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Haier HWM85

Haier HWM85

1479, B14266 and 1482
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so far so good

Love this washing machine. Still can’t believe how quiet it is. Loving all the wash options too. Couldn’t be happier with it. Multiple programs to suit our needs and very silent. No complain :)

Purchased in September 2018 at Appliances Online for $610.00.

Worst machine I've ever owned.

This machine washes everything in hot water unless you change it EVERYTIME to cold.
My clothes constantly shrink whether hot or cold.
My clothes come out ripped and show signs of wear long before they should.
Paint came off around the interior where door closes causing rusted metal. This happened in under 8 months of purchase, and it was obvious that it was a flaw in the enameling. Although I even had an extended warranty, I was told bad luck.
Worst machine I've ever owned. I've only had 4 machines in 45 years, and this one is rusting in under a year with no responsibility taken by the manufacturer.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Solid as a rock

Excellent value and never skipped a beat.
Flawless reliability.
Sales person recommended based on alleged lack of returns for repairs.
Great price and has well and truly paid for itself.
Efficient use of power and water.
Just enough size for us, average 3 - 7 loads per week.
Excellent cleanliness and options

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Good Basic Washer.

We needed a new washing machine quickly as out old one broke and we have a lot of messy kids!
We bought this on special at the Good Guys & it's been great. I think its running every day and no problems at all. Sometimes the quick wash function is not enough and so you end up taking longer and having to do your clothes again. The only other complaint if you call it that, is that the spin can be a bit noisy.
Other than that it is a solid performer and I am satisfied with it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great machine for the price and great service people!

So i bought this machine as my old 8 month old one, from a different brand, that broke after 8 months, and was going to take 4 weeks to replace. So when i was looking around i thought to my self that i would check out what brands use what service agents so i didn't end up with another machine that has the same service people as my old machine and i came across Haier! Haier use Fisher and Paykel service techs to service there machines and to be honest, this is why i chose to buy it. I have had the tech out to check the machine cause it is a little noisy, the tech came out and went right over the machine and found it to be slightly out of balance. I also have a Haier Dishwasher and he offered me some advice about that too. This was all free of charge.

So the machine is actually quicker then my old/new front loader from a different brand and washes quite well. The design is quite smart as the paddles that are attached to the side of the bowl fill with water at the bottom of the machine then release the water when they are at the top. they are also rounded so they are genital with your clothes.

So the machine is a little loud when it is spinning at high RMP, you dont hear the motor, you dont hear the pump as the pump only runs when there is water to be pumped. It also has a soft start feature for the water inlet. This helps reduce the horrible pipe rattle you get from a lot of machines.

The machine is not one that takes a long time to do anything, Its a lot quicker then most. I have mine set to the normal cotton wash, 40deg, 1400RMP with the signal on and it takes 1:20 to complete. With the time saver it reduces this by about 20 mins. The higher the temp the more time it takes but its nothing major.
Also, i have never had an issue being able to add clothes to the wash. Every time i have paused the machine it has unlocked after about 3 seconds. This is amazing, cause i'm used no not being able to add stuff!

So one down side is that you have to always set the signal tone. Its default to be turned off however, it has a memory function and i am able to set so i just turn the machine on, press memo and it remembers all the setting I like and then press start.

I would recommend this machine on its quality, price, features and the awesome service support!

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Not bad

I brought this washing machine in June of last year to use as a second machine in the garage for my work clothes. It works pretty well most of the time. Sometimes I need to put it on twice if my clothes are very dirty. It can be a bit noisy on spin but is a a good washing machine.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Cheap to buy cheap to run

Purchased from Good Guys for 490 + 69 delivered and installed and they removed the old machine and packaging, great service! So far the Haier has been faultless (except the fifteen minute express wash wasn't as good). It is exceptionally quiet even at 1400rpm spin cycle.
Another feature is its ability to weigh the clothes in the drum and set the levels accordingly. It displays the time left to finish and you can pause the cycle to add items. 8.5kg load is excellent

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


It is okay for the noise is made. It can clean and rinse clothes well usually. But sometimes it does not rinse dry during the fast washing. Of course, It depends on what you put into it. it has one point of inconvenient for me. It does not have the notice voice when it finishes its work.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Not bad at all at this price

Quick, noisey but not that much compare to my old Samsung. Rinse speed is awesome. It will be a bargain price at Harvey Norman. The favourite feature is it over all des my look the white body and child lock which give me a peace of mind while children at home

Date PurchasedApr 2017

quick and clean washes every times

This washing machine made the clothes wash quick and effective. Have used it for all types of clothes washes like linen, cotton, satin,wool and sportswear but never got dissatisfied with the results.

It makes a little bit of sound during the wash time but nothing out of the blue. Favourite features are the temperature and spin rotation controls,over six wash settings.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

worst investment i ever made in my life.

