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Grobag Sleeping Bag

Grobag Sleeping Bag

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My baby slept soundly

I like the grobag has different tog rating and gave suggestion on their website on how to dress baby for bed according to the room temperature. My baby loves it and looks so cozy!

Purchased in January 2019.

Ok product, hate the zipper

We have used many brands of sleep bags and Grobags are my least favourite. The zipper is really hard to navigate in the dark if you are attempting a sleepy baby transfer to the cot. For this reason, my 2 Grobags that I bought when pregnant sit in the cupboard as back up sleep bags. The prints are pretty and the quality is good but usability is poor.

Can't kick the blanket off

My baby sleeps longer periods now since using the grobags. I assume she would get cold and wake up when she kicked her blanket off and I'd need to feed her back to sleep. Good quality, with poppers in the arm holes to make smaller/bigger, two way zip. The colour did run when washed and stained other items during the wash. Very happy with my purchase.

Love them

We got a 1 and 2.5 tog bag. As soon as we put them on bub snuggles in and goes to sleep easily. They keep him nice and warm and its great knowing he can't kick them off like a blanket. They are nice and wide for good hip movement. They wash and dry really quick or I zap them in the dryer. I highly recommend them. Try to get one in a sale as they are expensive.

Works well enough

After reading many good reviews about grobag, i purchased 3 of them for my baby girl. 2.5 tog worked very well during autumn. It is not bulky and quite comfortable. When it got a bit colder at night, she'd wear a long sleeve bonds wondersuit.

When it comes to winter however, i had a dilemma with what to wear underneath. If i put on 2 long sleeve tops to keep my baby's arms warm enough, the rest of her body gets too hot. I haven't tried grosuits yet. I dreaded the fact that on top of spending all the money on the bags, i still have to worry about buying additional stuff.

My bub loves his grobag!

We have a 1 tog and a 2.5, my son prefers these to his others, always sleeps better. The designs are all really cute, the thermometer is really handy as its hard to know what to dress them in at night most of the time. We don't have a dryer but the 2.5 dries surprisingly quickly.

Made my little girl sleep through the night!

I bought a 0-6 month grow bag for my 3 month old baby and it's the best thing i ever did - because it helped her sleep through the night for the first time! She was a demon for kicking her covers off and the grobag keeps her warm.

I also like the poppers in the sleeves that can make the arm holes smaller for little babies so the bag can't creep up and be a smothering hazard. I also used it to swaddle one arm in when she was transitioning from that.

I currently have the 2.0 tog and find them very cozy. I'm pretty sure they are working as a sleep cue now as well.
Good quality, very warm, well made
They cost a lot

if only it had arms

Without arms they are unsuitable for winter we discovered. They get cold shoulders and arms with an armless grobag. We ended up finding alternative brands that have arm insulation, which resulted in a better sleep. Grobag should offer a version with arms, and warn parents that they may be unsuitable for winter.
looks nice
armless which is an issue in winter

Fantastic in keeping wrigglers warm!

We love the grobags. We find our toddler wriggles around too much and was ending up cold around the 2am - 3am mark and waking up. The grobags moved with him keeping him warm.

We swaddled up until 6 months so have only bought the 6-18 month size grobags, he is a tall baby and is only just outgrowing this size at 19 months old. We've just upgraded to the 18-36 month size and this will see him through until he keeps blankets on!

The grobags wash really well, ours are still in fantastic condition even after 12 months use. We personally loved this brand because of the length of these compared to the target/bigw/best&less brands. Although if we had to pay Aussie prices we'd probably put up with the cheaper ones!

We have bought our grobags from UK retailers on eBay. They work out to be a fraction of Aussie retailer prices. Our most recent purchase was the 18-36 month 1 and 2.5 togg for $60 in total. Pretty reasonable considering they can be more than $60 for one in Oz! Other girlfriends have managed to snap them up new on eBay for $20!
Quality, length, definitely last!
Overpriced in Oz.

Great for wiggly babies

My almost 7 month old would kick off sheets and/or blankets within minutes so the grobag has been a wonderful purchase. In our hot Queensland summers I can put it on her and have the fan on without worrying that she is getting too cold. We got the 0.5 TOG 0-6months as she is quite a small bub for her age.
Quite easy to put on, quality materials, bubs sleeps better with it on and I don't worry so much!
Expensive, look for sales!

love them

I have two of them for my son and feel safer with him sleeping in it then with a blanket on him fearing hell kick it over his face. And at the same time know i have got peice of mind that hes warm when its cold weather. I like the little patterns and animals on them and think there really cute.
reliable, inexpansive,

Fantastic Product

I love the Grobag sleeping bags. I have 2 of these size 0-6months TOG 0.5. Use them everyday since my bub was 2 months old.
I like the fact that it has dual zippers and the top zipper actually zips DOWN from head to foot and you can drag it as far down as you like so it is not anywhere near the baby's chin (unlike the ErgoPouch that i have regrettably bought that actually have only one zip and you have to zip it UP from the foot up so the zipper-head ends up under the baby's chin, even with a cover it still can graze baby's soft skin).
Durable and well made too. They get washed everyday and tumble dried and so far still no tear or faults in the zipper.
I did try to use it when my bub was only a few weeks old but the neck was too wide and she could go under the bag, so I had to use the ErgoPouch but with her arms out (I used the ErgoPouch 3-6months size though...since the 0-3 months was way too small for her). I wished the Grobag would have made a slightly smaller sleeping bag to fit newborns, I would have bought them.
I also like that it has an access hole at the back for seat belts. It definitely has come in handy numerous times when I put her in her swing, car seat and pram.
Durable, Good Quality, Well thought design.
Can be expensive but you can't put a price on the safety and comfort of your baby.

