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HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70

HAAN Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70

4.4 from 266 reviews

Great product. Bad customer support

I purchased the steam mop about 2 years ago and it was the best steam mop I have ever used.
I should have used it for less than 25 times in the last 2 years and it stopped working.
Upon writing to customer support, I was told there is no repair shop in Melbourne and I need to send the steam mop to Sydney warehouse at my own costs for to and fro courier charges and the repair will cost 40 dollars.
All up I was looking at about 120 dollars to get it repaired.
This was disappointing as I expected the steam mop to work for at least 3-4 years at its price point and secondly there was no repair option in Melbourne.

Would have given 5 stars if the support was up to scratch.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Was great while it worked!

I bought this mop based on all the great reviews however as they solicit for reviews immediately i wanted to wait till i'd had it a while. I loved this mop. Was best ive used. Worked great, great to use, not too wet - tho a longer handle would be better for taller people. Easy to push around. However unfortunately it didnt live very long - less than 2yrs. Haan offered to fix at their cost but we had to pay shipping both ways as it was outside the 12mnth warranty however that would have been quite expensive. So disappointing & Expensive for its short life. I also didnt end up using any of the attachments that i was sold on. However if i got longer use from it it would have got 5stars. I cant bring myself to throw it away but i guess its not going to fix itself!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Cleans well but very streaky/cloudy residue on polished tiles

I have porcelain tile floors and it is easy to move around. For stubborn stains, I just leave the steam on it for 15-30 seconds and it removes most stains well. It is easy to refill but I find that I dont need to refill it and I have a large floor area to clean. The cord is a good length for my floors. The only thing I dont like at all is that it leaves my floors with a very cloudy film. They are highly polished porcelain tiles and they are always very streaky which really annoys me. I find That I always use my normal mop and just use the steam mop when they are really grubby. Bit disappointing really. It would be perfect on normal tiles but probably wouldnt recommend for highly polished surfaces.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

OK but heavy and hard to manoeuvre

Not bad, but I found it very heavy and hard to manoeuvre. Did a fair cleaning job but seemed to leave floor quite wet. Liked the fact that it was multi-functional - it had a detachable hand-held steamer, but this also was too heavy for me. No real complaints otherwise, but have replaced it with something lighter - Kmart $45 one.

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Not Great! Bit expensive for the quality of the product!

It seems the product has been over rated!
It was ok, a bit heavier than described.
It doesn't have enough steam!
Need to change two pads and two tanks to clean entire floor. It is easier than using a mop with a bucket of water!
Over priced for the result I get!

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Works ok but beware of cheap water tank...

The water tank cracks and leaks pretty quickly. I am on my third in less than three years. The plastic they are made of seems pretty cheap. The small rubber seal in the lid of the water tank also failed requiring a lid replacement. Otherwise it does the job. I like that it's easy to maneuver into tight spaces. It won't stand on it's own, so needs to be leaned into a corner when unattended.

Date PurchasedSep 2013

I don't know really....hit and miss

Had it for over 3 years now but I'm back to the mop and bucket. However after reading these reviews I'll clean the dust off and refire the boiler and see if it is all worth it.
Does it save time? Not really as it can't lift rice or sticky things stucked to my tiles like the mop can......Is it cleaner? Maybe......Can it go to places where the mop can go? Absolutely Not!.......Does it take less effort? Well I'll leave that judgement to you.....Happy Haan? Not too sure. Improvements I would like Haan to make is it needs more steam power firstly and secondly place the handle towards the middle of the steam head so that you can put some downward force to lift off does hard to remove stains and sticky rice or dried out fruit off the floors without going back a million times or having to saturate the damn thing then finally srapping it off. (A mop does it so easily because you can create some downward pressure). Make these improvements then you will have a much better PRODUCT.... Haan steam mop is quite solid and sturdy!!! If these improvements are made I'd throw out the OLD and buy the NEW ANYTIME.

great mop but a bit over rated for the price.

cleans well,although not as hot and not as much steam as my old Sheffield mop.Leaves floors almost dry,love the pads,cleans tiles as well as any other mop,the pads stay on well even on my rough sandstone tiles,great for carpets,nice long cord,fast heat up and great accessories.Love the handheld bit for toilets etc.Unfortunately.my mop has just dies,two days after the warranty has run out! Very disappointed as I paid more to get a better mop but now I think I will just get another cheap one

Not reliable and over priced!

