Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep Mode

Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep Mode

Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep Mode

116 reviews

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116 reviews
LeeVictoria2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Sleep come at me

Early days yet but it seems to be helping me sleep better, even if I wake to go to the loo, I’m still able to get back to sleep, loving it ❤️ Show details
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Boris Gefter
Boris GefterAU3 posts

Did not work and had the worst taste ever

Their sleep mixture is perhaps one of the most foul things I have ever had the displeasure of having in my mouth. Besides that it also does not work.

I contacted the support and they were satisfied with their product. Show details

Rebecca Jordan
Rebecca JordanCentral Queensland, QLD5 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified

Don't bother

Tried 2 tubs of this sleep stuff and it didn't help my sleep issues. Apparently it was the bees knees. Save yourself the time and money and look into Anthony William Medical Medium. His information is life changing.

AND how expensive is this stuff OMG!!

Happy Mammoth only post the good reviews on the website. You also get offered rewards to write a good review for them.

The admin will delete your questions and comments on their Facebook group plus they have very little knowledge in the health area, it's all about pushing products.

The process of receiving your free gift is a pain in the neck too. You'd think the company would chuck in the free give they are offering but no you need to add the complementary gift to your order yourself. Show details

JAT2 posts
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Stefanie F.
Stefanie F.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Deep Sleep Mode

Great tasting powder, I mix it with oat milk.
It helps to fall asleep and to go back to sleep. Best to be taken an hour before bedtime.
I recommend this product. Show details
JodieIllawarra, NSW5 posts
  Fair Incentive

Lovely night time ritual

I have had trouble with broken sleep for many many years. Since using Deep Sleep Mode I sleep better and if I wake I find it is much easier to fall back asleep. Show details
Vanessa B
Vanessa BCentral, SA2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Sceptical to sensational!

This is the transition in my attitude to this product. When I first read about it I didn't think a drink could help me get a good night's sleep, yet it did. I have many sleepless nights and don't always want to take medication, so I was willing to try anything. Deep Sleep Mode works. I did find it very sweet to start with, but hey perhaps a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.
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MELODYGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC10 posts

Life Changing

I am addicted to this marvellous product. For someone who only slept 3 hours a night.... I can honestly say this product has been life changing. Deep uninterrupted sleep, I do wake up to go to the bathroom but fall straight back to sleep. Also there's no groggy hit by a bus feeling in the morning that you get with prescription sleeping tablets. I love the flavour too, reminds me of drinking custard. The most amazing sleep aid I've ever had. I look forward to bed time now so I can enjoy this yummy drink (I just add to warm milk) and knowing I'll fall into a wonderful deep sleep it's so exciting.  Show details
Michelle W.
Michelle W.Central Highlands and Goldfields, VIC
  Fair Incentive

Exactly what I was looking for. Helped me start sleeping from the 4th night

I have terrible time sleeping and have for years. Took a long time to get a diagnosis. I suffer with insomnia and night sweats. I also require a cpap device. This has really helped me change things. Show details
NitinSouth East Queensland, QLD4 posts
  Fair Incentive

excellent product

Deep Sleep Mode is a wonderful product. Tried my first jar for a month. worked slowly but eventually worked really well. Helps relax and wind down for better sleep ,waking up refreshed the following morning. will recommend for anyone struggling to sleep.
AmandaSouth East Queensland, QLD

Love this product!

This product is amazing I enjoyed the taste with almond or oat milk. I felt very relaxed almost immediately & since then I’ve had the best nights sleep I have not slept this well in years. Very impressed! Would buy again & have recommended to friends & family. I wake up feeling energetic when I’d usually wake up feeling drained & tired. Quality product & I like that it has natural ingredients. Highly recommend. !  Show details
NickySouth East Queensland, QLD
  Fair Incentive


Deep Sleep has become an essential supplement for me. I have disturbed sleep from kids waking multiple time and active mind which struggles to fall back asleep but this supplement has been a game changer for me.  Show details
DexterSouth East Queensland, QLD3 posts

