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Greenfield Standard Series

Greenfield Standard Series

17.5-32, 21, 21 (Steel Deck), 25-32 and 32 (Steel Deck)
3.8 from 31 reviews

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good mower

so good cuts well engin starts straight away deck moves good and it think that this is in the good list of mowers to bye today go go go greanfild

Purchased in May 2019 for $5,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Occasionally
Hill / Slope Performance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance

Absolutely the greatest

Traded a Rover Rancher that caused me a heap of trouble (only three years old) for the Greenfield Fastcut 32. Cut my mowing time almost in half and does and excellent job. I do my 2.5 acres in four bits (having a break and refuelling every break) mostly uneven but grassed. Check the oil and battery ever time it comes out of the shed and give the top of the cutterdeck a clean. Shés now done 486.9 hours and I've only replaced two batteries and a drive belt (Feb 2018). Goes back to the selling dealer every Feb/March for an annual service. Replace the blades on a regular basis (about $20) as required.
Cuts the grass beautifully and evenly. Wouldn't buy anything else.

Date PurchasedFeb 2008

Excellent mower.

Have owned this mower for 18 years and after all these years of abuse it just keeps going. Being in the mowing business I use it on extremely rough overgrown terrain and normal lawns on a frequent basis. It has rarely caused me any problem other than normal consumables (blades and occasional drive or cutter belt which are priced under $40 each) . Easy to maintain and repair and parts both genuine and aftermarket are always available. I use it on large and small blocks with beautiful results without a catcher. If a mulching plug is used be prepared to go through blades quite quickly but in all honesty no mulch plug is needed if you use a correct mowing technique. 10 out of 10 for build quality and cutting quality.

Date PurchasedFeb 2000

Pretty good but not as robust as advertised.

Purchased my Greenfield Fastcut 9 months ago. I've only had two issues with it and to be fair I drove and cut over some fairly rocky terrain. 1st problem is something blew a hole thorough my deck. 20 cent price hole, must have been a rock but to puch through the steel I was shocked. 2nd incident the main brake came undone. Sent it in for repairs 500 dollars later and a full service no more issues. Cuts nice and runs well. Not too bad on fuel. Not as robust as they claim but still decent. I'm happy with it.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Disappointing product, even worse customer service

I have owned a Greenfield for a year and it has been nothing but a hair-tearing-out experience. It has been back to a mechanic six times under warranty so far. I fell for the 'made in Australia for Australian conditions' propaganda thinking that I was doing the right thing, even though it cost a bit more. How wrong I was. After getting nowhere with the seller after 3 times trying to get the mower to even start, I went to Greenfield for help. Their customer service is almost non-existent and their attitude is arrogant. They blame Briggs and Stratton for anything that goes wrong. A second mechanic has been fixing entirely different issues under the B&S warranty. Every time I get it back from a mechanic, there is still something wrong with it. Like, it won't start, or it hasn't enough power to go up a small slope let alone do any speed on the flat or cut grass, or the engine is constantly backfiring and surging. This is how it performed after 3 visits to the mechanic and after Greenfield suggested a manual choke was installed. https://youtu.be/NqIYodwGNRQ This is how it performed after the second mechanic got involved to fix its lack of power issues https://youtu.be/6nWU5flIPhY. I just wanted to buy a new mower, keep it in the shed and mow paddocks on the weekends. Doesn't seem too much to ask when you pay over $6500. Beyond disappointed in this product and the company.

And even if I had no mechanical issues, I would say that it is not well designed. The hot exhaust comes out where your right ankle is and so you must wear boots and socks to protect yourself from being burned. It is hard for tall people to get on and off without scraping and bruising your legs, accidentally turning the key with your leg and switching it off, it is not comfortable to sit on for hours of mowing, and it smells very strongly of fuel fumes when running.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

I don't recommend Greenfield

I have now been waiting for nearly 2 months to have a new deck put on my mower. The local agent has told me that Greenfield is out of stock of this part. I wonder why? Are there so many owners needing them they can't keep up with demand or do they not bother supplying parts once we have bought their mower.

I bought a Greenfield largely because it is Aussie made and as well I thought it would have been made for Australian conditions. However I now think they are not made for Australian conditions at all – only for a nice smooth lawn. The cutter disk is too weak and easily bent. The deck has holes in it from where stones or the blades have hit it due to the bending up of the disk. The deck needs to be made of strong steel and not a weak alloy. I've only used it for a total of 17 1/2 hours! I bought it about in Nov 2012.

