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Did not work for us..

This is the last resort of trying and hoping it will work for my child, but unfortunately outcome is still the same "early riser". My little one manage to figure out how to change the time and so he can see the difference pictures on the screen ( sun and the star). I think it need to build/ design better to outsmart kids..

Purchased in April 2019 at Baby Bunting for $59.00.

Would be great if not for low build quality

We have two of these, one for each child. When they work they're awesome, but they've also suffered numerous problems around both LCD display and power connectors.

The first problem, on our first clock, involved one of the eyes of the sun vanishing and failing to work, so from then on the Sun only had one eye. This was of increasing distress to our child, who wanted to know when it'd be fixed. We arranged a fix with "the hospital" (ie. the retailer) who (after photos and a lengthy explanation) required us to courier it back, and then mailed us a replacement. The time in between, without a clock at all, made bedtime even more complicated than a sun with only one eye.

Since then, the replacement clock suffered a frayed cable from the power supply, which we replaced with an old one from another product, that happened to fit, found lying around the house rather than go through the replacement process again.

Our second GroClock, for the other child, has also suffered LCD problems, although in that case it's primarily been with numbers on the clock display (which means little to our child at this point) so it's gone unnoticed. Most recently, the plug in the back of the clock has become unreliable which means that when it's pushed in fully, it's disconnected, and so it has to be pulled very slightly out in order to work.

The concept of these is great, but if our kids weren't already hooked on them then we'd not bother with them because sadly the build quality seems atrocious. If you plan to buy one anyway, I'd strongly suggest purchasing from a local retailer from whom you can rapidly arrange same-day replacements without needing to rely on a courier service that can mean being without the product for days or weeks at a time while the bureaucracy gets sorted out.

Purchased in December 2016.


Our child has a bed time routine, he is generally in bed regularly by 7pm.. As soon as he was able to go through the night without feeding and was able to understand the concept, we used it. we have used it every night with no problems for over 2 years. There was a period of time when he was being toilet trained when we stopped using the gro clock and he would get up at 4am to use the toilet. After he was toilet trained fully, we restarted the clock setting it to 6am and it worked. It's a clever concept and is worth persevering with .The Gro clock coupled with a regular bed time, means a restful sleep for everyone .

Worked for our kid

Our kid was waking about 4-5 times a night at 18 months. In conjunction with refusing to take him out of his cot, I bought this clock and explained to him that he can't get out of bed until the "yellow sun". It took him about two weeks of fighting it... "no clock, no clock!" to get used it.

He slowly began sleeping more. He's almost 2.5 years old now. He still occasionally wakes at night but he looks at the clock and settles back down. Pressing the button is our new bedtime ritual and he loves saying goodnight to the sun and the star. The accompanying story book was useless in the beginning, but he enjoys it now.

I find the times very easy to program and the clock easy to use.

Baby loves Mr Sun!

We got the clock after 6 months of suddenly not sleeping well after 11pm. We haven’t managed to sleep until Mr Sun to appears but we have noticed she doesn’t wake crying, she talks to Mr Star instead. She’s only 2 so we expect this will take a while but here has been a definite improvement!

Sub standard

This has never worked for our son in terms of getting him to sleep in longer. But he got used to the ritual of putting the stars out every night so we continued to use it.
After about 12months the wiring started fraying and poking out of the cord where it plugs into the light. A look on thier facebook page to message them about it showed that it's a common problem. They sent another for free, however a few more months later this is dying too.
As our son is now 4 and knows his numbers we bought a regular alarm clock for the nights the gro clock just cuts power by itself...and what do you know but he's suddenly started sleeping longer more regularly. I honestly believe it's the loss of the blue light interrupting his sleep.
I wouldn't recommend the gro clock at all.

Difficult to program, didn’t keep to time (ran fast)

I found this clock very difficult to program. Once programmed and working it then gained time, waking earlier and earlier each day. It just ended up confusing my son. Other cons with the design: blue night light and no back up battery. Only used for a week then ended in the bin. Unfortunately I had brought the clock ahead of time as I had heard how great it was so it was out of warranty.

Worked for early wake up

I have only had the clock a few months but am soooo happy it has changed my daughters wake up time from 4am back to 6.30am. Took a couple of weeks but my daughter who has only just turned 2 totally understood the concept. My husband did the set up and sets it every night and did say it’s a bit complex but totally worth it for the extra 2.5hrs of sleep every day.

