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Haier HVF-260
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Absolute rubbish

Bought the freezer and initially happy with it great size and easy access for a vertical freezer.
Had to replace the mother board after only 6 months and then surprise surprise just out of warranty and the beeping has started ( as mentioned in other posts)
We have endured and persisted with working out how to stop it but certainly would not recommend this brand, spend a bit more and find something a bit better quality
Beep beep
As a side note when we went back to Harvey Norman to chat about the issues the young bloke who just shrugged his shoulders and said we should have bought another brand as these ones only last around 2 years

Purchased in June 2016 at Harvey Norman for $700.00.

You get what you pay for

I needed an upright freezer and this one was a great price for the size. The handle was a real pain as the plastic bits kept popping off. Worked pretty well - kept food frozen. Now after 4 years it is driving me batty with the beeping and the error codes. The repair guy just came and told me it was the gas and it would cost at least $500 to fix, if he could even get the parts. He says it is not worth it and I have to agree. he also tells me that he is seeing a lot of Haier products that have the same issues. I would have expected it to last longer than 4 years, though going by the reviews, I think that I was lucky it lasted that long. You definitely get what you pay for!

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Looks good but cheap rubbish. Door handle design is faulty and cheap

Initially when I got this I was thrilled. For the price (sub $800) there isnt much competition.

However you get what you pay for. The door handles are made of 50% plastic, with cheap "Stainless steel" looking plastic covers that break.

I have owned the freezer just over 2 years so it is out of warranty. Never buying a Haier or Fisher and Paykel (who are owned by Haier) again. Terrible.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Cheap, quiet and effective freezer

I’ve owned this freezer for 4 months now. It has a reversible door which was a pain to switch over to right hand opening, however that’s really the only negative. If you plan to reverse the door, make sure you have a socket wrench - a screw driver likely won’t cut it for removing the ridiculously tight screws (fortunately the screws have hex heads). It hasn’t leaked, is quiet and is quite ergonomic to use.

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Loved the size and drawers are great. But just a rubbish freezer. Always dripped water and then failed completely. Lasted just over 2 years. Beware!! Thankfully I purchased product care and I was given a store credit as there was no Haier freezer equivalent so I had to buy a different brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

So far so good

This freezer replaced our trusty Kelvinator which has been faultless but now too small for our family. We love this freezer. Size is great, drawers very functional, and the digital thermometer is cool. Never bought a Chinese appliance before so we are hoping it proves reliable long term. Online reviews were all very positive so here's hoping.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

I got a lemon!

Let me start with the product was great, till the "frost free" freezer started freezing up still under warranty. It has been a constant battle with Haier to fix it with no result. Now their plan is to not return my calls or fix the issue. Now I am stuck with a freezer that needs to b defrosted constantly. I would not recommend this product or any other that Haier / Fisher and Paykel make. So disappointing.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Beep beep!

Purchased to replace a 30 year old Westinghouse chest freezer which was still working however due to ergonomic challenges of older mother not being able to store or remove goods effectively a vertical freezer was the way to go.

The good
- cosmetically appealing, looks good in kitchen space in stainless steel finish
- good price point. More features for less money compared to others
- good size again for price
- bright led internal lights do help
- good display shows current and set temperatures plus useful options
- energy efficient
- quiet
- cools quickly, temperature stable, doesn't seem to work to hard to maintain temps
- good technology to a degree ( may be F&P influence). Eco option which we use mostly, programmed fast freeze, variable fan speed

Comes with the bad
- annoying alarm. Like other reviews it beeps at the slightest temp changes by simply sticking the freezer after a shop, trying to find something etc
- alarm is way to quiet to be of any benefit if power fails or fault found.
- defrost heater failed within warranty period. Came home one night with the house power fuse tripped. Couldn't work out what did it until the next day when the freezer defrost element failure code appeared and ice build up. This is typical of an element blowing happened with other fridges in past. Bit premature to fail so early.
- poor customer service from F&P. The most disappointing aspect of this purchase. F&P must be run by robots as they have no comprehension that a freezer full of meats etc is not urgent enough to send a repairer out in a couple of days. First available was a week away. We were lucky we still had the trusty chest freezer handy. After coming out they then had to order the part and come back again to install which took nearly another week. What's the point of giving fault code to them and come unprepared. Poor form!
- ice build up on top edge of door. Cannot work out why this is occurring as the seal is flush with frame
- plastic covers on shelves flimsy. Prone to leave open unintentionally and if door closes will push on them and crack them

At the price nothing else compared to its features, volume and stainless steel finish. So it forfills the requirements and looks good. Taking out extended warranty is a given, it will be needed. Shame after market service and quality control is not there but maybe the series 2 has sorted some of the design issues??

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Continual alarms drive you insane....

We had a warranty claim within days of install as ice kept forming at top of door and falling to floor each time you opened - repair man suspected door was bent so replaced door but although issue improved the ice still appeared on occassion. Alarms continually sound - usually each time after a grocery shop which is annoying. Understand the alarm process but it seems overly sensitive....having a predictive idea of actions would be of benefit rather than the complex control panel. ie, a warming due to frequent door opening when stocking should kick fast freeze mode then auto switch to eco mode....instead you get alarms to indicate warming due to frequent door opening. Would not buy again - it is a bit of a beast and not in a good way.