After reading several positive reviews, I bought a Haan SI-A70 steam mop online, even though it was far more expensive than other units. Initially, it was wonderful; cleaned the tiled floors well and didn't leave floors too wet. After 18 months, the steam function was intermittent even though the unit appeared to heat up. After contacting Haan Australia, I was advised to send the steam section from Canberra to Sydney at my own expense. A new steam unit would cost $79 ( plus postage I presume). My household consists of two retired seniors, so the unit was definitely not over used. I will replace this steam mop with a cheaper one from a local supplier who will provide better customer service if required. I have learned a valuable lesson..........more expensive is not necessarily more reliable. If you don't live in Sydney (close to Auburn), don't buy this unreliable, expensive steam mop.

Cleaning okay but very much overpriced

Product is doing it's job okay. Floors are clean and not watered down.
Accessories are pricey. Steam mop itself is "very plastic" and feels cheap. Overpriced!

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Thank you for your valuable feedback Alex. Please contact us 02 9645 2252 if you have any issue with our product.

not as good as they say.

Ok for cleaning floors except for slightly more stubborn stains,found it disappointing when it came to mould,hardly budged it,and the same with dirt,had to revert back to the old way(good old elbow grease).I can't see the value except for saving on floor cleaning chemicals.I don't know,maybe i'm doing something wrong.

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Sorry to hear the difficulties you've experience with the one of our Products. We request you to call us on 02 9645 2252 to discuss further. We may be able to offer some advice to assist you with your HAAN Steam Mop.

It's okay, I guess it does what it says, but nothing more.

I've come to realise that I did not see anything about the actual cleaning ability of this steam mop when I was first researching it. Yes, it is simple to use, no it doesn't leak like many others, yes it heats quickly. But no, it doesn't actually clean things all that brilliantly at all. I would say this is not much better than a normal mop in terms of its ability to get your floors clean. I've been using this mop on our tiles which are only 1 year old. It doesn't clean them anymore than a normal mop does. Luckily, our normal mop needed replacing, so this steam mop is now our new 'normal mop'.
Easy to plug in, easy to re-fill.
Considering this seems to be advertised as the 'best reviewed' steam mops, it just doesn't live up to expectations. I don't think my expectations were unreasonable, I wasn't expecting miracles. The actual cleaning ability is the issue.

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Dear Lauren, thank you for choosing our HAAN steam mop and sorry to hear that you're not 100% satisfied with our product. We understand the product can't always meet every customer's expectation. Therefore we are happy to refund your money once you requested.

Not as good as expected

The pressure doesn't seem to be very high. The unit continually clicks and doesn't appear to get to temperature. It leaves a wet surface and would not be suitable for mattresses or bed linen as shown in the demonstrations. The manual doesn't sufficiently describe how the unit should work for me to be able to determine whether it is working properly.
Easy to use and covers do not fdetach from the head during use as some other appliances do.
Doesn't get hot enough and leaves surfaces wet.

I bought a HAAN S1-A70 in May 2013 and after three months it has broken down and does not steam. Chasing up the warranty but am finding it difficult to get any assistance. Would not recommend.How did you go with replacement? I have had mine for 6 months and today it stopped working. I tried to call them and it goes straight to message bank which is unusual for a business.

Hmmmm...definately not amazed

Does not have enough steam and you need to scrub to get off most of the dirt. Barely hot enough to take grime off shower glass.

You may have noticed that most of the reviews of this HAAN SI-A70 mop appear to be fake postings, assuming the distributor or someone in connection with selling them. (Always check the date the member joined and how many reviews they have made before placing too much reliance in amazing and glowing reports).

All in all, it's another 'made in china' mop with a different sticker and barely works as advertised. If you really want something that lasts, go for a brand name that you have heard before. and has service and spare parts Australia wide. Take a look at the Karcher SC3.000 Steam Cleaner for an example of a well made product with excellent after sales support.

Spare parts availability (only one company selling it).

Hi I was about to purchase the Haan today. Can I ask, if you knew the Karcher was so good, why did you purchase the Haan. It doesn't make any sense?Hi Aron, I purchased the Haan around 12 months ago and have replaced it with the Karcher last month. The Karcher generates far more steam than the Haan and it is definitely a more sturdy unit. It is also a steam cleaner (not mop) so it can clean tile grout, shower glass, windows, refresh carpets and clean grease off BBQs etc. A little more versatile, however if your just cleaning floors, a steam mop would do. The other major problem (and it appears to be coming from the distributor) is the loaded products reviews in order to boost sales. The problem for the average reader of this site is that your not getting a true reflection of the actual product. The product review page for the Haan cleaner has a 'Shamwow' feel about it. My advice would be to go to somewhere like Godfreys or Harvey Norman and try all of the mops they have on display, at least then you have stores Australia wide that can support you with spare parts and advice.Hi Thank You for your feedback, and your comment re member join date and member review date is extremely valid. I read the choice reviews last night and the upright Monster and Shark Steam Mops ranked the highest. I ended up purchasing the Shark Steam mop as it had the features that I needed and ranked well terms of limited water residue, replacing water without having to wait for the unit to cool down, and run time of 30 minutes. Will let you know how it goes. Great Feedback.