Great concept but clock screen lasted less than 1 year

The concept of this clock is great. It allows you to teach your child that they need to stay in bed/when it is appropriate to wake up.

-I do not like that the nighttime colour is blue. I have read that blue lights are not ideal to have in your bedroom.

The manufacturers warranty only lasts for 1 year (typical?). That’s about how long the digital time lasted on my clock until parts of the numbers disappeared. When I spoke to a representative about this, she seemed not to care that the time was not working and only that the colours were still functional.

When you pay upwards of $60 plus tax for a clock, you expect it to work for longer than one year.

Will break around 12months

The clock itself for teaching your child the difference between sleep time & wake up time is great. However, the clock’s display starts to distort around the 12 month mark and ours had all but disappeared around 14months. At which point I found out it only comes with a 12month warranty. Poor performance & life span for a $60 clock. Disappointed in the gro company.

Completely worth it

Ok so I read lots of reviews on this product and was giving it a 50/50 chance of working. Our little boy had reverted from 5:15 ish wakes up back to 4:30 and we had a second baby due in 8 weeks so wanted to try something as nothing else was working.

Firstly the clock set up isn’t that hard at all. Read the instructions and it only take five minutes to get used to it. The accompanying book is excellent and our boy loves it. The blue light is too bright and so we just turned that off.

In the first couple of nights we set it to 5:30 and he still woke at 4:30 so we had that horrible experience of listening to him cry/shout/call
Out for us for an hour. That got a little better over the next few night but was still hard to listen too. However we made an extra special effort of being super happy when the sun came up.

Once we got through the first week he understood the concept and really took to it. We’d be awake and hear him shout “mummy, daddy suns up” and again we made a big fuss of going into his room all super happy. Over the next two months we shifted the wake up time back by no more than ten mins every few days and now he consistently sleeps till 7am. Yes there have been a few nights where we’ve had to go into him but overall it’s been a life saver.

This clock is a hassle not a help!

EXTREMELY difficult to program. EXTREMELY difficult to change the brightness.
This is the most unintuitive design i have come across in a very long while.

TIME does not keep - constantly losing 1 or 2 mins. I am constantly re-adjusting the time.

This clock is a hassle not a help! Night, night GroClock, you are going back to the store.

Too bright fix

Four tips which factor into 5 stars
1. Read the instructions and keep handy for resetting, bit complicated but it's not rocket science.
2. If the blue light is too bright (which it was for us) then turn the brightness setting to off. The blue light is off but the stars still show on the screen, although you won't see them in the dark, and in the morning the yellow sun light still comes on at wake up time.
3. There is a simple night time child lock function by pressing and holding the down arrow button for 3 seconds. Same to unlock.
4. If you don’t use the day time nap function, set both the ‘day’ and ‘ night’ alarms to the same AM wake-up time for your child so when they insist ‘I can do it’ it won’t matter if they press on either one as the sun will still come up at the same time.
Finally, we paid $35 with free shipping on sale. The normal retail price of $60 is absolutely ridiculous. Baby Bunting specials it for $44.95.

Was brilliant until blue screen started flashing green

The gro clock was very useful. My 4 year old used to get up at the crack of dawn but after explain the gro clock now only gets up when the 'sun is out'. However we've had it about 3 months and during the night it randomly flashes green which totally freaks my son out so think we are going to have to stop using it. Haven't had it long so feel it is a waste of money. However when it was not flashing it was really useful.

Terrible design, unintuitive to all but the kids

Setting the clock and wake-up time is amazingly unintuitive compared to products from Apple that we are all now well used to. But the thing that really detracts from this product is that unless you religiously lock the keypad (fairly complicated in its own right) every night at bed time, the kid only has to press one button on the thing in the morning when they wake up at ridiculous-o'clock and the screen turns from blue to yellow with a bright sun face winking at them, signalling that it is time to run yelling into mum & dad's room. The sun hasn't actually come up and fades back to the overnight blue star within 15 seconds, but that brief yellow face is as good a green light for the kid.

