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HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70

HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70

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Water bottles kept breaking withcracks even after 2 uses.

I bought this mop and had it replaced in less than a year even being used only number of times on a small kitchen.

The other negative about this machine is after complaining and several replacements, they still never replaced their brittle and fragile fault water tank bottles that are so expensive to buy. You have to buy the container and cap seperately.

The plastic material is so brittle that after 2 uses literally On a small kitchen, for some reason the bottle keeps getting big cracks and sometimes holes even with the cap itself.

So you end pretty much spending so much repeatedly on the bottles alone making it more expensive to buy this machine overall in the long run. I would rather go back to old school mopping system.

Even after I mentioned it to haan, they try and say my warranty has expired refusing to listen about their poor quality faulty parts.

I was happy at first but permanently not.

Date PurchasedJul 2013

Not worth the money!

I purchased this high rated mop just on 2 years ago after reading all of the rave reviews here. Well I have used no more than once a week here on the tiles at home and was OK with the performance - not totally convinced that I had done the right thing, but assured by all the reviews that I had read. Now it doesn't steam at all and is unusable, I consider it to be a waste of money, after all it does cost a fair amount of money. I have cared for the Haan and it has never been abused or misused followed all instructions in the manual etc. Don't buy it!

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OK, Since writing this review, I have been in touch with Haan Australia and after a conversation with the gentleman whom I spoke to regarding my dissatisfaction with the mop, I decided to 'bite the bullet' as it were and buy a new steam unit. It does sound mad I know- but I had already spent all the money buying the unit and so as the new unit came with a 1 year guarantee I gave it one more try and waited for the new unit to arrive. To be fair, I didn't expect a lot from it but was pleasantly surprised because my original steam unit was never the best even from new - guess who must have got the lemon! So now I am happy with my Haan mop, just upset that I had to buy a new steam unit for it costing just less than $100.I had no preconceived idea of how it should have worked originally - if I had I would have done something about it whilst still under warranty.

I've just thrown mine out!

I purchased this unit a couple of years ago, it always dripped water from the bottle and left streaks. I cleaned the unit out as suggested in the instruction manual. Yesterday I mopped the floors and it was leaking that much water the floor took ages to dry. The pads stopped sticking so they would have had to of been replaced. As the mop leaked so much yesterday I had had enough and thought this wet floor defeated the purchase of having a steam mop; I unplugged it and threw it straight in the skip we conveniently had over the weekend. I'm disappointed as it wasn't the cheapest steam mop on the market and I'll have to research and buy a new one.


It's a very average steam mop that does steam up my carpet but not able to remove stain. It leaks as well which wet my my carry cot. Honestly it doesn't worth the price, I rather pay a bit more to buy a truly premium one that is working properly.
The design
Leakage, doesn't remove stain, expensive

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Dear Claire, thank you for choosing our HAAN steam mop and sorry to hear that you're not satisfied with our product. SI-A70 can sanitize your carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas, etc... but can't actually remove stain 100% on your carpet without chemical applies. However, we never want our customers to feel that way, so we are happy to refund your money once you requested.


Very excited to get this and try it out, but poor results. Moves nicely over the floor, fine for dust and light dirt but no way this will clean anything dried in.
Hand held device is a complete waste of time, tried grease on splashbacks first, nothing doing, then hob, again, nothing, finally, tried the sink, plug and tap areas in bathroom, despite some grime being there almost nothing came out. Toothbrush and bathroom cleaner so much easier and effective.
Not sure if it just doesnt get hot enough or not enough pressure, either way not good enough for $200 product.
Sad face.
Looks good, moves well across the floor. Fast shipping. Good communication.
Simply not an effective cleaning device.

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Note, I have a greater understanding of why all the good reviews, as Haan sent through an email with a promise of a free gift if I posted a positive review. Work that one out for yourself.

Haan steam mop

Very disappointed with the purchase of this steam mop. I had hoped that i had chosen carefully and felt that i did my research but was very let down. Waste of money really!!! It is quite heavy and doesn't manoeuvre easily making it hard to turn. More work than a simple mop and bucket!!
Heats up quickly
Leaves floors looking streaky. Doesn't leave floors looking clean. Useless on tiles etc.

Absolutely Overrated

Purchased from eBay after reading all these splendid reviews. It was a complete disappointment. There is simply NOT ENOUGH steam produced to clean. Completely useless to clean bathrooms and don't even think about trying it on the kitchen stove. You'll be there 10 years and it'll still be the same. That disappointing. After giving it 3 tries, I put it aside and took out my old fashioned cloth and bucket.

That aside, I've decided to refund this item and I was quite optimistic as the seller did state they have a 14-day money back guarantee. Complete nonsense. After many various attempt to contact seller, there was no response. Had to resolve to a PayPal Resolution claim. After sending item back, seller has failed to collect the item or responded. Still awaiting review from PayPal. Escalated to a claim since Monday 10th June.

Buyers purchasing this item should be warned. It's not worth the frustration.
Poor performance

Hi PipuPipu, as outlined in my email, we have issued a full refund as there was some confusion with the collection card. We understand your frustration in the administration process of your return, however we believe this review is inaccurate of the product itself. We stand by the quality of the product and it's ability to steam clean. Kind Regards, GenovevaSeems that there is some astro-turfing going on here. Most of the reviewers that have given 5 stars have only reviewed the mop and nothing else. I wouldn't believe the reviews.Hi mate have you had any success with the paypal claim? I just escalated mine after I had enough of waiting on Haan to get back to me.