Frankly I wish that I had bought some imported mower. It would have saved me some money and I can't see that it would be any worse than the Greenfield.

I wouldn’t recommend this mower unless you have only a very smooth area to mow.

Date PurchasedNov 2012
It is now almost 5 months since I took it to the local supplier and still haven't got it back! When I phoned this morning he said that he'll phone them after 10 today (Greenfields apparently don't open till 10am) and find out what's going on. Incredible, isn't it. I really wish that I had bought some other brand and then at least I'd have a rideon.UPDATE 10TH MAY It is now almost 5 months since I took it to the local supplier and still haven't got it back! When I phoned this morning he said that he'll phone them after 10 today (Greenfields apparently don't open till 10am) and find out what's going on. Incredible, isn't it. I really wish that I had bought some other brand and then at least I'd have a rideon.

Great for clearing ferral blocks and ok to poor at everything else

Well built for sure. Powerfull. Loves to plow through long overgrown underthatched ferral yards with ease. Not great or even good at much else. Turns like a boat. Cuts unevenly on slight slopes, If you end up frustrated halfway through a 7 point turn and attempt to speed up the process, you will tear the turf due to live axel. You really aught to read up on hydro drives single wheel and live axel drives before you decide if this machine is for you. I didnt realise I would be purchasing a mower that steers this poorly. It kind of boggles my mind, we put a man on the moon... I Have considered putting a weight on the front to keep the tires from just skipping forward in turn possition while i try in vein to steer this thing but.. idk
Good mower for what its good for. Im a contractor and have accepted that i will need many tools for different jobs
a machine thats cuts well with a floating out front deck that turns on a dime and has an great catching system that improves my cutting time and makes work a joy (caugh, Walker)
Or get this greenfields 25/32 with a steel deck for Feral Cheryl her 4 foot marshmallow weeds and the occasional brick. God knows the walker couldnt do what my greenfields does and I wouldnt use the greenfields for anything else.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good all round mower

I hope my mower doesn't go down the path of Sailor Sam though. Just gone 21 hours and the drive belt shredded itself. As soon as i walked into the dealership repair dept and said I've a problem with my mower the mechanic immediately said did ya shred a belt. He was surprised when i said it was my drive belt as he thought it was the cutter belt.
At 21 hrs and no other problem (apart from running over nylon bird netting that was my fault and cost me $100 to get the mechanic to untangle it) everything else is fine. I have to agree cleaning under the deck is a bit fiddly but i manage. I'll keep you posted.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Chews up belts like there's no tomorrow

Our fast cut 32 chewed up a belt at 20 hours ($70) and again at 23 hours, another $70!
When you complain they compare it to a tyre getting a puncture (not the tyres fault) and that you have picked up a stick or a stone.
That'll be $70 please.
Greenfield never countenance that you could have a faulty belt, $70 thanks.

Only get one of these if you are happy with perpetually buying new belts, $70 a pop.
Anyone want to buy this one, only done 23 hours and cost $140 in parts so far... The future looks mighty expensive

Update Update Update!!!

The Greenfield agent in Casino, Days Machinery, has looked at the mower for me and fitted the new belt and told me I fitted it incorrectly.
These guys have really tried to solve this issue and deserve plaudits for that, unfailingly polite and they are trying to support the product they sold. No complaints there (whether they should ever have a Greenfield product in the first place is another matter, but they been been very helpful)

The manual for this mower shows the cutter belt going in the wrong path!!! Greenfield have checked and agreed that it is an incorrect diagram!
I will get a refund of the belts (at least I hope they will do what they say, I'll keep this updated)
When I realised this the production manager said " if I had taken to their agent it would have been on correctly" and " I should have called them to check if the diagram in the manual was correct" hmmmmm, what about the rest of the manual???
Really funny if it wasn't me.... Seriously guys, I have grave doubts about this company and their method of handling a complaint.
I shouldn't have followed their owners manual to replace a V belt???

I still wonder if this mower is fit for function actually....