Settings were invented by a Chimp

My daughter and I loved the way the clock gently transitioned from the sunny Sun to starry Star. My daughter smiled and I nodded reassuringly. It was all downhill from there as the alarm beeped away at 2am for the next 2 days. By the 3rd night I'd given up trying to work out how to turn the alarm off and half the other changes I needed to make this clock functional and now it resides, part of the landfill at our local dump. This over priced light bulb simply adds to the frustration in the day of typical time poor parents. I'm going back to a good old night light that worked well for my other two children.

Amazing product

I was hesitant due to some reviews, i tried many other solutions (baby gates, black out curtains) but after my 3rd child copied the others in leaving room as soon as they woke i thought id try it for myself. Brought 3 one for each kids room and shocked and amazed it works! I wasnt sure if just a phase as new to them but so far a month in and they never leave room untill it turns yellow. As a previous review mentioned it is bright but that a positive for me as my kids dont like dark rooms we used night lights before now dont need to. only minor thing is as soon as you unplug it the clock turns off and time stops so when plug back in its yellow but mine haven't figured that out. Shame dont have battery option

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update: sadly had to return all 3 due to faults, 1st just stopped working other 2 displays went faulty (number 7 look like 1 etc). They were kept high so kids couldnt reach so disappointed went faulty from just sitting on a shelf as its a great idea that does work just not a well made product

Life is so much better - we can sleep again.

The Gro Clock was a savior for our little one - ok I really mean for us. She adapted so quickly and was so proud she waited until the "sun came up". We were having 5 or 5:30 wake ups, now she sleeps until 6:20 every morning. The only times it's failed is after a blackout when we've forgotten to reset it.
We really miss it when we are camping.
Never tried it for naps.

Only negatives are:
- Slightly difficult to use interface, but you get used to it fairly quickly
- No battery backup

We don't find the light too bright, but I can understand that some might. We keep if on a high shelf so it's not shining right onto her face though.

Best advice is to gradually change the time so they adjust slowly. Also, we don't change the time for weekends.

Great concept, but...

It's too bloody bright!!!
We've had the clock for over two weeks now. My 2.5yo son gets the concept of staying in bed until the sun on the morning, but for daytime naps it's not working as he dropped his nap but he just can't wait for the sun so he climbs out of his bed when he is ready.
The brightness! Seriously Gro Company, the brightness on the clock needs to be addressed. I hate light in rooms at night and I knew this would shine some light but I didn't think it would be this bright. It's on #1 and it's still too bright that when my boy wakes overnight he sees the room lit up and it disturbs him enough he can't get back to sleep and calls out for me, he is almost crappy he can't get back to sleep (perfect sleeper overnight for the last year) I've read on other peoples reviews the same thing. My opinion would be to have the stars very very dim, like put yourself and the clock in a pitch black dark room and turn those stars down so they cast a nice blue soft touch to the room! Then when the sun comes up, you can make that setting as bright as you bloody like! It's a party the sun comes up!
Your company is about improving sleep and helping parents, we'll get this one sorted out as this product is brilliant for helping us keep our babies IN bed in the morning, just not good for keeping them a sleep overnight.
Back up battery option is also worth looking into!

Because there is no solution to the bright blue stars, I've put a white singlet over the clock to reduce the bright blue screen. Not sure how that will work when the sun shows it's pretty face.

Helps toddlers sleep through

We had a perfect sleeper until age 3, when Our daughter started waking up in the night and calling for us. It was a shock to the system so we searched for ideas to help us. One was to cut the time of her daytime naps. The other was to get this clock so that she could tell the difference between night and day. She loves it and sets it in the night so she can watch the sun turn into stars. Generally this has worked a treat and she has started to sleep through. We've also been teaching her not to call out when The stars are on, though she sometimes still does.

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Questions & Answers

Why does my grow clock not count down properly. When I go in in the morning there is still like 4 stars left even after the alarm to wake up has gone off?
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Does anyone else’s clock loose time? I’ve only Had it set up for a week and every night it has lost time so it never turns to sunlight in the morning as it’s saying that it’s still the middle of the night! I’m disappointed in this product seeing as I had heard such good things about it and it wasn’t cheap at all :(
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My Gro clock LED display is so dim that I cannot see and set it properly. I can see the stars and clock if I try to look at the clock from different angles but still dim. Does it mean the screen is broken ? I am using a UK model in Canada using just an adaptor. Does it matter ?
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I’m not from Gro but if you are using a diff voltage power adaptor that would affect use.