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Hankook Dynapro HP

Hankook Dynapro HP

4.1 from 26 reviews

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Tyre is unpredictable to dangerous in the wet

Replaced Front Tyres, the tyre performs well in the dry. In the wet it is a lottery at best.
Different surfaces produce very erratic performance bordering on dangerous in the wet. Front skids on roundabouts (30KMPH or less), Wheel spin on Urhill starts (4 cyl Automatic). High quatity Hotmix tar surface performance is adequate. Concrete, other tar surfaces - trouble for the unwary.

Purchased in November 2018 at JAX Tyres for $256.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 25,000 km
Tyre Pressure Used34 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

30k and worn out

I had two of these tyres fitted to the rear of my newly acquired Ford Ranger to pass roadworthy.
30,000 Kim later and they are worn out while the Bridgestone Duelers that the car came with on the front are still legal.
Mostly highway use towing a van.
Not a good off road tyre either

Car2010 Ford Ranger 4wd

Excellent tyre

Done 82000km on these & I think I’ve got about 5000km left in them can’t fault them, had my Prado since new & only got 45000 km out of my first tyres. put a full set on my daughters Carrola can’t fault them either. I read another review on here they said their tyres had wheel spin in the wet, I’ve never experienced that.
I will replace my tyres with the same ones.

CarToyota Prado & Toyota Corolla
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I am now up to 94000 & I reckon I’ve still got a few more km left in them

A good budget tyre

I bought these tyres as we did some off road driving on a large property but also that they would be suitable for the town roads and highways to Sydney. Have found them to be wearing very evenly great in the wet and nice and quiet for this style of tyre.

CarHyundai Santa Fe

Dangerous tyres

I have had these tyres on the car for 3 months and I'm scared to drive it in the wet. The Car understeers and slides all over the place when the road is wet, even accelerating from a stand still spins the tyres. Just about to ring Tyre retailer and get them replaced.

Car2016 Mazda CX5

Great tyre worth buying

Have had the tyres on my car for 9 months now. Tread is holding up well, with plenty still to go. I am quite impressed considering the baulk of my driving is on winding roads. First impression when I had them put on my car was quiet, grippy in the dry and overall a well balanced tyre.
I have now had the opportunity to experience how they perform in the wet. Again a very good tyre. I will not say the best as I have had better tyres in the wet, but when driving in the wet you feel confident. No issue. Paying $174 per tyre from Bob Jane in Mt Barker South Australia I am very happy. Worth buying you will not regret it.

CarMitsubishi Triton MN
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I have now done 36000km with them. Still great grip in wet and dry and plenty of tread still on them. They are also very quiet and will not hesitate to buy them again.... Well worth the money.

Long lasting and quiet

These were the best value brand name tyres i could find for my KIA Sorento. Mainly do hwy driving so choose these for fuel economy. They seem to grip well in wet and even after 11 months and 20,000kms they still look brand new. I'm sure i will get 100,000kms easy. I feel safe having these tyres on my car.

Car2004 Kia Sorento

Will keep purchasing these tyres til they discontinue

Over the last few years I have purchased these tyres 2 at a time to replace some bad tyres I had of another brand that kept losing traction around corners in the wet, I have these 4 tyres on my Rav4 and they have not failed me once. Whether it be onroad or offroad, wet and dry. I can't fault them. They aren't the cheapest and aren't the most expensive but they are great. Will definitely keep purchasing til they discontinue them

Car2005 Toyota Rav4

In the wet - scary

The tyres are ok in the dry but in the wet the car slides out from underneath too easily. Front are 3 mths old and rear are probably 8 mths old. Both front end back end on my VW Touareg slid out this morning doing no more re than 30km around a bend. It had been raining for most of the day so it wasn’t oil on the road. Poor man pays twice.

CarVW Touareg

A wonderful tyre

These tyres are a very quiet and versatile. On wet days it does not skid, it has great grip. I bought two of these tyres for my fronts and am very happy with them. I bought them as they have a reputation of being fuel efficient with low milage. In my opinion, I am not sure about the fuel efficiency but they are very smooth and comfortable. Great on dirt road and tarroads. Wonderful tyre.

CarMitsubishi Outlander

Great Tyres,Very pleased

I have been using this brand of tyre since the year 2013.Hankook will not let you down on performance ,persistence, and power.The tyres are vary durable and I strongly prefer them over my last tyres.the tyre also makes for a very smooth ride but also feels very in control.awesome product by hankook

CarMitsubishi triton


For Hankook Dynapro HP Overall very happy with the life of the tyre 150 000km I am buying 4 new set. No punctures on trips out west and 1/ way to the cape on stony ground etc.but would like a more agressive tyre going to try the Hankook Dynapro HP

CarMazda BT-50 dual cab (2007)