Yet another update....wish it was good news..... the yellow peril has actually clocked up 37 hours of use in just over 2 years (I actually try and avoid using it) the pussy cat machine has now got petrol running out of the exhaust!!!!! I have taken the carbie apart and cleaned it and discovered that (thanks to you tube) most people in the USA just replace the whole carbie.
The lemon is now in the shed while I carry out yet more repairs!!!!!
Seriously, the worst way to spend $4,500 EVER.
A truly pussy cat machine that is as robust as a stale marshmallow, I dread mowing the lawns and although the huckster that sold it to my wife said "you can do a bit of paddock work with it as well" this machine is delicate, suitable for lawn bowls type greens.

Wish me luck please.....

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Extremely happy with this beast.

Originally had a Toro zero-turn which was giving me issues with the single hard blade. Bought a new 17.5HP Greenfield 32'' deck. Works like a mini tractor and like it should. Knocks off uneven ground easily and gives a nice cut still. Purchased for $4800 brand new in Victoria, Australia. Only issue I have found is the deck is hard to clean. I have bought some car ramps so drive it up on so I can get the hose underneath to blast the grass off to prevent the steel deck from rust. Highly recommended, good Australian mower.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Handles everything

This is our first ride on mower and what a beauty it is. We are 10 hours in to its life and this machine can't be faulted so far. We are cutting 2 acres of grass. We have a decent sized front lawn with some fiddly areas, but we chose the Greenfield because it could handle rough going. Our main grass area is a rough ex horse paddock. The ground is rough, it is pasture grass so it gets long & thick and there are sticks bigger than a finger in thickness, much bigger.

We did look at some of the other, cheaper brands. As soon as they said any stick bigger than a woman's little finger would be a problem we knew we had to go for something else.

The power of this unit coupled with a 32" cutting deck means it can cut through any grass. We have a sloping block out the back & it manages just fine. It also has something called swing back blades so if you do hit a rock or hidden tree branch it doesn't trash the spindle and destroy the machine. You will need ear muffs, the 25hp generates power & noise.

It also cuts the lawn with incredible ease & speed and leaves a great finish. It manages the tight areas well.

Expensive, yes. Worth every cent & we expect this machine will last a long time.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

fast great mower had others wont go back greenfield is the best

tried other mowers rover and cox but greenfeild cuts mowing time in halve tall and short it handles it all i have mowed grass up to my waste and it turned it to lawn after two mows good on fuel easy to use tell every one how great it is

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Made of Titanium !!!!

This thing is the most robust piece of machinery I've worked on!!
I've owned our Greenfield for 13 - 14 years and still going strong!!
Obviously replaced wearing parts such as Friction disks, belts, blades etc.....
Still run original tyres (Hint - stacked front tyres more than I can remember, so I put that self sealing green gue in the tubes 7 years ago and they are now bullet proof!!)
I have mowed grass higher than me sitting on it, and has no troubles at all!!
I have mowed small trees, rocks, roots, stumps, you name it, and still going strong!!
My Dad mowed some long grass on the property 8 years ago, and accidentally mowed a grape vine made of hard core wire and star pickets........ Well it's safe to say Yes that stopped it!! However after I dismantled the blade disk assembly replaced all blades and bolts and straightened the blade disk itself (He made a really good mess by the way) it was ready to mow anything once again!!
I love this machine, and I strongly recommend this to anyone.
Aussie Made and Aussie Owned

Date PurchasedAug 2004

Poorly designed

I bought this mower new and I am very disappointed with it. No matter what we tried to fix the problem it has never cut evenly, the motor is far too powerful and uses far too much fuel. Because of the engine's power and the live rear axel the mower won't turn sharply, the power of the engine just pushes the front wheels straight ahead. The tyres are constantly losing pressure and have to be pumped up. And now, even though this machine just mows lawns around a house and small orchid, at just 100 hrs the clutches are completely worn out! Another problem is your foot on the forward/reverse pedal quickly becomes uncomfortably hot from hot air blowing off the engine and the position of the pedal causes you to catch the back of your heel on the running board. I like the seat position adjuster and it is comfortable to drive. We also got a catcher for this mower and I can only say it is an over priced piece of crap. The rear door is stupidly weak and the spring is not strong enough to hold the open door off the ground when you lift the catcher up to empty it, so guess what happens when you move forward to let the clippings fall out!
I will never consider buying another greenfield mower. A cheaper imported mower for me next time.
I should add that I emailed Greenfield twice about the problems with this mower but I was ignored both times.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Performed very well

Used our new ride on mower for the first time in grass about knee high and very thick. It handled it very well. Fuel tank is quite large and in these conditions, lasted about three hours before refueling. The only thing I would change would be the cutting height, as for this type of grass it was too low and thus caused more stress on the engine.
It was comfortable to sit on, but a little hot on the right hand foot. Understandable, due to the work it was doing.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

"Built for Australian Conditions"..... rubbish

You pay for Australian toughness which just isn't there. Cutter belt fell off after 5hrs. If you drive on any slope with the left side of the mower down it will belch smoke. Even slight slopes. Cutter disc is soft, got so damaged I had to replace after 50hrs. @ my expense!

