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I purchased a half million dollar apartment off the plan in Hawthorn Vic to be built by Hacer group, even before settlement on first inspection the defects where pointed out.yet settlement still went though regardless that items were not fixed and in good faith that they would be attended to shortly after the settlement. well settlement is what happened, the developed building settled on to the land and more cracks started to appear all over the whole development, in the first few weeks doors didn't close, floors started to creak,. I discovered my front door lock engaged but did not lock, smoke seals at the bottom of this fire rated door did not seal due to uneven floors and this was not just on my apartment but on others and even the stair wells, painting defects and more cracks in plaster across where power points were installed due to poor plaster support ,The mirror splash back in my kitchen is very badly marked and hazed especially when the sun hits it it looks like something dug up from the tip.now 9 months now after settlement nothing has been fixed to satisfaction by Hacer, some sub standard painting and patching has occurred but now Hacer say everything is at an acceptable state and refuse to fix anymore defects.
The things I mention are just a few of the issues here in this building, we paid a high price for a cheaply built apartment block and Id say the developers which I will also review on this site are as shonky as the builders that built the place, all built to a price, slapped up, no care no responsibility and why should they,they have our hard earnt money and they move on without a care in the world for the people that have been ripped off and left to sort out the issues they should have dealt with.
I say to anyone thinking of buying off the plan or building to give these builders a big big pass, if you have heard of the shonky brothers I say you'd be better off getting them to build for you than Hacer cos I'm sure like me you'll have nothing but misery ,headaches and frustration, then left either in a legal battle with them or having to settle with the dodgy shonky standard of this company. if I could rate this company on this site in minus figures it would be a minus 5+. **** Hacer Group you let Australia down, Shame on you******

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