best item i have purchaced

Grobags were the best item i had purchaced for my baby. They are sid safe and on the packet they have a safe sleep guide that advises you of what tog grobag to use for the room temperature (2.5 tog for temps under 20 degrees, 1 tog for 20-23 degrees and 0.5 tog for temps above 23 degrees. It also recomends what to where under the grobag. I purchaced a grobag egg that is a nightlight that displays the room temperate.
safe, advised sleep guide

Great for keeping a moving baby warm during winter

The bag is easy to use. It's good that the zip is at the bottom as you can change a diaper while keeping baby warm. Although - if baby wees the bag may get wet. It's easy to wash and dry. We put ours in the dryer and it's fine. The white colour is a downside as our baby has regurge and so is stained around the chin/shoulder area.
Easy to use and clean; keeps baby warm even if he moves around
A dark colour may prevent unsightly stains

Wonder what I'd do without them. Yes to recommending!

When my husband & I found out we were pregnant I suddenly became obsessed with safe sleeping, I developed this fear that our baby might pass away overnight without me being there for him! I chose to go the whole Grobag route as it is the only brand that works with SIDS and I understood the biggest risk factor was loose bedding & sheets.
Honestly I don't know what we'd do without them. He is such a good sleeper, and I have tried blankets in a pinch but he soon wriggles out of them and wakes up cold. The Grobags really endure the whole wriggly baby in a cot stage as well, as he often wakes the wrong way up and goes from tummy to back to side all night.
There are a huge range of colours and sizes all the way up as far as you'd like to go. Easily portable all you need is your bottom fitted sheet. Pop them over baby's bedclothes and wash them as needed as you would the other bedlinen. They even come with a room thermometer and an informative guide on dressing and TOGS for temperature.
They're a bit pricey, but worth the money.

Perfect Sleeping!

We have now got a couple of different types of Sleeping bags for our baby but the Grobag is the most essential and the one we use the most. It has recognised sllep safety benefits from the SIDS foundation which is important when, as a new parent, how to best swadle/wrap/sleep your baby for sleep.Grobag is also great because you dont need to purchase as many additional blankets. The different temperature ratings or TOG is an easy way to choose the level of warmth required in each individual room in the house. Perfect!
Expensive but worth the investment. You can get different sizes. Can be used in the car seat/ capsule
Hard to get babies arms out of the bag

Worth every cent!

I love these sleeping bags, have tried a few other brands but nothing compares to the quality and durability of grobags. I have 6 in different TOG's for my daughter who has just turned 1. She has been sleeping in them since 5 months old. It keeps her snug and protected, and is an awesome "prompt" that is bed time, and she goes to sleep with no fuss. I know that she will get a great night sleep, without getting cold due to not being covered.
Different TOG ratings and materials used, quality of workmanship, cute designs and the fact that it helps with following safe sleeping guidelines for lowering the riskof SIDS

Fantastic product!

Love the grobag -- as does our baby :) We have three in different material weights for different temperatures. Easy to use -- zips, press-studs and material are very good quality.

Baby can move her arms around, which she wasn't able to do when swaddled. Lots of room for movement and baby doesn't need blankets over her in bed.

Easy to wash and quick to dry...good material that doesn't need to be ironed and wears well. Different patterns cater for a variety of tastes.

Only downside is that the cardboard labels all look the same, so you must choose carefully -- I picked up a travel one by mistake, as it was in the wrong place and all the labels look the same (it doens't really matter though, travel ones just have a zip down the middle.)

I like that you can buy a travel one so you can use it in the pram or car capsule -- very handy!

Quite expensive, but worth the money!
different material weights for different temperatures, can buy 'travel' grobags too, easy to use and wash, baby can't kick off bedding, don't need other heavy bedding
expensive, baby has to be 4kg to use, easy to pick up travel grobag by mistake as the labels look the same!

Great, but very expensive

We were lucky enough to have been given 2 of these for our daughter - a very lightweight bag for Summer, and a thicker bag for Winter.
They are fantastic - our daughter is a wriggly sleeper and always kicked her blankets off - but now she has no choice but to stay cosy!!
The designs are lovely, the fabric is a much better quality than others on the market, and they do wash well.
Having said that, I don't think we'd have 2 of them if they weren't given to us as they are very expensive, especially since most babies will grow out of them quickly...
Great design, good quality fabric, come in a variey of thicknesses for different seasons

great for wriggly babies

I needed something to contain my baby and keep him covered while he cracked laps around the cot. Sheets and blankets seemed unsafe for this kind of baby. The grobag is a safe option to keep him warm. There is a suitable amount of different weights for different season, with a handy room thermometer which is pretty accurate (unless we get a stinker of a day about 27degrees!)
I found there is inconstancy between the designs as to whether they have a zip up the middle or poppers at the top. Personally, I find the zipper up the middle is a little too close to baby's chin, he chews on it and makes it grubby much easier than the popper one. They are also tricky to line up and get the zipper together when you are in a low light environment.
When he transitioned from the smaller size to the 6-18month size, the amount of material at the end of his feet was excessive- to the point that he would bring his legs up and completely cover his face with it! He grew out of doing this after a month or so luckily! Perhaps bringing the size down to 6-12 months and making it shorter would be better?
safe, good options for different climates
pricey, tricky zippers

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