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Great mower - After sales service lousy

Gr8 mower until belt jumped off - just 2 months old and 7 hours work. Apparently a design fault and easily fixed...except you gotta bring mower back ! Husband away. No ute or trailer. 50 k distance. Grass growing at a rate of knots. In my opinion after sales service POOR !
So...while my neighbor is mowing between downpours on his Rover ride-on, all I can do is watch with envy ! A great product let down by 2nd rate service. Shame.

Hour meter problems

I brought my new greenfield standard series in July 2015 very excited. After about 20 hours use the deck belt has now come off twice when it hits a thick section of Kikuyu mowed weekly. The first time I thought that is unusual - now I am disappointed. Another trip to the dealer with a new mower.The first time they said it is not a usual problem and something must have dislodged the belt - yes - thick grass !!! .My original second hand greenfield never did it once in 10 years of hard work on a sloping half acre block. Also when I bought it new in July 2016 it sat it in the garage till about October with the key in the ignition. After about 10 hours mowing I checked the hour meter and was amazed to see it has 40 plus hours on it. I was horrified.
I spoke to my greenfield dealer and they said "did you leave the ignition on". but did not ask did you leave the key in the ignition. It was not left on. Obviously not if the battery did not go flat.
I now take the key out and leave it in a separate place. Very disappointed - now the total operating history of the mower is incorrect. Unbelievable.

November 6th 2017 Update: Greenfield production manager

Problem was drive belts were coming off a new ride on mower. I wrote to Greenfield and they responded well. They sent guides to the local dealer who fitted them. It has been running well ever since. I am happy with Greenfield's response and the ride on mower. Recommend Greenfield mowers.

2 months and waiting

We have been waiting 2 months for parts for the repair of out greenfield, we thought buying Australian made we wouldn't have this problem. Our local service guys say this not so unusual with greenfield. Will be looking at other brands to buy in the future. I wish we had know the problem with parts with greenfield mowers!

Bullet Proof

I have had many other ride on mowers from other much larger manufacturers and they don't even come close to this mower!

It can handle just about anything and the cutting deck doesn't break no matter how much rock and rough material runs through it.

It is most certainly not as pretty as some of the other mowers on the market but when it this tough i don't care what it looks like, i just want it to start and do a great job every time which it does.

I would buy another 1 if this ever stops.

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Who sells them in Tasmania?
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I have 32 inch cut greeny and need to replace a front rim. Anyone know if any other rims fit please as it is way overpriced for a new one genuine. Cannot find a second hand one and need to get it fixed or get a new ride on basically. Thanks guys, Aaron
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Greenfield Fastcut Twin Briggs & Stratton 32 (Steel Deck)Greenfield Fastcut Twin Briggs & Stratton 25-32Greenfield Fastcut Twin Briggs & Stratton 21Greenfield Fastcut Twin Briggs & Stratton 17.5-32Greenfield Fastcut Twin Briggs & Stratton 21 (Steel Deck)
CategoryRide-On MowersRide-On MowersRide-On MowersRide-On MowersRide-On Mowers
Price (RRP) $6,299$5,549
Zero Turn NoNo
Power SourcePetrolPetrol
Cutting Deck MaterialSteelSteel
Cutting Width830 mm815 mm
Height of Cut25 mm to 90 mm25 mm to 90 mm
Number of Blades22
Transmission TypeHydrostaticHydrostatic
Horsepower24 hp17.5 hp
Max Speed9 km/hr9 km/hr
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine Displacement708 cc500 cc
BrandBriggs & Stratton
Engine Type4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)4-Stroke and OHV (Overhead Valve)
Engine NamePowerBOSS 4-Stroke 2 V-Twin OHVBriggs and Stratton 4-Stroke 1 Cylinder OHV

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