I don't even want to give 1 rating . I really wanted to give zero. Don't buy this machine. Horrible. End of every last machine cycle, it feels like earthquake in my house. It shakes the whole place like a hell. i have kept at 600rpm, 700 rpm, 800 rpm nothing works for me. I am literally feel bad that i have invested lot of money in that. I bought during mid of 2017. its been six month since i am using it. Because of recommendation from the store worker i bought this machine. I have no idea what to do with this. Planning to call the haier service people.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Don’t buy waste of money

Bought in October 2015 had some minor issue until December 2017 just out of warranty $142 for fisher and paykel to diagnose and the concrete weight from the drum came out virtually irreparable. Decided to buy a top loader simpson

Fisher and Paykel and Haier are a disgrace and didn’t even offer a replacement or pro rata charge or even a refund of the service.

Can I suggest all applicance manafacturers extend their warranty 2 years ain’t good enough

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Love it!

Cleans well and rinses to my satisfaction 'cos I usually like to have 2-3 rinses to get detergent off my baby's clothes. Haven't noticed wear-out on my clothes and is loud enough to help me remember that I'm doing the laundry. My favorite features are the various washing options or modules; like the jeans , underwear and best of all baby care.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

This product is perfect.

The Haier washing machine is good, it is large enough to wash clothes with capacity of 8.5kg. It has 12 programmes and easy to operate. It is also reasonable in price. I like it.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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The washing sound is quiet. No noisy heard during the operation .

Best Chinese Washing Machine

Haier appliances are designed to make life easier, so you can get more out of every day.Haier everyday washing machines come with up to 11 program cycles, so whether you’re washing delicates that extra gentle care, or your kids’ sports uniforms that look like they’ll never be clean again, Haier has got you covered.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Beautiful Quiet Machine

I was cautious about buying this machine, but I need not worried. Quiet, easy to use, and washes my clothes exceptionally well. I don't even realise the machine is on half the time. My favourite feature about this machine is how well it spins the clothes they are almost dry when they come out.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Amazing machine!!

First washing machine I've ever purchased brand new and can say I'm so happy with it clean my clothes amazingly no wear at all, it's a quiet machine doesn't even have a nose to let you know it's finished. My favourite feature about this machine is how well it spins the clothes they are almost dry when they come out

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Up and Down experience

we purchased this and had it promptly delivered, installed, worked a dream for about 2 weeks and then just stopped. took a week for the retailer to send someone to fix, a bolt had slipped and the band helping it spin had slipped off completely. He tightened it up and said it should no longer be an issue.
As for noise - this is significantly quieter than our last front loader which sounded like an airplane taking off. I barely notice it - even so much to miss the end of the cycle as it doesnt give you any audible 'finish' sound or beeping (which may be a blessing for some)
Happy with the cleaning options, and the different cycle options. a bit cautious about why it's discontinued and hoping it wont die on us in a month or two but happy enough with its performance for now.
The price and size of the machine was the draw card for us.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Beware: Repair men refuse to come repair this brand

My Haier washing machine worked beautifully for 2 years and then when it broke down I couldn't find a single person who will even come out to service it! Make sure you regulary maintain this machine to prolong its life. You get what you pay for with this brand! I can't believe retailers are still selling this very disappointing machine.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Great Basic front loader

Washes well
Keeps clothing in great condition.
Average noise
Not as many setting options as our last machine, not flexible with all wash options (spin speed and temp) but has everything we need for a family of 2 adults and 2 toddlers.
Once you've pressed start, if you need to open the door there is no 0 spin speed option (used to drain but no spin for faster acces) so min open time is about 15 mins unless you manually drain and open.. haven't had to try that yet.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

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Questions & Answers

What is the best wash cycle for an everyday load, tea towels, underwear, tshirts etc for the HWM85-B14266 and how long does it take?
1 answer
Hi We found "daily wash cycle", cold water, eco. with liquid detergent takes 45 minutes and did an excellent job set spin at 1400rpm

Hi just wondering what type of detergent do you use for Haier HWM85-1482 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine?
2 answers
Hi, We use any of the well-known brand LIQUID laundry detergents - OMO, Cold Power, Radiant, etc. We have found all of them generally ok. I will share the same advice I received from a technician some years ago regarding our dishwasher, which was to use LIQUID rather than powder. This is because sometimes the powders do not always fully dissolve and can build up over time in your machine's pipes - a bit like how 'plaque' builds up in your heart's arteries over time - and can eventually cause a blockage (and then repair bills). So I would recommend sticking with front-loading liquid laundry detergents (for washing machines as well as dishwashers). I hope this helps.liquid but sorry u bought a lemon there crap not worth the money as break down mine was broken within minutes


HWM85 1479HWM85 B14266HWM85 1482
Capacity8.5 kg8.5 kg8.5 kg
FeaturesDoor/Lid Lock (Child-proof)Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)4 star(s)3.5 star(s)
Water Rating4.5 star(s)4.5 star(s)4.5 star(s)
Household Size 3-4 people3-4 people3-4 people
Drum MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Colour / Finish WhiteWhiteWhite
Dimensions 850 x 595 x 650 mm845 x 595 x 650 mm850 x 595 x 650 mm
Max Spin Speed 1,400 rpm1,400 rpm1,400 rpm
Number of Wash Cycles111612
Weight71 kg74 kg
Country of ManufactureChinaChinaChina
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)
Release dateJan 2014Jan 2014

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