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Handyman for my apartment

I organised for a handyman to do a number of jobs that I couldn’t do -
Hanging pictures and repositioning, installing hooks on doors, fixing my table leg, tightening of screws on furniture and cleaning of my bathroom fan
Quoted, invoice written and all jobs crossed off and payment made on the day finished
Very professional and lovely guy

Thank you for your review, if you can send us a private message with your full name and state you are in,also if you can provide to us his name, we can let our Grey Army Member knowDeborah Deckys Victoria

Leak NOT fixed by [name removed] (north Brisbane)

Manager [name removed] did come out and he said the leak is fixed.

After 3 weeks the water stain on the ceiling downstairs has tripled in size SO THE LEAK HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. I would not recommend plumber [name removed] (north Brisbane) to anyone. It took him 10 mins to change the teflon tape. I contacted him back to say I can still hear the water drops in the ceiling but he refused to come back and fix it. I'm a pensioner and I just wasted the money I paid him!!!! DON'T USE THIS PLUMBER.

Grey Army Head office have investigated your feedback, the local manager has visited your home and has explained to you what you are required to do, both himself and his plumber cannot see any visible leak. He recommended that if you have concerns then you really need to employ a builder to remove your ceiling and investigate this for you.Proof of a visible leak is on the ceiling downstairs - water stains on the ceiling is the proof. Since they came out telling me it's fixed the water stains has tripled in size. The plumber just changed the teflon tape on the shower rose and said it's fixed. He did not check all the taps or the bath to investigate the cause of leak. Comment above is carp. DON'T USE GREY ARMY FOR A PLUMBER ON NORTH SIDE BRISBANE AS YOU ARE WAISTING YOUR TIME ANE MONEY.

Totally hopeless, don’t bother

Rang for a quote, guy came out said he needed to source materials and would send me a quote. A week later he calls and says he still hasn’t found the materials. Then nothing, absolutely nothing. When I called to complain all they had was “oh do you want me to get....to call you?” No apolgy, no acknowledgment of the waste of my time, just told me I was being difficult because I wasn’t accepting of their attitude. Absolutely pathetic. Do not bother with these amateurs!

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Can you please send us a private message and provide your full name address and who the grey army member is. We are sorry that this has happened and we would like to investigate this on your behalf. Thank you.

Unprofessional - cancelled job on the day

We asked for a quote to repair oven. A younger person arrived and took 1.5hrs to diagnose ‘the fault. Said thermostate needed replacing. Part ordered and appointment scheduled to come back and repair. They cancelled on the day of appointment to fix oven as they said they couldn’t guarantee and said we should buy a new oven! Any concerns about repair could have been communicated with us at the quote stage instead of ordering part, making us wait for the part to arrive and then not showing up to the appointment. What a waste of time and energy.

Sorry to hear of your experience, can you call 131198 this will put you in touch with your local Grey Army office, please provide your details and they will investigate this for you. Or alternatively please send us a private message with your details and we will pass this on for you. Thank youReport Yes the Electrician did spend 1.5 hours trying to diagnose the issue (and did not charge for his time) and advised that due to the age of the oven that there were concerns with the quality of the durability of the replacement thermostat, due to the original part from the manufacturer not being available due to the age of the oven. The mother, by my understanding, gave approval for the part to be ordered and installed and understood the situation with the part and the oven. The daughter of the client then became involved and was insisting that a guarantee be provided for the operation of the oven after the repair. This of course cannot be provided by our Electrician and the Service Provider made the decision not continue An Electrician is unable to provide a guarantee of operation for an appliance, especially a 30 year old appliance and this is the reason for the works not being completed. No charges were presented for the time taken by the Electrician to diagnose the issue, where generally at least a call out fee would normally have been charged to the client.Thanks for your reply. We contacted your service as you advertise "obligation free quotes" so why would a call out fee be charged? We can't be held accountable that the electrician spent 1.5 hrs trying to find out the problem - that in itself should have rang alarm bells. The daughter did not INSIST on a guarantee being provided, however as cash was the only payment option, she did request a payment receipt and assumed that the part would also come with a manufacturers warranty. The electrician cancelled the appointment within 5 minutes of this request being made. This does not give me confidence in their quality of work. The whole thing was a waste of time and energy. .


