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Haier HVF260WH2

Haier HVF260WH2

3.7 from 3 reviews

Total waste of money

My freezer has just reached the 3 year mark and I have just lost about $300 worth of food because it decided to die. I currently have water coming out off the bottom from it because it no longer freezes. You would expect to get long than 3 years out of a freezer. Will never touch the Haier brand again

Purchased in January 2016 for $747.00.

excellent prices and fast delivery,

This replaced a "lemon" of the same type. this one has worked flawlessly (as its supposed to do). efficient. clear drawers/bins are great. but they do fog up when you open the door so its hard to see whats inside exactly but you can see vaguely and its easy to organise. so you know the milk is in the second drawer b/c you can see the bottles. easy to swap the door over from right to left opening with a few handyman tools. only design fault is if you leave the front door/flap to either of the top two compartments down after getting something out then the freezer door doesn't completely shut and the freezer defrosts because the door is ajar 1-2cm and hasn't sealed. also if you try to close the door when the flaps/shelf doors are down they will get broken. the alarm goes off but no good if its in the shed like ours is and the helpful kids have gotten ice creams out and haven't put the shelf doors back in place.
great price point. best value on the market. appliance online provide fantastic service.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Perfectly Convenient. The Right Size, Well Finished & Energy Efficient.

This Haier freezer is well made and far more energy efficient than the old chest freezer I was using prior to this purchase.
It's amazing how good it is for a unit at the cheaper end of the range.
The shelf / draw arrangement is good, and the display on the front to confirm it's working and still cold is large enough to see, without being obtrusive & ugly.
The LED lights inside make it easy to see what I'm after without being blindingly bright.
Quiet, efficient, & aesthetically pleasing, all at a very reasonable price point - what more could I ask for..?

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What more could I ask for? Handles that don't break,..!!! There's a little plastic cover to make the handles 'pretty' that has fallen apart on this and the matching fridge I bought. Terrible flimsy design that really lets the whole thing down because without them they can be REALLY hard to open.

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