be convenient place for exchange & asking what their requirements were - we got absolutely no reply. Two days before exchange I rang them asking why they hadn't replied & they weren't interested in any courtesy, just advised verbally they would not allow exchange to take place at one of their branches. It had to be in Newcastle. We're on the far north coast of NSW & so was the buyer. They were going to allow us to reach exchange without any of their very necessary input. In otherwords, exchange would not have happened. A barrister in Sydney said it wasn't necessary but typical to be so uncooperative, but we couldn't do much about it. We had to employ a solicitor in Newcastle to do the exchange - recommended by the society of course. Cost us unnecessary fees & then Greater charged us hundreds to close the loan. Just not necessary to be so rude to people trying to save money by doing a job themselves - as we had done previously.
They've lost us.
All in the fine print - but not really!
Poor customer relations from Head Office, Hamilton

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I done a wallet Wizard loan at 6:30 this morning I was wondering if it will be in my account today
No answers

Is anyone aware when this credit union turned into greater bank?
1 answer
Yes. It's changed around May 2016. I'm sure that's when it happened.

I got $27 interest for the previous month on my bonus saver, then came up minus $13 for tax W/HOLD, just wondering what that means and why it took $13?
2 answers
They haven't recorded (or haven't got) your Tax File NumberI had this with another institution, who had not recorded my Tax File Number correctly. Go and see them with your Tax File Number, and ask politely if they can refund the withholding tax? Say your not sure if you made a mistake with the number , or they typed it in wrong. I managed to get the Withholding back. My approach is to treat everyone as I want to be treated - seems to work. So "If you see someone without a SMILE, give them one". ******* It costs nothing

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