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Terrible design, unintuitive to all but the kids


Setting the clock and wake-up time is amazingly unintuitive compared to products from Apple that we are all now well used to. But the thing that really detracts from this product is that unless you religiously lock the keypad (fairly complicated in its own right) every night at bed time, the kid only has to press one button on the thing in the morning when they wake up at ridiculous-o'clock and the screen turns from blue to yellow with a bright sun face winking at them, signalling that it is time to run yelling into mum & dad's room. The sun hasn't actually come up and fades back to the overnight blue star within 15 seconds, but that brief yellow face is as good a green light for the kid.

Settings were invented by a Chimp


My daughter and I loved the way the clock gently transitioned from the sunny Sun to starry Star. My daughter smiled and I nodded reassuringly. It was all downhill from there as the alarm beeped away at 2am for the next 2 days. By the 3rd night I'd given up trying to work out how to turn the alarm off and half the other changes I needed to make this clock functional and now it resides, part of the landfill at our local dump. This over priced light bulb simply adds to the frustration in the day of typical time poor parents. I'm going back to a good old night light that worked well for my other two children.

L cooper

L cooperQld

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Amazing product


I was hesitant due to some reviews, i tried many other solutions (baby gates, black out curtains) but after my 3rd child copied the others in leaving room as soon as they woke i thought id try it for myself. Brought 3 one for each kids room and shocked and amazed it works! I wasnt sure if just a phase as new to them but so far a month in and they never leave room untill it turns yellow. As a previous review mentioned it is bright but that a positive for me as my kids dont like dark rooms we used night lights before now dont need to. only minor thing is as soon as you unplug it the clock turns off and time stops so when plug back in its yellow but mine haven't figured that out. Shame dont have battery option

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L cooper
L cooper

DunkyboySouth East Queensland, QLD

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Life is so much better - we can sleep again.




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Great concept, but...



ramonabalaSydney, NSW

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Helps toddlers sleep through


We had a perfect sleeper until age 3, when Our daughter started waking up in the night and calling for us. It was a shock to the system so we searched for ideas to help us. One was to cut the time of her daytime naps. The other was to get this clock so that she could tell the difference between night and day. She loves it and sets it in the night so she can watch the sun turn into stars. Generally this has worked a treat and she has started to sleep through. We've also been teaching her not to call out when The stars are on, though she sometimes still does.

2 kids differing results




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Great helping tool!!


First of all - let me make it clear....this clock will not make your kids sleep better or longer, you have to teach them :) But it sure is a great help to explain to a 2 yr old when it is ok to get out of bed in the morning! Many times my LO will sleep pass his wake up time but the other 50% of the time he will come in our bedroom 7:01, so I know he's been awake and waited for the sun :)
It's very simple and once you've had it for a while, easy to use. Definitely read the instructions...
The little story about a grumpy sleep-deprived pig is also cute. An easy read. All in all, a gret product worth the money if bought on sale :)


AdrianandShelSydney Surrounds, NSW

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Good Concept - Needs Fine Tuning


The concept is a good one and within days my 2-year-old knew to wait until the sun came up. However it is the brightest light even on the lowest light setting and the setting that is one below that is off - you can't see the picture of the star or sun without shining a light right on it. It has been waking our son up due to the brightness.
Edit: We gave up and just turned the led off altogether, it's super hard to see what you are doing if you need to change a setting but it still works and our son still knows not to get out of bed until the suns up. I rate it.

Do not buy if you travel - Broke 2 times while traveling


Besides the fact that it is a bit complicated to set, once set, it worked nicely with our kids. However, the 2 times we traveled with it, it broke!

We are from Montreal and travelled to Portugal. We used it with an adaptor, and it stopped working (only electric device that broke during thath trip). We decided to buy another one. Then, we traveled to Cuba (same electricity as Canada). When we plugged it, it stopped working again! I wrote the company and they did nothing. Just saying you should not travel with it. If so, they should write it in big. They did not offer any compensation. Now I need to buy another clock but will NEVER buy a gro clock again.

crunchy mama

crunchy mamaPerth

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Works a treat for us.


We started using this when my son was just over one year old. He is now nearly three and he grasps the concept really well, and he does not dare to leave his room before Mr Sun comes up! We keep it out of his reach so he can't touch it or change it. We have just started using it for naps too. So glad we got this! It doesn't keep him asleep but it has helped him get into a routine and be calm knowing when we will let him get up.



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Terrible waste of money


Just a complete waste of time. The concept of was very easy for our nearly three year old to grasp so we were hopeful for no more 5am wakes. However the button lock function is activated/deactivated by pressing only one button for a few seconds. On the SECOND NIGHT my daughter worked this out and now simply overrides the key lock function, presses the button to bring up the yellow sun and proudly marches into our room stating "the sun's here now - time to wake up.' Worst $55 I ever spent.



Don't buy this product!


We bought this when my daughter was around 2. It appeared to work but to be honest it was the same time when clocks were going back to regular time. In the summer months she is now back to 6am wake ups! A number of my friends have given up on the clock too!
I wouldn't buy this again.



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Love it! Minor problems



Good idea except it lights up the room!


This clock seems to work for most children but even on the dimmest setting it was so bright it lit up my son's room. He went from waking at 5.30-6am to waking at 4-5am as he'd wake and see the light and think it was morning even though he knew the sun wasn't out yet.
My son learnt very quickly that the stars meant sleep time and the sun meant morning.
It was far too bright and he woke up even earlier from the light in his room.

6.30am is better than 5am!




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Gro Company
Susan R.Gro Company

There is dim setting on the clock, in the menu you are able to select from 3 light settings.


We already have it on dim and it is still too bright. Also the light is blue, which is a bad colour for disrupting sleep.


Ya78Western Australia

Waste of Money


This clock is way to expensive for what it is. I was dissapointed by the cheap quality of it when I got it out of the box. In addition:
- No battery option only plug in
- Easily manipulated back to being the sun by my own toddler!
- Dont like the navigation of the settings.
I wish I had read other reviews before I bought this but I was looking for an "easy" answer. If you are reading this and thinking of getting one - go buy some blinds for kids bedroom instead! Or go to bed earlier so you can wake with the sun like mine does :) Just dont go wasting your money you will regret it.
The sun and moon are cute.


NicolaNSW, 1595

Great idea, but wrong colours!


Blue light suppresses melatonin, the stuff we need to sleep. The clock concept is great, but it actually stimulates and disturbs sleep instead of encouraging it. Kids get the "wait for the sun" concept, but their sleep patterns are being disturbed. If they can get the colours right, this would be a great product.
Kids love the concept
The blue light is a poor choice and actively disturbs sleep



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Waste of money

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Maybe put the clock out of reach?

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is there any way of dimming the wake up sun ?

No answers

Sophie R.

Sophie R.asked

Why does my grow clock not count down properly. When I go in in the morning there is still like 4 stars left even after the alarm to wake up has gone off?

No answers



Does anyone else’s clock loose time? I’ve only
Had it set up for a week and every night it has lost time so it never turns to sunlight in the morning as it’s saying that it’s still the middle of the night! I’m disappointed in this product seeing as I had heard such good things about it and it wasn’t cheap at all :(

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