brock came to do my job fitting 140x45 to my veranda on time was great highly recomend the services
service I received to day was great highly recommend to any one that asks for reference . great service, on time. love his work. just what im looking for some one to do all the other jobs I need to finish . lots more jobs

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Thank you for your review, can you please send us a private message with your state that you reside in so we can pass this onto your local Grey Army office. They will let our Grey Army member know of your comments. Thank you

Great workmanship and job

Big thanks to Grey Army Brisbane for the fantastic roofing and pergola job at our Nundah unit complex. Exactly what i asked for within my budget without the spin or bull from most other companies. I highly recommend this wonderful company and its fantastic services. We are really happy!

Didn't turn up

Waited at home for Grey Army guy to turn up and provide quote for jobs. We are getting our house ready for sale and had a decent amount of work to be done.
Wasted my time, never again.

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Sorry to hear of your experience, can you call 131198 this will put you in touch with your local Grey Army office, please provide your details and they will investigate this for you. Or alternatively please send us a private message with your details and we will pass this on for you. Thank you

Speedy Efficient Help

Within 10 minutes of checking out Grey Army web page I was contacted by a member of the group and an hour after that the 3 jobs I had were completed better than I could have done when I was active and not disabled. the cost was very reasonable.

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Good morning Bob, Thank you for your review, if you can take the time to send us a private message with your full name and contact phone number and area of Australia you reside in. We can then look up the Grey Army member and let them know of your positive review.

Excellent work ethic.

We had Mark from the Grey Army Hallam attend to a correction issue required on a large Shed.
His work was perfect - end result was very pleasing and his willingness to do a little extra that wasn't on the agenda was done without any fuss.
This Guy is passionate about his work. All left clean and tidy. Great attitude.

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Thank you for your review, we will certainly pass this onto our Grey army member.

Don't bother

It took two weeks for them to reply to an email enquiry. Then on the scheduled day for the quote, the carpenter in question never arrived. No communication from him or from Grey Army. I won't be wasting any more of my time with this organisation and I suggest that you don't either.

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We are sorry to hear of your experience. Would you mind calling our office and provide your full details. We will investigate this for you not only have you been let down so have we. This is not what Grey Army Members are expected to do, We have on our team over 250 trades persons and assign over 600-800 job requests a week, please call 131198 and ask to speak with our operations manager, she will be expecting your call.

Electrical Services

I had Mark from Grey's Army electrical install a new switchboard and safety switch. I highly recommend this service. After being messed around by a previous electrician, Mark was honest, reliable and provided a professional and prompt service. Installed a new switchboard at a fraction of the cost compared to previous quote, really appreciate the honest assessment and advice.

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Thank you for your review, Mark is one of our many valued Grey Army members and he will, like us be delighted that you have taken the time to post this. Thank you once again

Totally useless!!! A big waste of time.

Waited one full week, for someone to respond to my request for a costing on a job we need to have done.
A complete waste of time & effort even contacting them to be simply ignored.
If you don't want patronage why bother advertising yourself as a SERVICE. To the public.

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You sent this review as a private message and then emailed us to say it was closed. Our Grey Army NSW office have reported to us the following I have left a couple of voicemail messages for Daryl on the contact number provided and am waiting for a call back from him. I have no record in our data base or our emails with a service request under this name or contact phone number. I am waiting to hear from Daryl to see if it was placed under another name or maybe a mobile phone number instead. Until I connect with Daryl I am afraid I am unable to resolve this issue without more information from him. Can you please call 13 11 98 and ask to speak with Adam and he will be able to assist you.

Gutter cleaning

I had Stuart from Grey Army clean my gutters on Tuesday in Ferntree Gully. Stuart promised to move our gutter cleaning forward if he had a cancellation, to my surprise Stuart rang with an opening which I snatched up.