Almost there

This steam mop cleaned my floors nicely, I wouldn't say it got all my marks off but the ones that did not clean off are pretty industrial.As for the mould in my shower I did have to scrub pretty hard to even get it to clean most of it off not all I will still need to use bleach .maybe if the pads were a little thinner it would not hold as much water to leave the tiles a little wet for a while but good abrasiveness on pads.
Very easy to use one button control for on and off .Overall I am happy I guess I was just expecting way too much.
Good height so no sore back, light, easy to store, good length cord,
I did not think it got to 100degrees,pads a little to thick so leaves tiles a bit damp for 10 mins but good abrasive ness on pads

Comparison the HAAN Steam mop with other Band

I have just bought the item recently, I had another one with different brand, used for 3 years and broken down, hopefully this one will last a bit longer than 3 years. In terms of services and item material, it is good made, enough info in the pamphlet, easy to be assembled and good quality.
HAAN steam mop is good, very quite, the design is very sleek
The steam is not powerful enough and drag on the floor is ok but too heavy to be shifted

Overated product

I too purchased this mop after reading rave reviews. This is my first steam mop purchase and I had quite high expectations after doing my review research, its ok, my floors are cleaner than when I use a mop, but any mark or food blob must be manually removed.

The steam is not powerful enough for any medium to tough stains on tiles. Its a very slow process, it took me an hour and 3 tank refills to do my small 3 bed home. It left streak marks on my bathroom tiles and it is completely useless cleaning the shower.

Some people have suggested that it is superior quality plastic- not in my opinion.
I was after a premium steam mop- I'm not convinced one even exists. Deciding wether or not to return it.
Floors take 2 minutes to dry
Useless in cleaning showers, it is just a steam mop with not much gusto

I have made comment re choice reviews of Steam Mops. The review is very useful as even the Hoover option which I had heard had rated highly did not on Choice.if you look closely at all the rave reviews they are all from members that have only just registered on that given day, there are like 15 excellent reviews from members that joined the same day they reviewed 22 Jan, I would say someone that works for this company is writing all of these rave reviews

Ok , but doesn't give off enough steam...

My first ever steam mop purchase and a little dissapointed...Bought the Haan steam mop after reading good reviews - having tested it on my tiles I have to admit it just doesn't give off enough steam , stains on tiles didn't lift as easily as I would have expected, took me twice as long to steam the floors with the steam mop than it would have with mop and bucket. Have tried the handheld unit and nozzle attachment to steam clean the grout inbetween the tiles - it was clear at this point the unit just doesn't give off enough steam and hence it was pretty useless in cleaning the grout :(
Easy to use, floor tiles dried really quickly
Doesn't give off enough steam, unstable when in resting position

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone used this on a slate floor? Would it destroy the mop pads as the floor is not smooth?
1 answer
I would call the company and check with them to be sure if it is suitable for a slate floor. They have an office here in AU (NSW?) Google for the contact details.

Hi , I am thinking of buying haan floor steamer mop and was wondering if its worth buying model with the hand held steamer ,is it powerful enough to use around the house for other cleaning jobs
2 answers
I have found it is great for sterilisation, toilets, shower recess and mattress etc. I haven’t a reason to use in my oven as it is one that burns off the stuff at high heat. It doesn’t get rid of mould, only mould remover does that. Used it in my sliding door tracks, helped lift the dirt there.DON'T...I have had to replace the BRITTLE water tanks 4 times now at a cost of $9.95 each! I'm very disappointed....Today I went to steam mop my floor ready for my husband's 60th birthday tomorrow and guess what...ANOTHER cracked water tank. You will be let down so research another brand...

My water tank broke while attached to the handheld mop, and the cap is stuck in it with the broken bottle neck. I have already purchased a new water tank, but have been unsuccessful removing the cap from the mop. Is there any way that I could remove the cap and start using my mop again?? I had just started to like the steam mop and then this happens!! Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
1 answer
I can't answer definitively however a few times it has been tough to pull my tank free. This maybe caused by calcium build up causing high pressure and heat between the rubber suction of the cap contact. Maybe push down and use a solvent.. C-L-R or WD40 good luck. Descale ur mop.


Multi Purpose Floor Steamer SI-A70
Price (RRP) $219
Tank Capacity350ml
Cord Length7.6m
Release dateJun 2012

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