Date PurchasedApr 2015
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Just as a footnote after having a repair guy out again for the continual alarms and icing up Haier contacted me and offered a new model of the freezer for a small cost which I opted to take up. The original freezer was just outside warranty but as mentioned we had continual issues...the replacement freezer (same but later model) couldn't be more different....works exactly as it should with no issues at all so can only assume Haier was aware of issues with earlier model as later model door design is slightly different. Certainly can't complain about Haier customer service - Thanks...now very happy with my Haier vertical freezer.

Initial faults but great overall

When we first got this freezer our household power was very unreliable and the freezer stopped working after showing error codes for a while (fan not working). We then had the circuit board replaced under warranty, It initially showed error codes sometime after that but we didn't do anything about it and now it's going perfectly. This may be because we now have VERY reliable power.

Date PurchasedJun 2015
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Well the fan fault has come back. Although the top of the freezer keeps things frozen still, the bottom is only good for storing slabs of beer. Because it costs too much for travel to get it fixed under warranty we;ll take it to the fix it man on the back of the ute when we can.

Terrible - do not buy

Have owned for 15 months and have had to have repaired twice including having the fan replaced as it was completely frozen up.
Both repairs due to an 'e1' error. Freezer beeps non stop when error shows.

Freezer is supported to be frost free but isn't and has ice build up in the bottom of the freezer.

If I could send it back for a full refund I would - Save yourself the hassle spend a little more and buy something else!

A total lemon......service included

Ten months old, and an iced up fan (no frost freezer) upon thawing the fan works again. A month later ice forms on the bottom shelf and water runs out on the floor. Technician does not know how to remove the clear plastic shelf door so smashes it to remove. Smashes the rear plastic cover to try to poor boiling water down the evaporation tube which has iced up. Not successful. Says fan working. Waiting 10 days, no response, water still running onto floor. Spoke to senior officer, that's another story! Asked for a replacement freezer. No, the broken drawer parts have not arrived yet. This will not fix the problem as the door does not have anything to do with the actual problem, I stated. Was told that I was not a technician and would not know. My advice, DO NOT TOUCH THIS PRODUCT. Still waiting for a call to say when the problem will be fixed. Looks like a weekly job to pour boiling water down the tube to melt the ice.......what a joke

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The problem above seems to be fixed NOW!!! Another technician (contractor) came and found that the removable cover which contains the fan and heater unit had been installed incorrectly. The unit was not aligned to the drain hole on the bottom hence the water running onto the floor and the accumulation of water in the tray freezing. Took a new technician to solve the problem that the Service Department for Haier could not. Amazing.

Looked good, very disappointing

Looked good when purchased, but proved problematic. It began having multiple big and little faults, it would beep but it was very unclear what the problem was. "24/7" customer support was a lie, you get redirected to Fisher & Paykal who only do business hours. Lost one load due to thawing waiting for support. Service very slow and tedious. Same again recently, a "fan fault", another $220, another service call to endure.

Yet another fault. This freezer is always beeping. It gives a variety of meaningless codes. The latest predominant code is "ed". Meaningless. The display temperature fluctuates between -16 (set point) and -05. Called service. They say 24/7. A booking is made for a visit in 8 days. This will be the second time the whole freezer has defrosted, mostly wasted. Note that every service call means someone has to stay home that day.With the temperature hovering between -1 and 2, and Fisher & Paykel organising an "urgent" service call in 8 days, we became increasingly insistent, that after 5 service calls, 2 lost freezer loads of food, and nearly two years intermittent alarming, we wanted a replacement. The supervisor agreed, and the exact same (discontinued) model was delivered 5 days later. After a few weeks, this replacement has worked as it should, always at the set temperature, and has not beeped a fault once.The replacement freezer continues to work perfectly. Clearly the first one was a lemon.

not terible

Works well freezer is what you pay for it comes up with an alarm randomly and beeps (gets rather anoying in the middle of the night) have had it fixed once under warranty but would beep for several hours even after turning the power off. Looks great and draws work really well nice bright light

Value for the Money

Looking for new freezer after my old small freezer died serving me for 7 years. Size, effieciency, looks, brand and price was the concerned. All big brands were very expensive going beyong $ 1K budget and looks were just normal. Finally looked at Haier freezer and was sceptical to buy as everyone say its Chinese product. Finally we were told that Haier brand owns Fisher & Paykel and they manufacture F&P freezer too for which we need to pay $ 550.00 more. So we got this new Freezer, with external display, sleek & clean looks, smooth drawers and frost free for price less then $ 900 was like a bonus. The refrigerator was well packed, they had instructed to start freezer after 6 hours and when we started there was no sound or vibration and it reach - 18 C within 2 hours. We just love this freezer
Value for the money, most energy efficient in the market, silent and modern look
very low door open alarm which we had asked the sales man to check with company and door is very hard to open mean seal very tight

Questions & Answers

What does the code f2 mean on our vertical freezer?
No answers

What does the code E6 mean
No answers

what is the code hh and why do I get a continues beep from the control unit
3 answers
HH stand for hot, may be door remained open or defrosting is going on or lot of food has just gone inside and system is finding it has gone hot, It will go once the freezer has reached it's temperature. Check the manual for more detailsContact Haier - known fault. We had this and were offered a replacement freezer for a small charge (was beyond warranty period but we had ongoing claims under warranty). Basically they gave us the new replacement model that has a slightly different door design and no longer has this issue.thankyou.the food inside the freezer was frozen then defrosted as the fan at the top continually iced up and stopped working and the wiring in the side of the door to the control panel over the yrs with the door opening and closing had split.so i just threw the thing out.its now a tool cupboard in the shed lol.thanks for your answers though


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