Stuart was a pleasure to deal with and totally understood our predicament with needing our gutters cleaned asap, highly recommend for not only leaving our house without any mess considering the amount of rubbish in our gutters but also price and workmanship.

Highly recommend and will make sure we use Grey Army again.

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Good afternoon Kylie, Thank you for your review, we will pass this onto our Grey Army member Stuart. Its very much appreciated when clients take the time to place positive feedback on social media

Couldn't be Better!

Adam from the Illawarra Grey Army swapped a couple of dodgy door-knobs for ones that won't fall off in my hand or just stop working with no warning (!). He was friendly, efficient and reliable. Best of all he didn't charge like a wounded bull. I'll certainly ask for him again for other repairs in my older (falling apart just like its owner), house.

Professional, hardworking and easy to deal with

Phillip has now completed two very extensive gardening jobs for us and did an excellent job both times, and was unfailingly polite, consultative and reliable. The only reason this isn’t a five star review is not due to his service at all, but the fact that when the skip was removed from our driveway (by someone else) there was minor damage to the concrete. that aside I plan to use Grey Arny in future.

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Thank you for your review. If you can private message us your full name and state you are in, we can then pass this onto our management team in your area and they will let our Grey Army member know. Once again that you for taking the time to write this

Contractor refused to provide a quote, would only do charge up work

Arranged to meet a contractor from Grey Army at home. After being there and showing him 2 of over 20 items we needed doing (We are mid full house renovation) he stated he "does not do quotes" and only does charge up. Grey Army's policy is that they provide a quote. I called to make a complaint and the head office had only him as a contractor in South Australia. Would not recommend wasting your time if you are in SA!

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We have investigated this, we are building up our team in South Australia at this time, and we are quite limited with Grey Army Members. Our Grey Army Member has reported to us the following. ""I called Felicity within about half hour of receiving the text. She was at home when I called so I said I could call past and have a look. Got there, had a look at a couple of things. Made it clear the I would not be giving her a quote to do all the work in one figure but on a daily figure the work was quite involved and if this was agreeable I would have taken the time to put it down in writing."" With major renovations its very hard to provide an exact quote as there are always unforeseen work. Our office in Melbourne has left you a message to discuss in more detail Thank You

Excellent from enquiry to job completion.

Required an LED roof vent installed. Had contacted local tradespeople with no success as we have a tiled roof. Found a local company who could send somebody to do it BUT the quote was for $550 as it sounded like they would have to sub-contract and made a big deal out of it. Our son had recently had one installed in Sydney at a cost of $220 so I knew this was way over the top. Contacted Grey Army and within a couple of hours Craig Biddulph, a roofer, had been in touch and arranged a time at a price of $250. Fantastic and he came from Gosford - 40 minutes at least from us.

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Thank you for taking the time to place this review on this website, Also for mentioning the area of Australia you are in. We will forward this to your local Grey Army office and they will let our Grey Army Member know of your comments.

Would never use again or recommend

Tried with 4 different jobs over priced. 2 not capable of even doing small jobs required 4th not confident that they were not not going to distroy my house. Totally un professional from tbe top down.

Can you call us to discuss this in person, we can not comment until we know the full details. We don’t know who you are, what state you are in and who the Grey Army Members are. If you call 131198 and let the team know you have been asked to call and speak to a manager. We will require your details and this will be looked into. We can then reply on this review for others to read . Thank you.Well i dont have a face book page so this is why it is incomplete. My name is susan hull from ballarat vic. I have already spoke t o manager at grey army. Just tell everyone out there to be careful . Dont need any further action as i have taken all my business elsewhere.

Disgusting phone manner at 131198

Rang the main number to get a quote for a painting job. Spoke to the rudest most unprofessional person [name removed] I have ever spoken to in any company. She actually had the nerve to laugh when I had trouble understanding her 'explanation' as to how their system works (she made no sense as to how their process works, almost as if she didn't know). Interestingly, I have just contacted 3 'handyman services' in Mornington, where the job is, who are professional, can explain the process, are NOT condescending or rude and can provide contact details so we can be contacted when we choose. Never ever again will I dial this number,. Any wonder you get such bad bad reviews and any wonder your 'tradies' copy your terrible manner and get bad reviews.