Replaced our Yokohama Geolander tyres with Hankook Dynapro HP2 RA33 tyres

We own a 2014 Mazda CX5 that came with Yokohama Geolander tyres, After 47,000km on the Geolanders, we decided to change to another brand of tyre because the Geolanders were just too expensive.
We chose Hankook Dynapro HP2 tyres and while we have only done some 500 kms or so on them on bitumen in wet and dry, we have to say we are happy enough with our purchase.
The Hankook's seem to be a little quieter at lower speeds but we are not quite sure they are any quieter at highway speeds. There also seems to be more road feel coming through the steering wheel but that might be because the Geolanders were almost at the lowest legal limit and the Hankooks are new.
We drive very sedately, probably compared to most people and we haven't had issues on slippery roads as one reviewer on this forum reported.
It is too early to tell whether fuel use is better or worse.
I will report again in another six months or so

CarMazda CX5 2014

Dangerous in the wet

Like most tyres good in the dry, noise level low but in the wet terrible. I have been driving for 40 years and have raced vehicles, can't believe how bad they are, just on mid SUV, grip 10 times worst in wet than the tyres I replaced which only had about 2-3 mm tread left, take off from the light and a 2 litre 4 cylinder and I spin the wheels, will not let my wife drive it and thinking about replacing them, have done about 5000 kms. Can't believe the good reviews unless they never drive in the wet.

CarMazda CX-5
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Further contacted hankook, said they could have the tyres for testing for free , thinking something went wrong in compound, heard nothing back.

These HP2s are very impressive!

Very impressed in the first 5000km of country and city driving. Very low road noise; but this can vary depending on road surface. Tyres roll very well, friction being very low and our Tribute feels very safe on the road. Very glad I made the change from Bridgestone Duellers and the tyres were $54 cheaper each as well as getting a 4 for 3 deal in December 2016. Big saving!

Car2004 Mazda Tribute

Very good road tyres

I fitted these to my 2009 Nissan Navara STR. They are very good and seem to be wearing well so should prove to be good value as well. On the highway they are excellent, they corner and stop well even in the wet. Best of all there is no annoying whine that accompanies most 4WD's. I don't do any serious off-road stuff (why spend your weekends digging and winching?).

CarNissan Navara STR2.5

Excellant tyre....

Bought a 100 series landcruiser with cooper atrs on it... they were baggy etc. Walked all over the road. a real handfull. Changed to the Dynapro's as an internediate till something better came along. Had 'em on there now for 90000 k's am changing 'em tomorrow... one of the nicest surprises i have had when buying a tyre . excellant handling. Side walls are stiff and handle the cruiser at speed. Great tyre in the wet and even better off road. good all round tyre. Thanks Hankook

CarToyota landcruiser 100 series Sahara

Pleasantly surprised

Landrover Discovery TD5 , predominantly city driving with 400km trips to my farm at least once a month . The previous original Michelin tyres were good but nowhere near as versatile and quiet as the Hankooks .
Fifty five thousand km later and I am still glad I took the truck tyre service depot's advice . As good as the best on the road and half the price of some .

CarLandrover TD5
I have now travelled over 75,000km on these tyres and am still very happy . There is some wear on the outer edges of all four , I have had them rotated twice during the overall distance they have travelled . The Discovery leans a little into corners so this is perfectly understandable . Judging by the wear indicators I just might make the magic 100,000 km on these tyres that continue to surprise .They unfortunately fell at the last hurdle , I did get 85,000 km from them but the wear rate increased exponentially during the last few thousand km. during which they were probably unroadworthy . New Hankook replacements were horrendously expensive , I liked these tyres but not enough to pay the current retail price . I have replaced them with Toyo Open Country HT tyres for almost $290 less for a set of four .


These tyres are great. I have had them on my Toyota Kluger for the past five and half years and done 80,000km. They do get a little noisy once they get older but otherwise good. Replacing them tomorrow with a set of hankook hp2 hopefully they are just as good

CarToyota Kluger 09

Very happy with the new tyres

I have now travelled more than 1000 ks, the tyres performed very well on the highway, and on the dirt roads,they also performed very well in the wet.they are nice and quite on the highway.my old tyres were all terrain,they were noisy,and very slippery in the wet. They are softer in the sidewalls and give a much nicer ride

CarMy vehicle is a nissan navara,4wd,turbo diesel.

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Questions & Answers

What is the verdict on wet road performance; several reviewers cite poor performance in wet conditions.
1 answer
My daughter had Dunlop’s on her carola & had wheel spin or traction loss in the wet, I put Hankook Daynapro on her car, problem solved no more wheel spin in the wet.

Would these be good for a Dodge Charger 6 cyl?
2 answers
Hi Tom, Unfortunately your question is far beyond my tyre knowledge. I suggest that you ask Hankook/Bob Jane/Jax or any other reputable tyre retailer. I would get several opinions to avoid someone saying yes just to sell a set of tyres.Hi Tom, The Charger is a touring car from memory. They will do the job but not really suited for your type of car if I have it correct. They are not a performance tyre in that sense.

Would this tyre be suitable on a 3000kg caravan
1 answer
No these are not suitable


Dynapro HP
Release dateApr 2009
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