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genXreviewerSydney, NSW
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Inconsistent quality


I bought my first one 2 years ago, it was great, worked perfectly. It deteriorated over time in the sun, so Ive replaced as needed. In the last 6 Months the suction cups just don't stay on the windscreen. My GPS will, but these won't, no matter how clean it is or which part of the screen it's on.
I have 2 brand new ones which are doing this now.
The green stick pad is also not as good quality as the first ones I bought



Havent had any problems, the surface size could be smaller as it is somewhat of a nuisance to remove my note 3. They should include a replacement or offer replacement goo stickers as ive read that in time it starts to break down.

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We got the two for one deal. The one in my wifes car worked well but the one for my car wouldn't stick to the windscreen. It would only stay on for less than two days at a time then with the weight of the phone, it would fall off the windscreen. I thought about returning it but eventually I decided to fix it to the windscreen with a small amount of silicone. It is now a permanent fixture to my windscreen. Providing the green section is kept clean it works well now.
Fits every type of phone.
Suction cap didn't work.

Questions & Answers


How do I make the green surface it sticky again?

2 answers
Mr T
Mr T

Wash with warm soapy water and allow to dry. I have found that you have to clean it often as it loses it's stickiness quickly.


I found it's not very sticky, and not as good as it is on TV no matter what I do. You can warm it up but it only works for a while, not as good as I thought!


Mine and my partners sticky pad is so sticky it cannot be used.. I have cleaned them with no success... How do I fix this?

2 answers

Throw it out...that's what I did as it became useless and left do much residue in my phone...


This is a very bad product, I bought two, both are now in the bin. there are good phone holders out there online that give you value for your money, and have better solutions than that horrible stick pad, give GRIPGO a BIG MISS. Good luck C.J

Chris Leyland
Chris Leylandasked

It would seem that there is no easy way to contact the company directly for warranty. Other than contacting a reseller, is there a phone or email contact in Australia? Our 2 gripgos, have a manufacturing defect, the green sticky film has not been applied flat, causing a ridge in the centre, thus making the phone to slightly stand away from the surface. One is better than the other and sticks quite well for an hour or so, the other, is only minutes, if that. This may be the cause of other peoples problems...? i would like to try the direct distributor for replacement, rather than going through an on line shop, with little success.

2 answers

Hi Chris
I purchased mine from Global Shop Direct and that is where I have returned them for a refund. I called them after having no luck with the on-line chat. Not sure who the distributer is if not them - sorry.

Chris Leyland
Chris Leyland

Hi Bevan, so far I haven't had much luck in contacting the online seller, so trying other methods of contact. Bit of a pity there is a problem, my step daughter and husband find them very good and we compared them, the green surface on theirs are perfectly flat, ours arn't.

Being made in China, I think the quality control has a lot to be desired. I also think that as there is so many comments, either very good or very bad, that this surface problem is probably the main problem. Also, the screen cleanliness seems to have a lot to do with the suction to the screen. Our same unit, sticks really well to one of our cars, and falls off the screen if it is slightly dirty, or has that "haze" that screens seem to get after a while. Comes off easy with window cleaner.

Anyway, back to contacting the supplier.

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