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KNymanIllawarra, NSW

Disappointing Display


Have two Gro Clocks both with display issues - lights not working as should. My children hate the fact the images have disappeared mummy can’t fix them. Would never purchase again. Waste of money with no resolution from company.

Purchased for $60.00.


KirstSydney, NSW



Someone bought this for me in 2016 when I was pregnant and we have had it packed away until today. We opened it up today and the pictures and clock don't light up fully.

Purchased in September 2016 at Myer.


LisaSydney, NSW

Great concept terrible manufacturing


Within 6mo bits from the screen started to disappear until it was no longer working. No matter what we tried nothing would work. There is no warranty - esp after it had worked for about 6 months. Now we don't even know the best environmentally responsible way to dispose of it. Very sad.

Purchased in January 2017 for $50.00.

Dennis S.

Dennis S.

  • 2 reviews

Amaizing Service


Eight Homes are amaizing.And very reason is their very professionalism in handling Customer issue.I had a minor issue and I was rude and bit aggressive.
But in manner how Stephanie handled my complain,I apologized and asked her if I can re-start fresh.
She is very focused and I do realise that she must run into customers who can be difficult.
I like to thank Stephanie for a smooth transition towards settlement.

Purchased in October 2019 at Eight Homes for $300,000.00.


EdelSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Happy with purchase


Great product, bought for 3 yr old to keep her in bed longer in morning. Works great she now waits quietly and she gets very excited when sun comes up. Not the easiest to use but once you follow instructions it’s fine.

Purchased in August 2019 at Baby Bunting for $50.00.

Good idea, poor quality


We loved this to start with and our son learned to wait in bed until the sun came up. However like several other reviews have stated, parts of the display started disappearing after 6 months. We took the clock back for a replacement and were told our unit was the only one they’d ever seen with this fault (which clearly isn’t true, reading these reviews).

The replacement clock had exactly the same problem, and again the store expressed surprise. This time I didn’t bother getting a replacement.

In short: good idea, but very disappointing quality especially considering it’s not a cheap item. I definitely wouldn’t get another one.

Purchased in April 2017 at Baby Bunting for $60.00.


AngeGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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Did not work for us..


This is the last resort of trying and hoping it will work for my child, but unfortunately outcome is still the same "early riser". My little one manage to figure out how to change the time and so he can see the difference pictures on the screen ( sun and the star). I think it need to build/ design better to outsmart kids..

Purchased in April 2019 at Baby Bunting for $59.00.


izogiGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Would be great if not for low build quality


Purchased in December 2016.



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Our child has a bed time routine, he is generally in bed regularly by 7pm.. As soon as he was able to go through the night without feeding and was able to understand the concept, we used it. we have used it every night with no problems for over 2 years. There was a period of time when he was being toilet trained when we stopped using the gro clock and he would get up at 4am to use the toilet. After he was toilet trained fully, we restarted the clock setting it to 6am and it worked. It's a clever concept and is worth persevering with .The Gro clock coupled with a regular bed time, means a restful sleep for everyone .



  • 9 reviews

Worked for our kid


Our kid was waking about 4-5 times a night at 18 months. In conjunction with refusing to take him out of his cot, I bought this clock and explained to him that he can't get out of bed until the "yellow sun". It took him about two weeks of fighting it... "no clock, no clock!" to get used it.

He slowly began sleeping more. He's almost 2.5 years old now. He still occasionally wakes at night but he looks at the clock and settles back down. Pressing the button is our new bedtime ritual and he loves saying goodnight to the sun and the star. The accompanying story book was useless in the beginning, but he enjoys it now.

I find the times very easy to program and the clock easy to use.



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Baby loves Mr Sun!


We got the clock after 6 months of suddenly not sleeping well after 11pm. We haven’t managed to sleep until Mr Sun to appears but we have noticed she doesn’t wake crying, she talks to Mr Star instead. She’s only 2 so we expect this will take a while but here has been a definite improvement!



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Sub standard


Ang T

Ang TPerth

Difficult to program, didn’t keep to time (ran fast)


I found this clock very difficult to program. Once programmed and working it then gained time, waking earlier and earlier each day. It just ended up confusing my son. Other cons with the design: blue night light and no back up battery. Only used for a week then ended in the bin. Unfortunately I had brought the clock ahead of time as I had heard how great it was so it was out of warranty.

James B

James BGold Coast

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Worked for early wake up


I have only had the clock a few months but am soooo happy it has changed my daughters wake up time from 4am back to 6.30am. Took a couple of weeks but my daughter who has only just turned 2 totally understood the concept. My husband did the set up and sets it every night and did say it’s a bit complex but totally worth it for the extra 2.5hrs of sleep every day.

Great concept but clock screen lasted less than 1 year


The concept of this clock is great. It allows you to teach your child that they need to stay in bed/when it is appropriate to wake up.

-I do not like that the nighttime colour is blue. I have read that blue lights are not ideal to have in your bedroom.

The manufacturers warranty only lasts for 1 year (typical?). That’s about how long the digital time lasted on my clock until parts of the numbers disappeared. When I spoke to a representative about this, she seemed not to care that the time was not working and only that the colours were still functional.

When you pay upwards of $60 plus tax for a clock, you expect it to work for longer than one year.



  • Verified purchase

Will break around 12months


The clock itself for teaching your child the difference between sleep time & wake up time is great. However, the clock’s display starts to distort around the 12 month mark and ours had all but disappeared around 14months. At which point I found out it only comes with a 12month warranty. Poor performance & life span for a $60 clock. Disappointed in the gro company.

Completely worth it


This clock is a hassle not a help!


EXTREMELY difficult to program. EXTREMELY difficult to change the brightness.
This is the most unintuitive design i have come across in a very long while.

TIME does not keep - constantly losing 1 or 2 mins. I am constantly re-adjusting the time.

This clock is a hassle not a help! Night, night GroClock, you are going back to the store.

Too bright fix


Was brilliant until blue screen started flashing green


The gro clock was very useful. My 4 year old used to get up at the crack of dawn but after explain the gro clock now only gets up when the 'sun is out'. However we've had it about 3 months and during the night it randomly flashes green which totally freaks my son out so think we are going to have to stop using it. Haven't had it long so feel it is a waste of money. However when it was not flashing it was really useful.

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is there any way of dimming the wake up sun ?

No answers

Sophie R.

Sophie R.asked

Why does my grow clock not count down properly. When I go in in the morning there is still like 4 stars left even after the alarm to wake up has gone off?

No answers



Does anyone else’s clock loose time? I’ve only
Had it set up for a week and every night it has lost time so it never turns to sunlight in the morning as it’s saying that it’s still the middle of the night! I’m disappointed in this product seeing as I had heard such good things about it and it wasn’t cheap at all :(

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