Not sure how this product gets such good reviews..

This product does not produce enough steam to clean any grime off anything, unless you spent minutes on each tiny spot. The hand held part is heavy so that combined with the lack of steam has meant that it's ineffective for cleaning the tiles, glass in my shower etc which I brought it for. I’ve tried it twice, and it’s made no difference. I put my hand about an inch away from the nozzle and all it felt like was light, hot air blowing. The combination of the lack of steam and the heat means I do not believe this product sanitises anything. I used it on my floors, and it was fine (but I have concrete floors so it doesn't show grime easily (eg. I only have to mop every 3 months or so!) so don't know how it would go on floors that did). This product is only sold through one seller, which I only realised after purchasing it. As such, I personally doubt that all the reviews for this product are independent - but that is my opinion.
Multipurpose attachments. Heats up quickly. Long cord.
Expensive. Hardly any steam. Steam not hot enough.

Not powerful enough

I was excited about buying this product after seeing the rave reviews... I find that its not powerful enough. I have to go over a simple dirt over and over to remove it. I feel like I'm wiping the floor with a damp cloth. Doesn't dry straight away but quicker than a mop and bucket. It took forever to get rid of grease on the stovetop. I didn't even finish it I got over it.
Multi purpose
Not powerful enough

Doesn't produce enough steam!!!

Seeing the great review, I had high expectation. For general purpose cleaning I guess this product is ok. But I am doubtful at the effectiveness and the amount of time it takes to really sanitise a dirty toilet floor, mouldy bathroom wall grout. I challenge them to do a video on how much time it takes to clean a dirty floor, greasy kitchen or oven. Using an UV light to check at the end.

I'm surprised most of the 28 reviewers that rated this product as excellent didn't complain about not enough steam, it takes a long time to clean greasy surface with the little steam it produced. I don't quite agree with their website FAQ below as the amount of steam = cleaning power, their video doesn't show it cleaning greasy kitchen stove, it is definitely slow to clean up my greasy kitchen, i have tested it when I moved out of my rental property.

14. Why can't I see much steam coming from the hand-held steamer?
The MULTI is not a pressurized hand-held steamer like the HAAN ALLPRO, however the steam emitted from this machine is still powerful enough to clean tough messes and sanitize 99.9% of germs, bacteria and dust mites. The steam emitted from the hand-held portion of the MULTI is a very fine vapor that is very hot, which can result in the steam being less visible.
Good quality plastic, given enough time, it will remove stubborn grease.
the detached unit is too heavy if carry around when cleaning, did not produce enough steam! So it will take a longer time to clean really greasy kitchen or hard to remove mould.

Dissappointed on Travertine Tiles

I have travertine floor tiles, that are filled, honed and unpolished. I usually use a traditional mop and bucket and need to change the water several times to keep it hot and clean. I read all the reviews which were very good and I was excited about purchasing the Haan steam mop thinking it would be easier and quicker. It is easy to push but you have to go so slowly to get a good clean on my floor. Therefore it has taken 3 times the time to clean. I had to go over food stains several times for them to come off. The pad was fully saturated at the end and I only did 50m2. Then I had to pack it all up and I realized it would be quicker to mop the floor with water and a bucket. It is easier on your back than traditional mopping. Perhaps it is more suited to floor boards or polished tiles. I think mine will end up on ebay in a few months!
Easy to push, quick delivery
You have to go slowly on honed travertine tiles.

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I too have just purchased the mop, and wasn't really happy. Had to go slow and repeatedly over any food or older mark. Did dry quickly, but not enough guts- useless in the bathroom.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone used this on a slate floor? Would it destroy the mop pads as the floor is not smooth?
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I would call the company and check with them to be sure if it is suitable for a slate floor. They have an office here in AU (NSW?) Google for the contact details.

Hi , I am thinking of buying haan floor steamer mop and was wondering if its worth buying model with the hand held steamer ,is it powerful enough to use around the house for other cleaning jobs
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I have found it is great for sterilisation, toilets, shower recess and mattress etc. I haven’t a reason to use in my oven as it is one that burns off the stuff at high heat. It doesn’t get rid of mould, only mould remover does that. Used it in my sliding door tracks, helped lift the dirt there.DON'T...I have had to replace the BRITTLE water tanks 4 times now at a cost of $9.95 each! I'm very disappointed....Today I went to steam mop my floor ready for my husband's 60th birthday tomorrow and guess what...ANOTHER cracked water tank. You will be let down so research another brand...

My water tank broke while attached to the handheld mop, and the cap is stuck in it with the broken bottle neck. I have already purchased a new water tank, but have been unsuccessful removing the cap from the mop. Is there any way that I could remove the cap and start using my mop again?? I had just started to like the steam mop and then this happens!! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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I can't answer definitively however a few times it has been tough to pull my tank free. This maybe caused by calcium build up causing high pressure and heat between the rubber suction of the cap contact. Maybe push down and use a solvent.. C-L-R or WD40 good luck. Descale ur mop.


Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70
Price (RRP) $219
Tank Capacity350ml
Cord Length7.6m
Release dateJun 2012

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