Sleep Better

Been using Happy Mammoth Deep Sleep for about a month. I sleep better, easier to go back to sleep. NOT talking to myself 'go to sleep' Mammothly Happy with it!! Show details
ChrissySouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts
  Fair Incentive

This is a great Hormone Supplement

I am a shift worker who works fortnightly late to a set pattern. It is in this week that my sleep is broken. Most pharma products you need to take every night. I don't need that harshness. They also make you very groggy awake. This is great stuff and gentle. Sleep soundly
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Goodness and night

I LOVE this product. I mix it with hot water at night and it's become part of my nightly good sleep routine. It tastes delicious too and healthier than a mug of hot chocolate :-) Show details

Best sleep of my life

I’ve struggled to get into a deep sleep for 13 years and this product has gotten me to be able to get into a deep sleep and waking feeling refreshed.  Show details
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VanessaSydney, NSW

Good Night Sleep

My husband does not sleep well and as a result wakes me up at night. Now that he has been taking Deep Sleep Mode he is sleeping better, so now I am sleeping better. I would recommend this product. Show details
  Fair Incentive Verified

Finally, something that actually works!

I have had nine years of very little, broken sleep due to menopausal night sweats. I have tried countless remedies, modalities etc without any relief. Deep Sleep Mode started working for me on night three. I still wake around three times with a hot flush, however, I'm sleeping well in between and bright and feel well rested in the morning. I have ordered my second tub and also the Hormone Harmony.....feeling hopeful! Show details
Ann Mountford
Ann MountfordSydney, NSW

Great product

I have been a very poor sleeper for many years. The only thing that helped was prescribed sleeping tablets and I didn’t want to take them long term. I was sceptical about Deep Sleep Mode but I had nothing to lose. I can now fall asleep within a few minutes and actually look forward to going to bed. I wake refreshed and ready for a new day. Thank you.  Show details
Stuart A.
Stuart A.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Delicious and effective

Always been a light sleeper, sometimes going nights without sleeping at all. Since first taking Deep Sleep formula 6 months ago I haven't gone a single night without sleep. Recommend! Show details
Kat E
Kat EGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts

Not a winner for me

I had high expectations and they weren’t met, after 2 weeks I didn’t really notice a difference. I also find the taste too intense and sweet, so won’t be getting it again. However I would suggest people try it as you just never know, you might be one of the people it’s a miracle for  Show details
Grandpa.Ears57 posts
Happy Mammoth
Happy Mammoth   DM   
Jenna C.
Jenna C.South East Queensland, QLD

Have had a solid 8 hours sleep each night for 5 night straight!

I didn’t know what to expect as I don’t usually take sleep meds but I enjoyed the taste esp with almond or oat milk. I felt very relaxed almost immediately & since then I’ve had the best nights sleeps x5 nights in a row! I have not slept this well in years. Very impressed! Would buy again & have recommended to friends & family. I wake up feeling energetic when I’d usually wake up feeling drained & tired. Quality product & I like that it has natural ingredients to help release your bodies natural melatonin because I have some food intolerances so was a little worried that it may be a wig out but nup, perfect!  Show details
L reviews
L reviewsSydney, NSW3 posts

Worst sleep yet

I tried this product to increase deep sleep (I've been to Drs, specialists and sleep studies without luck). I typically get 10-30 mins a night, as tracked by heart rate monitor and motion detection, which leaves me horribly fatigued.
My deep sleep actually reduced to under 5 mins the first night. I struggled through for a week, hoping for improvement, but saw similar results. I just couldn't continue. My sleep reverted back to average when I stopped taking it.
It may help others, but for me it's back to the drawing board after an expensive experiment.
Note: took more than a month to arrive as they had run out of stock. Show details
BeckstarPerth, WA7 posts

Made me sleep worse than before

I bought this after reading some Facebook reviews and checking out the website. It promises deeper sleep, and as someone who has suffered for years from Insomnia and trouble sleeping I paid the $90 with the hopes that it would work. Pros: Tastes good.
Cons: I woke up repeatedly all night. I never have this problem, I usually stay asleep all night - the trouble that I have is falling asleep. This not only didn't help me fall asleep it also made me wake up all night.
For the hefty price tag I cannot recommend that anyone buy this, a valerian tablet for $5 a bottle would work exactly the same if not better. Such a shame I had such high hopes. Show details
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LeanneSouth East Queensland, QLD
  Fair Incentive