We would like you to contact 13 11 98 and ask to speak to a manager, we would like to investigate this further as what you have commented in your review is defiantly not how you should be spoken to.Not likely. She was utterly terrible. Why would I be spoken to like that again. I was slow in understanding what she said because she didn't explain the process clearly at all. When I asked her to repeat what she said, she had the nerve to laugh at me like I was some idiot. NOT how you should speak to anyone. Even the replies you post in this forum can be vile. People are entitled to their opinion but you are often arrogant and defensive in your replies without a sorry in sight. Some of your trades people are quite obviously not great to some customers but you defend defend defend. Your staff need basic customer service training. I have now found a wonderful handyman in this area and I will pass his details to everyone in Frankston and Mornington when my family moves there shortly. All I wanted was a painting quote, you obviously didn't need the work or you didn't have anyone in that area. Shame on your arrogance.When you call Grey Army Home and Property Maintenance on 131198, we listen to our clients requests, we refer their request to their local Grey Army member in their area. The Grey Army member contacts you and arranges a visit and provides you with a free written quotation, this would have been explained to you at the time of your call. Sorry you didn’t understand this, and for others that are reading these reviews that’s what we do. All our Grey Army members are insured, police checked and qualified to carry out work. In the event that you have concerns please call us and speak with us in person and not place comments like this on social media, as it looks like we don’t care or respond, because we actually can and do resolve concerns if we are provided full details, thank you.

Ripped off

Never again. Green waste removal from my 90 year old father in laws house. Job done was very good, but for one hours work $385. Was told it was $88 an hour plus GST. Oh but because there was two people doing the work it had to be doubled. So why charged for two hours work. "We have to take it to the tip and there are charges there and it will take us another hour to unload it." The green waste tip is only 10 minutes away and it is only $2.00 per trailer. And it would have taken 10 minutes maximum to unload.
Then when you ring back to enquire don't get a chance to say anything because the rude man on the phone won't let you say anything.

In summary. Don't use Grey Army. They are rude and rip people off. Especially the elderly.

You were provided with a quotation for the amount required to complete the work requested, this quotation was accepted before any work commenced. Our management team spoke to you and they explained this to you and at no time were they rude or impolite to you,we are sorry that you felt they were rude but you simply decided to yell at them. We understand that you then voiced your opinion to your husband and he in turn called the Grey Army NSW office. The Grey Army member who completed the work Paul contacted your husband and they agreed that perhaps other quotes should have been obtained and you could have declined the quote before the work commenced if you were unhappy with the quoted price.Thank you to Paul, the contractor who did the work, for calling my husband back this morning and offering a genuine explanation. Your apology was gratefully accepted.

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I need a painter to paint interior of house
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I need a painter to paint interior of house
2 answers
Hello Ede, I recommend Sam. Just finished my house interior painting. It's great. The price is fantastic compared to other quotes. Ring grey army and ask Karen, for Sam the painter. He is polite and works quickly. He has 26 years experience. Good luck Ede. Regards Nikki GreenfieldThank you for requesting some work to be done. Would you be able to visit our website www.greyarmy.com.au and complete the request a job section, or alternatively call 13 11 98 during business hours and provide your full name, address and contact phone number. Sorry for any inconvenience but we require these details so we can refer this to your Grey Army Office that looks after your state. They will then refer this to a local grey army member who will contact you and arrange a free written quotation.

I need my 7 roses pruned. Can anyone does this in Ballarat Nt. And how much it will cost me? My mobile no. is [moblie number removed]. Pleasre reply asap thanks
1 answer
Good morning, we have a Grey Army office in Ballarat, please call 13 11 98 and provide your details, they will organise a local gardener to call you to arrange a visit. We provide free quotes.

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