More relaxed and sleeping better

Stopped taking my sleeping pills when I started using Derp Sleep. Definitely more relaxed when I go to bed and go off to sleep much easier. I still wake but also go back to sleep better. Show details
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Rebecca Emery
Rebecca EmeryPerth, WA3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Great product

Great product, Deep Sleep Mode has balanced me out giving me a better night sleep and reduced night sweating and restlessness. A bery good addition to a solid sleep routine.
Di S.
Di S.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts
  Fair Incentive Verified

Amazing product

I have worked night duty for years and have had trouble sleeping. This product gives me 7-8 hours quality sleep a night and you wake up feeling refreshed. Definitely recommend Show details
JodieSydney, NSW2 posts


For as long as I can remember I’ve had issues with sleep. I’ve tried everything under the sun and have relied on sleeping tablets once in a while to ensure I can get a good nights rest. The deep sleep formula has been amazing and works straight away. It tastes good and is nice to enjoy hot before bed. I find I wake up refreshed which is a big thing for me!!! Show details
Kelli Prieur
Kelli PrieurSydney, NSW
  Fair Incentive
Jann S
Jann S2 posts

Works like a dream

This was subtle, but surprisingly effective. The effect was not sedative, rather relaxing and calming. No nasty morning drowsiness so waking ready for the day. I will continue using this product.  Show details
Happy chick
Happy chickMetropolitan Adelaide, SA2 posts

I’m surprised!

I’ve always been a bad sleeper and as I edge towards menopause, I have tried a few different things. Deep Sleep Mode is the best product I’ve used so far. No, I don’t get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but I do fall asleep faster and what sleep I do get, is better quality. Thumbs up from me. Show details
Mel T
Mel TAustralian Capital Territory2 posts

Really helped

I haven’t used Deep Sleep, not because it doesn’t work, but quite the opposite and better. It started helping my sleep after only 2 or 3 nights in a row of taking the product. I did this for 2 weeks and then didn’t have some for a few days and my sleep was still pretty good.
Now I don’t need it very often.

The taste is pretty good too.
 Show details

TameraSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
  Fair Incentive

Best sleep formula ever

I have tried many different types of supplement to help with sleep. Most work ok for a while but then the effects wear off and unless you stop for a month and start again they never last.
This has always worked and have never had to stop. Fantastic! Show details
Tania Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts
  Fair Incentive

Sleep well

This helps me go to sleep quickly and say asleep the whole night. It’s a fantastic product!! I take it when I need a full night sleep with no interruptions.  Show details
AmandaPeel, WA

Seeing improvements

I've always had sleeping issues and have tried a lot of products over the years without any real results. After using this product for a month, I am finding that the quantity and quality of my sleep is improving. And the taste of it is amazing!! Show details
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Katrina L.
Katrina L.Evatt 2617, ACT

Truly amazed by this product

Used to struggle to sleep through the night, often awake at 3am and unable to return to sleep. This product has truly amazed me. Love waking up feeling refreshed. Love the flavour!
Charlie sleep-well
Charlie sleep-well
  Fair Incentive

Great taste and sleeping so well!!

After about a year of disturbed sleep and waking early, I now sleep soundly for at least 7 hours consistently. I couldn’t be happier! And it also tastes great too  Show details
leah v.
leah v.Hobart, TAS3 posts

Sleep deeply

My sleep has been greatly disturbed by menopausal hot flushes for about a year. I have tried quite a few products to help the insomnia but stayed away from zombifying sleeping tablets. HM Deep Sleep Mode works well in getting to sleep and, more importantly, getting back to sleep once I have woken. I wake refreshed and it tastes good too. Show details
CCSPerth, WA

Happy with this product

I have always been a bad sleeper and often find I spend more time dreaming than sleeping deeply. I find this products helps me not to wake up at 4am! Pleasant taste and easy to drink.  Show details
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